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Morri's Creations (New: Tabira's Folly - Off The Grid)

MorriSanMorriSan Posts: 410 Member
edited July 5 in The Sims 4 Lots
Hi dear fellow Simmers!

I’m Morri and I love creating homes and community lots for my Sims. I’m one of those players who are fans since Sims1 but mainly lurk in the forums. Part of the reason is that I’m a little shy because my mother tongue isn’t English, the other part is my technophobia when it comes to editing posts.

I’ll try every building idea twice if it catches my interest but I mainly create houses that look like modern architecture had a baby with some old industrial-brick houses. I once saw a repurposed factory building in a magazine and fell in love. They gutted the building so it got a very airy and open look and used lots of wood and glass to transform it into a dream home with a roof garden.
Now, I’m in the process of transforming my favorite neighborhood Willow Creek in that kind of style. I called it the ModernBrick Collection. Some lots are work in progress, some are finished and inhabitedand used by some very happy Sims. I tend to switch between playing and creating so it is a hodgepodge playstyle. I’ll post the ones I share on the gallery here one after the other and hope that other Simmers will like my creations.


First up and newest creation is my


Credit for the ideas go to ChuckyChuckTS and JOL1990 for the treehouse and the ship respectively.

If you want to download, search for MorrighanSan on the gallery. All my lots are playtested but if you find something that does not work, please tell me. Attention: #noCC, #moo and resized objects galore. No fishing pond! I accidentially deleted it. Ooops?


The old, repurposed Coast Guard ship, ready for new adventures! Don’t worry, it can’t sink. (computer is not functional, no place for a chair in the stearing room, delet if your sims get angry because they can’t use it)

Lounge, dining room, ship kitchen and storage, cabins

Unusual place for a wedding, but charming. Outside on the back deck Sims can meditate and relax.


The tree house.

There’s more but I didn’t want to make it too image heavy: playground for the kids with a spaceship, jungle gym and a ‘sandbox’, swimming pool, barbecue, restrooms, fireplace and the underwater observation room with an educational ancient ships display. The ship has been ‘grounded’ and instead of a machine room there’s a tunnel as a second entrance.

If you download my lot and have any issues, please don’t hesitate to tell me.

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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 147,884 Member
    edited July 2015
    It is great that you have started a showcase thread for your builds! :) I will enjoy seeing your builds as you post them.
    Family Life Park is a very nice park for sims to enjoy visiting! :) Very nice design of the different areas of the build! Nice campfire area for sims to enjoy sitting on the log themed seats toasting food and keeping warm by the fire. They will have fun swimming in the pool there. The exterior of the Old Police Coast Guard boat is very great! It reflects so very well a boat! The star badge is a nice touch on the exterior. It looks great how you have done the stairs to the entrance of the boat. It looks nice how you have it surrounded by water! Nice outdoors area at the back of the boat for sims to enjoy sitting resting on the seating or enjoy meditating on the stool, enjoying the sunshine. Sims will enjoy cooking meals outdoors on the BBQ in the front area of the boat. The layout of the interior of the boat is very nice. Very nice wedding area! It looks very nice how you have placed the windows there. It is a nice light filled place for sims to enjoy the sunshine coming whilst getting married or watching the ceremony taking place. The flowers boxes on the wall and the vases of flowers look very pretty there! It is nice that you have placed armchairs and a sofa there for the wedding guests to enjoy sitting on. Very nice chess deck nook! Sims will have fun playing chess at the table there, enjoying the outdoors air. The tree house looks so very nice! The design of it very creative and nice! It looks very nice how you have used the curved fencing! It looks very great how you have built it around the tree! The rooftop garden is very nice! The garden patio that has the steps that leads up to the master suite looks nice. Very nice master suite! The lotus flower rug adds to the nice look of the area and the pink colour of the bed is pretty. Very nice dining table! The rose on the table is nice for sims to see when sitting at the table, enjoying looking out at the very nice outdoors views! Nice armchair sitting nook. It looks nice how you have used the hedging to create the nook. The wall with the candles in it and the white bedhead curtains look very pretty! It is nice that you have a library in the build. Sims will enjoy coming to the library and reading a book from the bookcases whilst sitting relaxing on the sofa. The candle and plant are nice touches either sides of the sofa.
    The build is very nice! :)
  • MorriSanMorriSan Posts: 410 Member
    rosemow wrote: »
    It is great that you have started a showcase thread for your builds! :) I will enjoy seeing your builds as you post them. (....)

    Thank you, I hope you'll like the other lots just as much. I'm not a big legacy player but originally the lot was dedicated to younger Sims and now it has more attractions for the adults. My other lots thus far are not as exotic, more down to earth everyday life requirements.

