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A WCIF for Default Replacements

runzurunzu Posts: 184 Member
I wanted to know if anyone knew of a directory listing lots of newer default replacements? Mostly for skin, eyes, makeup, beard textures. For skins, if you don't know of a directory, make a recommendation. I'm not really into the modeling skins and I would love one with a decent range for dark skin. Again, any help would be appreciated and though I'm new to the forums, everyone has been so warm and welcoming! ; u; <3 I feel kinda silly that I've been playing since The Sim debut and only now am I socializing within the community. x3

I accidentally broke my game with trying to decrapify and compress files in The Sims 3 folder. It was 2AM and probably a bad idea to do while half asleep. LOL Either way, store items glitched, even though I'm sure I followed the guide to MATY to a tee to try preventing that, there is definitely was some kind of user error on my part. xD

So I regenerated the The Sims 3 folder from scratch by removing the corrupted content to a backups folder. Completely clean, it runs fine. I'm gonna re-download and then re-add all my store stuff, most of which has been generously gifted to me (thank you out there! <3). Then I'm gonna start slowly re-adding my mods. I wanted to see if there were any new places I might have been missing. :3
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