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Four Immortal sisters **NEW Build/fairys/witches** -Page 2- (10/5/15)



  • KaileKaile Posts: 2,383 Member
    @rosemow thank you so much for taking the time to look at all my builds. After all the effort and time that goes into them its nice to get feedback :)
  • Ash072Ash072 Posts: 1,324 Member
    I left comments on the build and share thread. You did a great job on this! There are so many clever features in it.
  • KaileKaile Posts: 2,383 Member
    @Thanks ash <3 and thanks for following me in game :open_mouth:
  • DelsDels Posts: 289 Member
    Very interesting projects.I liked the most; Viva Italia and Oasis Springs Orphanage / Boarding School
    Frozen: Elsa's Ice Palace It reminds the temple.
    Very nice work!
  • agusiamalagusiamal Posts: 294 Member
    Very nice buildings! Duplex, despite the lack of the door is great house. And you have to put a lot of work into your Oasis Springs Orphanage / Boarding School. Great job! :)
  • KaileKaile Posts: 2,383 Member
    thanks @Dels & @agusiamal
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,620 Member
    Your Orphanage is a wonderful design, great structure with a good combination of contrasting wall textures :)
  • KaileKaile Posts: 2,383 Member
    edited October 2015
    Build 7
    Four Immortal Sisters
    Price: $1,140,414
    (+10bed, +10bath)
    Worked on this build for days. Its for the four immortal sisters challenge and incorporates the four elements. Really wish it got more attention I'm really proud of it and think it turned out to be an excellent build. Unfortunately I dont have a slideshow to share but I really think its worth downloading and taking a peak at if you have the time and especially if your considering doing the four immortal sisters challenge. It has nocc but does incorporate a lot of the stuff packs and game packs. Its really detailed and well yeah just wanted to leave the gallery link here and share it since not many have seen it <3 thanks

    and my versions of the immortal sisters
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,689 Member
    The Four Immortal Sisters home is very nice! :) The design and layout of the home is very nice! It looks very nice how you have placed the windows in the build! The front door entrance with the roofing over the top level looks very nice! Very nice courtyard area in the home! The hedging and trees look nice along the front edges of the home.
    Each of the fairies and witches are very nice! :) The colours of the clothing for each of them suits them well. The aspirations and traits suit and reflect them and the elements well.
  • KaileKaile Posts: 2,383 Member
    thanks rosemow <3
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