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Soocoolsim's D.N.A. - currently building for Blythelyre

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Hello everyone, this is my page where you should contact me to check-in if I'm working on your DNA request.

I'm a very collaborative person so once I've claimed your request, and you've checked in, feel free to add your input on this thread or a few inspirational pictures of any interior/exterior that you particularly love within the next couple of days afterwards. Or just wait after check-in and see what I come up with :smile:

Pictures of finished builds will be available on my Showcase thread and I will let you know once available for download.

If you would like to make a new request, please visit the main DNA Team Master Thread and look for the link to the latest monthly request page.

Link to DNA Master Thread

Link to my Sims 3 Studio
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    Blythelyre wrote: »
    Okay, I have a request!

    Residential Lot Request Form
    Username: @Blythelyre
    Preferred builder* (If none, leave blank):
    Type of build (Modern, Traditional, Victorian, Gothic, etc. or leave blank): My sim is moving to Roaring Heights, so with that theme in mind and on any of the empty lots. Preferably something by the water, maybe? I haven't checked if there are any open lots there.
    Which EPs and SPs do you have? I have everything but Katy Perry's sweet treat sp installed.
    If you have Showtime, which edition do you have (basic, Limited, or Katy Perry)? Katy Perry version.
    Lot size (dimensions): N/A
    Number of bedrooms (No more than 10): My sim will likely adopt a max of 3 kids, ages and genders will vary and I'd like them all to have their own space that they can grow into. I don't think I will need a nursery. So maybe 4 to 5 bedrooms max?
    Specific instructions on decorating the bedrooms (gender, age, etc.)? Neutral is best as I don't know the make up or personalities of the kids. My Sim is a small pet collector and will be spending the majority of her time exploring. Her spouse is a gardner so lots of pots for indoor plants and flowers?
    Number of bathrooms: At least one master bath, please.
    Favorite color schemes: Her favorite color is lime but you know... in moderation lol and her spouse likes spiceberry.
    Colors you dislike: N/A
    Do you want it furnished and decorated? Yes, please.
    Can patterns from Create-a-Pattern be used? Yes.
    Required - Please list the owned Store content that can be used: All of them
    Please list the Dr. Pepper and T-Mobile promotional items that can be used: Arch of Hearts, Beach Bum's Barbeque, Caterpillar's Pad, Frosty Caddy, Golden Record, Lips of Loveseat, Movie Lover's Chair, Pop, Candy, and Corn, Retro Ride, Starlet's Autograph
    If you will be placing this lot in an EA world, which one? Roaring Heights
    Link to specific house or plan:
    Special requirements (garden, pool, hot tub, etc.)? My sim has the Zoologist LFW, so cages and space to collect 20 wild small wild animals. Spouse is a gardener, so a nice large-ish garden would be nice.
    Is communication required before the builder begins work? Only if you want to!
    Additional instructions? Because so many of the Sims that will live there don't exist yet, if we can have a little bit of this and a little bit of that, so they can gain skills in things and enjoy their home, that would be great! Thank you in advance!
    Blythelyre wrote: »

    Hi! I would love a basement, yes! And I am more than happy to kick anyone out of a lot if it's going to be my forever home! LOL I have no shame.

    And for the small cages, I think it would be okay if there weren't 20 of them, unless you can put them all in one room. Yes to both types of bird cages. And yes to an aquarium! My gardener has had to do some fishing to get quality fertilizer. An ant farm could be a nice pet for one of the children's rooms. Maybe make that space a little more science-y?
    Blythelyre wrote: »
    Hi! So far we have:

    The youngest girl, Makenzie, she likes orange, she also loves the heat. She is disciplined and unless anything changes, she will probably become a lifeguard and work towards her black belt in Jujitsu. I say probably because she's a bit neurotic and you gotta be calm to be a lifeguard. She likes to listen to beach party music to calm herself down.

    Her twin, Sullivan is into blue and hates being outdoors. He is more prone to the arts - music and painting in particular - although he dabbles in songwriting and poetry from time to time. Most likely to be a Renaissance Man - or a Jack of all Trades. He is easily impressed and follows his older sister everywhere.

