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TS2 is just amazing



  • dogdancerdogdancer Posts: 425 Member
    I love TS2! I think it's best in the series. I usually play TS2 and when I get tired of that I switch back to TS4.
  • SuppaStarinSuppaStarin Posts: 108 Member
    The Sims 2 was my first ever time playing the sims, and from then I fell in love with it.
  • Mort_OpalMort_Opal Posts: 55 Member
    > @Goldbear86 said:
    > For me The Sims 2 was my favourite. It's my Go to Sims game. Love it.

    This is me as well. I love everything about it. From the food to the simlish, Its just overall my favorite Sim game
  • PHOEBESMOM601PHOEBESMOM601 Posts: 14,542 Member
    I think the best game Maxis could have given us would have been a combination of all the best points of all the previous games and then upgraded it to today's technology. As far as TS2, I think that it's the best as far as complex,interesting game play.
    "People really love to explore 'failure states. In fact, the failure states are really much more interesting than the success states." ~ Will Wright
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