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Tray folder and mods folder

Can you have sub folders in both the mods and the tray folders?


  • SimGuruModSquadSimGuruModSquad Posts: 597 SimGuru
    Hi @princess0384 .

    The Tray directory does not allow sub folders.

    The Mods folder does allow sub directories, by default it allows one level of subdirectories. Some people edit the resource.cfg to allow more depth.

  • pboxpbox Posts: 630 Member
    Some people edit the resource.cfg to allow more depth

    See here for more info on how to do that. (Not sure if these instructions are posted somewhere on the official forums as well -- if they are, it would be exactly the same thing.)

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  • princess0384princess0384 Posts: 417 Member
    edited August 2015
    @SimGuruModSquad Thank you
    @pbox thanks for the link
  • DarkWalkerDarkWalker Posts: 64 Member
    edited August 2015
    While you can't use sub-folders inside the Tray folder, it's possible to instead move the contents of the Tray folder inside the Mods folder, and use sub-folders there.

    To do that, edit your Resource.cfg file inside the Mods folder and add the following lines:

    DirectoryFiles Tray autoupdate
    DirectoryFiles Tray\* autoupdate
    FileType 0x2a8a5e22 trayitem
    FileType 0x3924de26 blueprint
    FileType 0xd33c281e bpi
    FileType 0xb3c438f0 householdbinary
    FileType 0x3bd45407 hhi
    FileType 0x56278554 sgi
    FileType 0x370efd6e room
    FileType 0x00de5ac5 rmi

    Then create a Tray folder inside your Mods folder, and move whichever files you want to organize into sub-folders inside that newly created Tray folder.

    I don't think it's supported, though. I recommend not trying to delete from inside the game anything you move to the Mods/Tray folder, last time I tried it crashed the game, but apart from that this is working just fine for me.

    If you know your way around creating .package files, the above info can also be used to pack lots, households, and rooms inside .package files.

    Edit: Testing a bit more, it seems like rooms don't work. They appear on the Gallery, but behave as if the .room file isn't there. Either the game somehow prevents .room files from being loaded from outside the Tray folder, or else I got the filetype wrong. Households and lots seem to be working fine, though, as I was able to place lots and households I've moved to the Mods folder.
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  • pboxpbox Posts: 630 Member
    edited August 2015
    Ah, cool idea =)

    I quickly tested packaging one of my own lots -- works fine indeed , with the exception of the lot preview in Library (overview). Do you happen to know where that preview is hiding? I guess one would need to put that into the package along with the rest .. but it doesn't seem to be in localthumbcache; I've no idea where else to look for preview pics.

    ETA -- nevermind; it's all good now. It was just a typo -- the screenshots below show what happens when you give the bpi a wrong group ID =).

    Also, I was able to delete that lot from Library just fine. Didn't crash or anything; the lot also remains gone from the Library when I restart the game. It did *not* actually delete (or otherwise modify) the package though -- so when one's using the in-game Delete for packaged lots, one should remember to also remove them from Mods, otherwise they'll just collect dust there forever.

    Over at mts, I also learned the following:
    DarkWalker wrote:
    [D]eleting an item in a .package (or even unpackaged but inside the Mods folder) is just like when you "delete" one of the default lots or households: instead of being truly deleted, the game just marks the item as invisible in the Gallery, and stores that in a file named TrayDeletedItems. Just delete that file and all "deleted" items will be back the next time you start the game.

    I put a lot package for testing in this post (mts > Create > Building). A tutorial on how to package lots is here.

    This is what I mean:


    When I click on that, the large preview shows up fine (but not sure whether that's perhaps just because it's still cached somewhere?):


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