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Hidden Springs & Monte Vista

Hello all,

I've perused some of the previous posts before making this post but was unable to find a solution to my problem.

I'm on a mac, and have installed thesims3 w/ Pets and Island Paradise. No issues there. I recently installed and registered Hidden Springs and Monte Vista but am unable to find those worlds in my game. The game won't run unless I insert Island Paradise in the disc drive. Will not run with either world disc.


  • AshpeefAshpeef Posts: 173 Member
    Hidden Springs and Monte Vista are 'just' worlds i.e. objects like any piece of furniture or suchlike you bought from the store. They're not an EP or SP. So actually, you've no problem there. The game should only run with the most recent EP or SP disk inserted, in your case: Island paradise.

    You should install the worlds using the Launcher. The worlds themselves will then be visible in the world list when you start a new game. And extra objects, clothing etcetera should appear at the usual places in Build/Buy and CAS.
  • amsdenvamsdenv Posts: 2 New Member
    I installed both worlds with the launcher, and even though I use the island paradise disc to start the game I still don't have the worlds available :(
  • AshpeefAshpeef Posts: 173 Member
    Just to make sure: start the Launcher, select the Downloads tab (at left, second below the big triangle-in-circle-Go-button) and then the All tab (at the right part of the screen, below the word Downloads - the first tab, the one with the infinite symbol on it). Find the two worlds in the list below that. Are they still showing as installed (i.e. greyed out and displaying the icon with the curved-arrow-to-box-with-plumbbop in the column Status) ?

    I'm asking, because it is known installed items sometimes somehow do not stay installed. Usually that type of problem starts when you have lots and lots of items installed.

    If the worlds show as not-installed (colourful icon, black text and nothing in the column Status) you may try to install them again. However, changes are the problem will recur. But do have a try anyway and let me know what's happening. That way, we'll have a better idea of what exactly is going on and could start from there.
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