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Wraith, the Gateway to the Underworld


  • sharonxyzsharonxyz Posts: 811 Member
    checking daily pay off eventually...thrilled to see Beta part II up!! This world is such an experience and always full of surprises :)
  • sharonxyzsharonxyz Posts: 811 Member
    Fester Huntington won a beginner's Horse Racing Contest. That's one routing bit that's not an issue. I do love their house and I do love that rug/red water hot tub trick. Trying to figure out how you got 'blood' on a few floor tiles...CAW or player trick? The world is looking great; at this point my own computer had a slight lag, mainly when a unicorn materialized to visit Fester, but the lag and visit is my norm. Fester's parents are an odd couple, but they seem to get along, although Fiona and Fester dislike one another. The couple looks good, you've got that 'I'm dead' makeup thing down to a fine art. Well, dead or goth.
  • trollnexustrollnexus Posts: 508 Member
    Also reporting no issues as far as I can see, and I've been playing for a few days. Loving all the backstories; chuckling at the fact that Morgana has yet another kid. I'm also really curious as to who's leaving these darn kids at these doorsteps and talking about money, but I guess I'll find out soon.

    Thank you for answering my dress question! There's still a lot about this game I don't know, despite playing it for years XD

    Also, those hounds are adorable with their skeleton patterns <3 I've never really cared for sim pets before, but these pets are morbidly endearing.
  • sharonxyzsharonxyz Posts: 811 Member
    @trollnexus: "morbidly endearing" may be my favorite descriptive phrase of all time. :D
  • sharonxyzsharonxyz Posts: 811 Member
    I have viewed most of the additional households and played a bit with some of them. The Superbias are not having the best marriage, but their color coordination with their home is fabulous. The toddler lives in the lobby, very much like Bellisima Hemlock in Bridgeport. What is it with vampire parents? I haven't tried it, but Nraas has a Hybrid mod to allow two supernatural states in one sim. Rex is a vampire but definitely has werewolf potential. The Martinovs' lighting is a lovely cyan and I like how it's explained what is used to light their home. The houseboat is actually a very nice place to live, well done. It's very amusing to see all the phobias illustrated by architecture. I haven't heard of half of them, some may be made up but may very well be a real condition. Agoraphobia is a favorite. The Martinov dogs are very creative, but I wonder if a disclaimer that "no animals were harmed in the making of this world"...oh it's an animated game, right. Sims are too real to me; some might say 'get a life' but i have enough on my plate already :disappointed:
  • cheesetruckcheesetruck Posts: 2,477 Member
    These dogs are awesome! :P

  • AmbsSimAmbsSim Posts: 118 Member
    I've started doing some testing of this really awesome world as well, and I've really been enjoying it! I have not encountered any gameplay issues, and I tested sending my sim to university, and also had her visit Shang Simla to make sure there were no issues with traveling back and forth from Wraith to other places, and everything worked perfectly!

    As I've been playing, I did notice a couple of minor issues with the lot edge being raised on one corner of the lot with the Fortune Teller Wagon

    and with a corner of the graveyard lot being a bit sunken in. (Sorry for my horrible screenshots ><)

    The game's been running smoothly, and the world looks amazing, so much great detail and the theme of Hell makes it very unique. I love the red lighting on the water, and I'm not sure if it's any kind of special effect, or if it's just because the season is set to summer, but looking around the world, you can see heat waves in the air which is all too fitting! :)
  • sharonxyzsharonxyz Posts: 811 Member
    Great pics, everyone! I've been enjoying the world as well, just keep forgetting to take screenshots. AmbsSim, the game runs great for me as well. You found what the CAW designers call 'lot tearing' I think...anyway, I have a feeling Quailhogs will repair it :)
  • QuailhogsQuailhogs Posts: 933 Member
    I will try to fix the lot tearing. Unfortunately, many times when I fix the lot edges, they revert back for some reason.
  • QuailhogsQuailhogs Posts: 933 Member
    Beta phase 3 is out
  • HidehiHidehi Posts: 1,006 Member
    Hip hip hooray!! I'm so looking forward to playing some 'doom and gloom' instead of 'sugar and spice' for a change!! :D
  • AmbsSimAmbsSim Posts: 118 Member
    Been checking out phase 3, and so far so good! Only a few very minor things I've noticed:

    I moved my sim into the Erehwon house, and the dining chair that's between the table, counter, and sink was not useable, but it's easily fixed by a little rearranging.

