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3rd Trimester can't give birth

Hi I need help with my pregnant sim.. She is on the 3rd trimester and she can't give birth? Like i clicked the bassinet and there was no option to Have Baby and when I click on the sim there is also no option to go to the hospital. Am I supposed to wait longer or?


  • LoladahlsLoladahls Posts: 27 Member
    I'm going to assume your a new player, sorry if I'm wrong. Once you hit #rd trimester there will be a ?? on the time. That's time before you go into labor so its an unknown time. Once you go into labor there will be a pop up telling you so. Nature will take its course. Hope that helped.
  • ZaraKanekiZaraKaneki Posts: 10 New Member
    Oh thanks so much! :D i actually had sims for months but i stooped playing it so i forgot :# thanks for helping though!
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