Origin Updated the Demo?

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Hi, today I powered up my computer and I saw down in my menu bar that Origin was there. Nothing particularly unusual about that. It often means they're advertising a freebie or another game. I generally expand it and click the X. However, I quickly noted the little square was filling with green. They were updating! Now, since I've replaced Origin a few times to rid myself of the endless updating bug, I haven't been troubled by it lately. So, out of curiosity, I opened Origin, to find the Demo was the one being updated. The Demo? Whatever for? I did open it up and found nothing up front that seemed different. You can only create a YA, and a quick check of clothing options didn't turn up anything that stood out to me. So, I have to wonder, why on Earth would EA take the time and expense to update the Demo? What is the purpose of that?

Anyone who has a clue as to why this was done, please fill me in. I'm insatiably curious and don't wish to go the way of the cat. LOL

Also, has anyone else experienced this update? Thank you for any and all responses.
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