    You're probably going to hate me for noticing these, but I did find another lot tear on the corner of the movie theater lot, facing the main dirt road.

    Inside The Madhouse, is it intentional to not have a register that spawns an Elixir Consignment sales person? If that is as intended, that's cool and never mind my query. :)

    Several times while I was playing, I received a notification of the horse, Fester Huntington, becoming unroutable. Majority of the time, it would not let me click the notification to go to where he was, but the times it did, he was running around The White Monastery, and seemed ok. No other routing issues with other sims have come up while playing.

    I'm really loving this world, and very much looking forward to the final release version! :) Here are some pics I took for fun while playing.

    I was trying to get a pic showing the heat waves in the air, but it's kind of hard to see:

    A pic showing the awesome red water:

    Even the puddles after it rains have that nice red glow!

  • br560br560 Posts: 1,836 Member
    Is it alright if I use this world in a story and give credit?
    Playing the sims since 2012
  • QuailhogsQuailhogs Posts: 933 Member
    Absim: I will look into the routing problems. I cant promise that the lot tears will be completely gone, since they often seem to reappear when I enter Create a World.
    br560: Yes, you may. Thank you for asking.
  • br560br560 Posts: 1,836 Member
    Quailhogs wrote: »
    Absim: I will look into the routing problems. I cant promise that the lot tears will be completely gone, since they often seem to reappear when I enter Create a World.
    br560: Yes, you may. Thank you for asking.

    Thank you for replying :)
    Playing the sims since 2012
  • sharonxyzsharonxyz Posts: 811 Member
    AmbsSim, amazing pics!!

    Also I spent time with Fester (he's a champion now, as the horses need attention (as horses always do) The horse ranch helps, although I wish sims3 had a npc horse 'babysitter' LOL. They just mostly have routing issues on their home lot, but this world is unique, very tightly designed and meant to be a finite space. Too bad it's the people who earned their homes in 'Plum' and dragged along their pets.

    @Quailhogs, I'm thrilled to download the third phase, I assume all the locals are in place and playing is encouraged!
  • AmbsSimAmbsSim Posts: 118 Member
    This unicorn's appearance seems to match its surroundings well!

    It's a shame, but I don't think it's the "evil" unicorn, because I thought that one is supposed to have flame sparks falling around it, plus set sims on fire, unless I'm mistaken. :(

    On a testing related note, while I was at the Strange Fountain, I tried to have my sim fish from the fountain, but she was not able to and threw out a route failure instead. It might be since the water is completely walled in by the fencing, but you'd think my silly sim could just cast her line over the fence. :/ Another npc sim showed up there, and they kept throwing route failures, possibly because they wanted to fish as well? The unicorn also had some route failures, which I presumed was because it wanted to drink from the fountain and was not able to.
  • QuailhogsQuailhogs Posts: 933 Member
    edited July 2015
    First: I worked on the fountain. It is a little less conventional now, but sims can now fish and horses can drink from it. The fishing issue was a bigger concern since the whole point of that lot was a spawning point for the deathfish. I cannot pinpoint the routing issues with the Huntington household. Are these problems game-breaking or just moderately annoying? I do not want a low-quality end-product, but there are certain things that I cannot fix.

