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so how is your Sims life going

CallMeTaliBabiiCallMeTaliBabii Posts: 131 Member


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    SimmerSparklezzzSimmerSparklezzz Posts: 875 Member
    Well my sims life is getting better after the loss of their parents.. One kid has had a child and all of the household got promoted! And my unemployed sim is earning 2,000 a day from book royalties and still has loads more books to write!

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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,102 Member
    My Founder is now 108 days old. He's completed his Musical Genius aspiration, and another jingle to collect royalties. I haven't been able to play in just over a week. Took over caring for my grandson, who is in kindergarten. His father switched jobs and is now on the day-shift. It has been 22 years since I had to shuttle a little guy back and forth. Totally cuts up a day. In fact, I only have about forty minutes before I have to go collect him for the day. Then it's lunch and homework :open_mouth: (yes, five year olds have homework. So wrong :open_mouth: ) Perhaps, I can play around noon today … I can hope.
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    stephAnie1864stephAnie1864 Posts: 200 Member
    My sim met a hot townie the other day, their gonna hook up. Maybe have a child or two.

    In other news, her husband got promoted in the astronaut career YAY!!
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    TheBlaireWitchTheBlaireWitch Posts: 762 Member
    My sim is forever stuck on her birthday due to an alien face glitch (her face changes when she ages up) sooooooooo her life is a little monotonous
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    poeticnebulapoeticnebula Posts: 3,912 Member
    I have thinned out my family cause playing several generations of 8 sims has worn me down a bit. Just yesterday my eldest sim passed on leaving two elders and the two boys who are close to adult and happily married. I'm working to get them abducted, but if that doesn't work out then they will adopt. I'm sure once GT comes out I'm going to really want a larger family again but I'm enjoying the relaxing pace of a small family right now.
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    zombii3zombii3 Posts: 388 Member
    Right now the Sim family I am mostly playing is my Woods family.
    It is a divorced mother of two teenage daughters; one of whom has a live in boyfriend; and the mother also has now remarried.
    The teen couple just promised themselves to each other so that was very cute.

    The other Sim family I am playing a little is my Bell family, it's just a young adult couple Allana and Marcus; who are a pair of starving artist and writer. ♥
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    snowdustmelodysnowdustmelody Posts: 385 Member
    Right now, my sim waits for the construction of his home.

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    applefeather2applefeather2 Posts: 4,003 Member
    I keep jumping around too much. I've the attention span of a gnat, I guess.
    I just get a family all "edjumacated" then I flit off to some new family. *sigh*
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    Sha2520032003Sha2520032003 Posts: 2,258 Member
    My Sim, Kelsi, caught her sister and husband having an affair while on vacation, so she beat them both of up, and then divorced him. They had two businesses, so I kept my fingers crossed that I could move him out, without affecting the business (losing perks/perk points). It worked and both businesses (bakery & art gallery) are doing well. She's about to open a 3rd business. Kelsi's eldest daughter, Elle, who is a teen lives with her. Elle definitely takes after her great-grandfather Don Lothario, as she is a player. Other than getting into mischief, Elle enjoys throwing parties, gardening, and piano. Kelsi's garden has all perfect with gardening, book royalties, music royalties, and the family businesses....Sim life is good. Now....if only Kelsi could find love again...
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    MightydanMightydan Posts: 2,983 Member
    My sim's life is pretty much nonexistent at the moment. My main sims are moving to Windenburg to continue their story, so I can't really do anything until Get Together is released.
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    Lady SugarLady Sugar Posts: 201 Member
    "Here's my invitation baby. Hope it set us free, to know each other better. Put your love all over me"
    -"Invitation" Britney Spears.

    R.I.P The Sims.
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