    The oldest, Teagan is athletic and brave and is in the ROTC, prepping to become an astronaut. She also tends to be easily impressed and is very family oriented. So she doesn't mind that her twin siblings tag along so much. Like her mother, she loves the color of lime. Teagan knows it's important to be well rounded and has expressed interest in learning more about science. Interest she seems to have inherited from her mom.

    All three children are virtuosos and Sullivan and Teagan both love disco. It is constantly playing.

    Val and Lillie are glad that their kids are so well rounded but they worry a little about Sullivan. They aren't sure what to do with a child who doesn't like the outdoors. They hope to find a home with a music room or the space to create one.
    Blythelyre wrote: »
    Let's see. I definitely like the larger garden since that is their primary source of income and I like the placement of the basketball hoop on lot B better. Yes, let's move up a size. (They are going to have to put in overtime to afford this LOL) One of the kids hates the outdoors so they won't do a lot of bbqs in the backyard but a grill on the patio for hot dogs and hamburgers would be nice. Perhaps with no table seating, so they always go inside to eat.

    A hot tub for the mamas would be nice and if the larger lot allows, a treehouse, maybe?

    Also, I am loving this build! Excited to see the sanctuary and the garden!!
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    Free items from the store here.


    July 3/20

    @Blythelyre ,
    Ok we’re at the cross-roads so its decision time lol. With the inclusion of the SwiftGrow station, garden space, shed and basketball in the current 40x30, the yard is pretty full. I used the garage space for the shed so you could still see the river from the kitchen window but there is space for open parking. If I add a small stand alone shed it would take more space from the garden. There is room in the basement for the gem cutting station as an option if you would like the shed converted back to a garage / open carport... or I could just put the station in the garage. I'm not sure how large an outdoor garden you need since you would also have the swiftgrow greenhouse as well as 8+ plant pots in the animal sanctuary for indoor planting. I could pare back the patio to get more garden / pond space.

    Option B is to move up to the 50x50 across the river which provides more yard space as well as a garage. Could potentially have a hot tub on either patio. Both options overlook the river.

    Modified WIP screenshots below to help you visualize the difference. Stick with A or move up to B... preference?


    Edit! The left boundary for option B extends just past the pond so pls ignore the left border line.

    June 29

    Thanks very much for the additional info @Blythelyre . The kids are sure growing up quickly 🌼

    Sure... a music room can be added. I can make it a separate space of its own with seating and the grand piano.

    If you would like other instruments as well, I could also add a band stage in the basement. There could other activities down there including the ping pong table, bar, TV etc. so it could be a great casual hangout.

    Also... for the outdoors, did you need parking? pool? pond? BBQ? or any feature areas?
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    April 11/20 - White Rose Manor
    Lovely updated traditional 4 bedrroom, 5.5 bathroom colonial home with secret superhero base. Elegant decor on the interior and fully landscaped exterior with pool, hot tub, BBQ, bars and more. DNA request for GraceyManor.
    Download ***** Picture tour
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    Oct 19/19 - Gothic Victorian
    Download ***** Pictures
    Lovely old fashioned 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home. Shell and decor based on the historic James N Castle House in Stillwater. Fully landscaped incl garden, gazebo, horse stable and garage. Walkout basement with wine cellar and secret cauldron room. A DNA request for ElijahsBabyGurl9.

    Sept 2/19 - Traditional Charm - requested by StephSteb
    Download ***** Showcase

    Aug 9/19 - Bear Mountain Luxury Chalet - requested by Moinesse
    Download ***** Pictures

    July 20/19 - Tuscana Villas - requested by rnramey.
    Download ***** Pictures

    May 12/19 - Spring Blossom Cottage - requested by ElijahsBabyGurl9
    Download ***** Pictures

    April 21/19 - Bohemian Bliss Wedding Park - requested by AthenaOnyx
    Download ***** Pictures

    Leatherwood Lodge - requested by aaron0harron
    Download ***** Pictures

    Indo-Asian Splendor - requested by trashbinsouvenir
    Download ***** Picture Tour

    Meadow Cottage - requested by anonymolerat
    ~ a co-build by romagi (shell), Sandraelle (interior design) and soocoolsim (landscaping).
    Download ***** Pictures