    Second: At this point, the game is starting to generate random NPCs, and of course they ruin the whole effect I am trying to go for. Unfortunately, the number of people on this forum has decreased tremendously since last year, so I will probably not get too many donations. I'll get to the point: I need Sims.

    -No third-party or store items. I only have expansions up to Island Paradise and would prefer if you do not use Stuff Packs. I have two stuff packs myself (Fast Lane and Outdoor Living), but a lot of the people that download my worlds don’t have any, so I am trying to avoid using them all together.
    -In spite of Wraith being a city of death, I do not desire occult sims. I already have 7+ vampires and have grown to hate werewolves because of their derp faces.
    -This may also seem hypocritical, but no rainbow sims. Yes, I have a woman that is entirely made of sulfur, but there is still a horribly-explained reason for that.
    -Do not play your sims before giving them to me. If you pre-played a Sim, you can always create another using the same model.

    -Dead Sims (the vast majority of this world) are typically wearing black eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and that cracked looking lipstick.
    -Most of the dead have a very pale eye color.
    -They do not need to have the "evil" trait.

    You will get credit if you make something.
  • AmbsSimAmbsSim Posts: 118 Member
    From my play-testing so far, the only member of the Huntington household that would come up as having routing issues was the horse, Fester. The times when I was able to go right to where he was to try and see what he was stuck on, he was trotting along just fine outside the home, by the archways. Since I've started playing beta version 3 of Wraith, I don't recall getting any messages of Fester Huntington becoming unroutable. It certainly does not seem to be harming the playability of the world, my game has not crashed on me or anything close to that, and the issue seems to be random, and doesn't happen all of the time, so I personally don't think it will cause any major problems.
  • cheesetruckcheesetruck Posts: 2,477 Member
    I would create some Sims, but I suck at Create a Sim. :P
  • QuailhogsQuailhogs Posts: 933 Member
    I uploaded the fourth phase of beta testing. I added three new sims of my own, but unfortunately I did not receive any outside contribution.
    Here is a list of updates:
    -Fixed the lot tearing. It should be gone. Keyword is "should."
    -Sculpted the sinkhole fishing spots to blend in better with the landscape.
    -Reworked the fountain by City Hall. The pond is no longer fully enclosed by a foundation, so it can now be used by Sims for fishing and Horses that wish to drink from it.
    -Changed the ambient lighting of various lots.
    -Slight edits to existing Sims. The most obvious ones are John Mooney and Sephone Martinov.
    -Recolored some of the terrain rocks
    New Sims:
    -Admiral Landgraab: Repo Man
    -Mijo Salamanca: Burglar
    -Sophie Doggleholms: Lost traveler
  • AmbsSimAmbsSim Posts: 118 Member
    I apologize if this is too late, but I finally created two sims for Wraith. I meant to do so sooner, I'm very sorry! They are Byron and Marla Graves, and they are uploaded to my Studio: thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=8736296

    If I submitted them too late, or if they're not to your liking (I'm not the greatest at creating sims), I understand completely and it's ok. Here's a screenshot of the "happy" couple (I uploaded them prior to going into the game and taking this pic, so the uploaded household is not pre-played):


    No 3rd party CC or store items were used.

    I will definitely check out beta phase four, and if I find any problems, I'll be sure to post back here.
  • QuailhogsQuailhogs Posts: 933 Member
    It's not too late. I am going to continue to do open beta until I get more sim contributions. They look like they will fit in fine.
  • trollnexustrollnexus Posts: 508 Member
    Hi Quailhogs,

    This is my first time making sims in CAS to upload, and I followed your instructions. Please forgive me if they look awful; I will totally understand if you decide to modify them or trash them completely.

    Here is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2sf558elm220ysf/Saluzar.zip

    Also please let me know if my upload didn't work.

    Thank you,

  • trollnexustrollnexus Posts: 508 Member
    Just recently started playtesting your newest version. Looks good so far!

    Also, here's something that amused me (thanks, NRAAS StoryProgression!):

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