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SOLVED - Roof/Ceiling Question

DameGiggsyDameGiggsy Posts: 405 Member
When I first built this house, I had it to where each room was connected by the same hallway. I left one area open so the observatory could be there. Now that I've rebuilt it somewhat, I can't put a roof on because of this blank space which is the space the observatory stuck out of. How do I fix this? (Yes, I know I'm a lot of trouble.) And NO! I cannot place tile on the blank space. It's like there was never a room there...



  • DameGiggsyDameGiggsy Posts: 405 Member
    Weird... Must've been a glitch because it works now.
  • SimStaffGabrielSimStaffGabriel Posts: 84 SimGuru (retired)

    Since this is now marked as solved, I am going to move this to helpful tips and tricks!


    -- Moved --
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