    Rocking Horse Farmhouse - requested by ElijahsBabyGurl9
    Download ***** Picture Tour

    Storietime Cottages - requested by Storietime
    Download / Rec ***** Picture Tour

    Ben Shephard look-alike requested by Loulightfoot1976
    Download / Rec

    MilneCorp Offices - requested by alisdairmilne1
    Download ***** Picture Tour

    O'Donnell House - requested by Loulightfoot 1976
    Download ***** Picture Tour

    Suho (EXO) - requested by justbrice
    Download ***** Pictures

    Traditional Elegance - requested by Lilia1971
    Download ***** Picture Tour

    MoKerala - requested by Morakai
    Download ***** Picture Tour

    Cupid's Bow Wedding Venue - requested by a_niles06
    Download ***** Picture Tour

    Lunar Lakes Tatooine Homestead - requested by AuronoiChieftain
    Download ***** Picture Tour

    Modern Deception - requested by Moinesse
    Download ***** Picture Tour

    Dazzling Art Deco - requested by trashbinsouvenir
    Download ***** Picture Tour

    Brown Sugar Sweetie - requested by winterbaby20
    Download ***** Picture Tour
    A darling 2-bedroom, 1 bathroom home includes nursery. Fully furnished and themed in shades of brown.

    Supernatural Fusion - requested by SPARKY1922
    Download ***** Picture Tour
    Vampire + fairy = split personality Victorian. This lovely home fuses gothic and pastel decor and is perfect for unusual and large families. 4+ bathrms, 6 bedrms (incl nursery & secret vampire lair), 2 horse stables with training run, pond, pool, hot tub, indoor & outdoor bars, BBQ, library, music pergola, archemy and magic skill hideout, greenhouse, fairy garden, playground and party pad with sauna, massage and dancing.

    O'Donnell Sims and Unicorns - requested by Loulightfoot1976
    Download full household ***** Billy unicorn ***** Star unicorn
    Household version includes the 2 lovely unicorns and their sim handlers. Both sims have Level 10 Riding. 1 unicorn has Level 10 racing; 1 unicorn has Level 10 Jumping.

    Mariners Delight - requested by Minx
    Download ***** Pictures
    Sea meets land in this charming 7 bdrm, 5 bathrm home. A harmonic blend of nautical and rustic decor adds colour and warmth while repurposed wood add visual interest. Features include a large eat-in kitchen, nursery, double garage with wood cut detail, playground, study and attic space.

    Mercer Mansion - requested by Homeworker
    Download ***** Pictures
    Beautiful and majestic home for sims needing lot of space. Fully landscaped shell ready for you to customize the interior. Includes pool, BBQ gazebo, hot tub, multi-level patios, 6 car garage and walk-out basement. No cc, no cap. No store or SPs.

    Octavian - requested by 60smusicluvr
    Download ***** Pictures
    What lurks behind this intriguing and charming 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom Victorian lighthouse elegantly designed with touches of Steampunk? Is it just curiousity in those big eyes or something more sinister?

    Monarch Sweetheart - requested by Angelette1
    Download ***** Pictures
    A little bit Victorian, a little bit Traditional, a little bit exotic and a whole lotta colour themed with the Monarch Suite compilation. Delightful 3 bedroom, 1+ bathroom home is perfect for pastel loving sims. Beautiful landscaping and garden is also kid and pet friendly including a pool, playground and lots of activities.

    Cappuccino Cream - requested by Kylieb191
    Download ***** Pictures
    Charming 4 bdrm, 4.5 bathrm Craftsman perfect for a family. Contemporary interior design includes open concept kitchen, breakfast nook and living room. Master suite with walk-out to tiered patio with hot tub. 3 kids rooms incl nursery. Beautiful landscaping with pool and garden. Basement with gym plus attic for you to personalize. No cc, no cap. Base game + store items.

    Anya Laine - requested by StutteredScreams
    Here's a striking sim to add some spice to your hood. As usual, no cc, no cap.
    Download ***** Pictures

    Lilith Laine - requested by StutteredScreams
    A striking Himalayan wanting to be the perfect companion to your sim. No cc, no cap

    Spring Song - requested by Kesminlix
    Lovely 3 bedroom traditional colonial home perfect for a family. Includes 2 bathrooms, nursery, kids playroom, family room with fireplace, gym, outdoor activities, 2 car garage, large porches and veggie garden
    Download ***** Pictures

    Samantha Bryant - requested by ElijahsBabyGurl9
    Cure anime inspired sim.

