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~The House of Slate~ The Room Challenge. Last Updated 11/29/15

princess2109princess2109 Posts: 1,038 Member
'There will be a day people look at the Willard Mansion and wonder what demon possessed their family for so god dang long.'

The Room Challenge Rules
No mods helping you further your goals
CC allowed
Must be a Male (for story’s sake)
Must be dressed business casual
Their spouse can be pre made or you can find them a spouse

.:Generation One's Story:.
Mickey's life didn't get rough until he was around nine years old. His father filed for divorce, leaving him and his mother for broke. Depression and addiction set into his mother, all the child support cheques she received were funneled into endless stashes of alcohol,narcotics and over-the-counter pills. In the years following something changed inside of Mickey. He grew isolated from the crowds. He'd go days, weeks without speaking a word. Many believed he was mute, and others a mutant as he rarely showed emotion. Most say he never did. His mother could never stand to look at him for more than a few minutes. His resemblance to Reed was too much for her. Into his highschool years he showed little to no interest in much of anything. He didn't react to praise or criticism. He had one friend, she later became his wife because it was all he ever had. So when he came home to an overdosed mother, he didn't care. He had a silent hatred for her and his father. With one down he only had one more to go.

Mickey soon became incredibly wealthy, he had no interest in what he did, he just knew how to do it.

Mickey was a man of cold hard business and nothing more.

Condition: Remote Schizoid Personality Disorder/Psychopathy


Chapter List

Family Tree
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