    Pegasus Restaurant & Bar - requested by Morakai
    Elegant dining where contemporary meets traditional warmth. Modern highlights bring sparkle while the wood furnishings are timeless. Restaurant and bar waiting for the right entrepreneur to make this a thriving business.
    Download ***** Pictures

    Gothic Jewel - requested by Morakai
    Download ***** Pictures
    Striking modern Gothic home with jewel tones incl purple amethest, aquamarine blue, amber and emerald green. Well equipped portions room for witch. 5.5 bthrm, 3 bdrms + nursery + butler's room. Landscaped with greenhouse, BBQ patio, pool, carport, flying arena. Chef's kitchen and upgraded appliances. As always, no CC, no CAP.

    Thunderbolt - requested by princess0384
    Download ***** Pictures
    Stylish 5 bdrm, 5.5 bathrm split-level modern includes designer kitchen, double-height family room, gym, 3+ car garage, large party room, landscaping with whale pool, BBQ, hot tub and garden. Cloud grey scheme with bolts of purple, pink and blue. Pastel Goth, Rock Star, Princess & Space themed bdrms. Master has ensuite and nook. Cool hangout in the walk-out basement with movie and games room.

    Aquarium Adventure Pool - requested by Storietime
    Come see the fishes then stay for the fun. Swim with the sharks or soak in the unique Mermaid Grotto. Have a bite to eat then visit the gift shop. See a movie or just relax.
    Download ***** Pictures

    Lovingly Traditional - requested by lovinglyawesome
    This spacious 8 bdrm, 4+ bathrm home is perfect for large families & 100 baby challenges. Features open concept kitchen & dining, library, pool, lovely landscaping, family graveyard and lots more.
    Download ***** Pictures

    Prince Adam - requested by Angelette1
    Handsome prince from Beauty and the Beast with a dark secret.
    Download ***** Pictures
    And his princess...

    Steampunk Sweetheart - requested by Angelette1
    Download ***** Pictures

    Traditional Comfort - requested by jenny0786
    Download ***** Pictures

    Beaumont Estate - requested by stepbot153
    Download ***** Pictures

    Yuniku Japanese Apartment - requested by AuronoiChieftain
    Download ***** Pictures

    Purple Dusk - requested by princess0384
    Download ***** Pictures

    Old Fashioned County - requested by HSmith2016
    Download ***** Pictures

    Hogan's Remake - Full Accessible 50's Diner - requested by KatNipples
    Download ***** Pictures

    Shopaholics Paradise - requested by TnT_Terry
    Download ***** Pictures

    Steve Peterson - requested by Winterbaby20
    Download ***** Pictures

    Royal Palm Court Resort - requested by flstrider
    Download ***** Pictures

    Universal Adventure Park - requested by duyguugudur
    Download ***** Pictures

    Moderna Mansion - created for emma1293
    Download ***** Pictures

    Please visit my Showcase or Studio for additional builds and pictures.
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    OK, I'm all set now to receive check-ins on this thread :D
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  • emma1293emma1293 Posts: 42 Member
    Thanks for claiming my request! :D
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 4,124 Member
    You're welcome emma. I'll be touching base with you once the shell is ready before I start work on the insides since it's a large build and will take some time :)
  • emma1293emma1293 Posts: 42 Member
    ok no problem! :D
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 4,124 Member
    Hi @emma1293 , just touching base to assure you I've been working on your build. I have the floor plans laid out based on your detailed specs... am just fussing with tweaking the front exterior. Once I'm happy with the exterior frame I'll work on the interior furnishings.

    Modern buildings run the gamut from ultra modern to more of a blended look so I'm open to sharing WIP photos with you as touch points to ensure my vision matches with yours OR if you prefer I can just work on my own and let you know once ready for download. Just let me know what you prefer :)
  • emma1293emma1293 Posts: 42 Member
    if it helps we could look at pictures of modern houses? or working on your own and show me what you have later and do tweeks ?
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 4,124 Member
    edited April 2017
    How to you feel about this (honestly)? I will be tweaking a lot and adding the pool, landscaping, etc. as I go along... just touching base to see if this is kinda what you were thinking.

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  • AIRIS6962AIRIS6962 Posts: 4,646 Member
    WOW @soocoolsim , you´re really fast !!
    Your WIP looks wonderful to me.
    Happy weekend, dear <3
  • emma1293emma1293 Posts: 42 Member
    uh oh wow! that looks awesome... is that on a 60x60 lot?
  • emma1293emma1293 Posts: 42 Member
    also could i say that i prefer the yellow to be like a beige/white?
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 4,124 Member
    Glad you like the framework emma and great to hear your input.
    Yes, on a 60x60 since it gives you more options for placement.
    Absolutely we can change the colours... I'm going in-game now to tweak and finalize the floor plans since we're on the same page :)

  • emma1293emma1293 Posts: 42 Member
    oh good good cos i tried to play on a 63x63 lot and my game crashed :( like right now for instance whilst i was playing haha, the framework is awesome!, how many bedrooms are there? are you gonna take a pic of the floor plans?
  • emma1293emma1293 Posts: 42 Member
    oooh! before i forget i now have generations!
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 4,124 Member
    edited August 2017
    I'll take pics of the floor plans once I finalize all the walls. You'll see I have a few objects in the rooms... this is just for me to remember what I'm using them for and sometimes to estimate how much room I'll need. Once I get into décor I'll touch base with you again.

    OK, here we go... I've changed the colour and also started to add in some of the architectural details. Let me know if you don't like the group of L-shaped pillars in front. After this check-in the rest of the exterior (including the back) will be a secret until final reveal, ok :)

    [edited to remove WIP - Photobucket issue]

    I just noticed a wall I need to recolour... no worries, all will be checked before the final..
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    7 bedrooms... I'm putting in everything you asked for, even the cinema :smile:

    edit: Before I go much further I'll double-check everything I've used so far you own and replace if needed.
    BTW... you said in your form we could use anything from the store... does that mean you own all the store items?
  • emma1293emma1293 Posts: 42 Member
    that looks even awesomer! but the rounded wall (front of house) colours don't seem right? what do you think? and yea i kinda dislike the L shape walls sorry!, im really not sure if i have the store items do you know which ones they are?
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 4,124 Member
    NP sweetie, removing the L-shaped pillars is a simple thing. My only concern is that the white may look too stark but if you prefer a really clean look, it may work for you. For the rounded wall, we can try a few things... I can change it to white or use one of the brown colours using a flat paint, or I can switch the pattern from horizontal to vertical. Another option is to add windows. I'll post some pics later on and you can choose one of them.

    I'm going to use base game and the EP/SP items as much as possible but if you have stuff from the store it opens more options.
    I don't see anything on your wish list. Do you have the Bauhaus building collection?

    While I'm working on finalizing the floor plans, perhaps you can take a look online and if you find any décor photos of a few rooms you really, really like, just post the links here. Not so much that I'll duplicate, but it will give me a sense of the kind of style you like. TTFN.
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 4,124 Member
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    OK @emma1293 , I tried different options and I think this looks the best. Will be moving on to the interior then to the outdoor activities and landscaping...

    [edited to remove WIP - Photobucket issue]
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    AIRIS6962 wrote: »
    WOW @soocoolsim , you´re really fast !!
    Your WIP looks wonderful to me.
    Happy weekend, dear <3

    Oopsie... missed this comment. Thanks @AIRIS6962 . I'm not that fast.... spent lots of time on this having fun instead of sleeping, lol. I think the latest tweaks look better and am finally happy with the exterior :)

  • emma1293emma1293 Posts: 42 Member
    hey i dont have the Bauhaus building collection where can i find?... btw i love the colours! how about on some of the colums they could be stone grey? also i had a thought last night on the back at the side am i right in thinking thats the party room? well i was thinking perhaps the french doors could be used to go outside from that room? on to the back?

    btw the site wont let me post links as i'm new here
  • emma1293emma1293 Posts: 42 Member
    i just checked out the Bauhaus building collection i dont have enough sim points to get it :(
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