  • ChubbychuckChubbychuck Posts: 212 Member
    Hey @MorriSan Great job on the boat and treehouse! @rosemow covered it really well!

    If i can inspire other simmers, that makes me very happy. :)

    Can't wait to see more of your builds!
    My Gallery

    Origin: ChubbyChuckTS
  • MorriSanMorriSan Posts: 410 Member
    Most of my Sims have a herb/vegetable/fruit garden but getting them all again with each new household gets tedious. Therefore one of my best gardeners agreed to provide the ‘seeds’ for a brand new garden center. He even tended them to make sure everything grew strong and healthy. Every plant possible (up to 30.07) can be ‘bought’ here with the exception of cow-plant and alien plants.

    This lot can potentially be run as a retail shop, at the moment it isn’t classified as one. It isn’t big and fancy, I strived for functionally cute.

    ModernBrick GardenCenter

    #nocc, #moo, #gardencenter, some resized objects

  • MorriSanMorriSan Posts: 410 Member
    Hey @MorriSan Great job on the boat and treehouse! @rosemow covered it really well!

    If i can inspire other simmers, that makes me very happy. :)

    Can't wait to see more of your builds!

    Thank you @Chubbychuck! I couldn't resist and now, after the first one, I'm thinking about building another one as a real residential lot. I was, as I told you, sceptical at first about functionality but now I think it provides a nice challenge to make it work. Another level would be a weather resistant version in case of future Seasons EP. I guess everyone will have to take another close look at their creations to make them water proof if/when that happens.

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 147,884 Member
    ModernBrick Garden Center is very nice! :) The curved roofing and brick texture of the exterior of the building looks nice. It looks very nice how you have placed the hedging along the front edges of the building, and the flowers and trees look nice each side of the car parking spots. It is nice that you have used the large glass windows in the build, for sims to enjoy the sunshine coming on whilst inside the garden centre, buying plants . It is great that you have set up a special offers rack outside the front door with many plants to buy on the shelves there! Very nice furnishing of the interior of the store! It looks nice that you have placed the flower cart in the build. The magazine racks are nice touches near the cash register area. It is great that you have an area where sims can enjoy buying gardening furniture! The roof patio is very nice! Sims will enjoy going up there to cook meals on the grill, and enjoy eating the food at the picnic table, enjoying the nice rooftop views! The backyard delivery area with the bins and crates looks great! The plants, flowers, water features and water fountain look very nice how you have placed them in the back patio area. The harvestable plants in the gardening boxes and planters in the areas of the build look nice.
    It is a very nice gardening store :)
  • MorriSanMorriSan Posts: 410 Member
    edited August 2015
    The next one was tricky and will most likely undergo multiple renovations but for now I am satisfied:

    Greenlove Tree Villa

    It started as a house and developed into something that can be called a mansion, just way above the ground! No worries, the pillars are titanium reinforced and will withhold the strongest force. *ahem* I fell in love with the tree house concept after trying it out for my FamilyLife Park but I wanted to make it into a real residence. That meant that the rooms had to be connected with real hallways. My Sim loves his new home and doesn’t intend to move if the endless summer suddenly ends. Thus the main rooms are connected without giving wind, water and snow a chance to touch the sim. I still shudder whenever I remember my Sims dripping water (and complaining loudly!) after Seasons got implemented, what a mess!

    #noCC, #moo, #treehouse, #modern

    Attention: I resized and mooed a fair number of objects! I playtested it, no problems yet. The trees sometimes get in the way of the best camera angle.


    And one more pic because the light was just too lovely to resist!

    I can’t make links pretty, but if you want to try this home, search for MorrighanSan in the gallery.

    Edit: Thanks to the wonderful @ChubbyChuck My link is all pretty! Thank you! Morri’s Gallery
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  • MorriSanMorriSan Posts: 410 Member
    Thank you @Rosemaw! As always, your reviews are full of details and I really appreciate that you look at every room and think about what works in it, and then tell the creator. It helps me get an outside view. Sometimes, hm, how to say it in English? In German it is: den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht sehen' : to not see the forest because of all the trees. Tunnelvision! I'm not well known here and I always have to smile whenever a reaction to my lots appears, because it tells me that I don't waste my time.
  • ChubbychuckChubbychuck Posts: 212 Member
    edited August 2015
    Hey @MorriSan Very nice treehouse! Yes, the trees will sometimes get in the way, but i usually zoom in. :)

    You can make a link to your gallery by adding [ url = <your gallery link> ]name your link whateveryouwant [ /url ] - without spaces and < > of course. Hope that helps! :)
    My Gallery

    Origin: ChubbyChuckTS
  • NhicksNhicks Posts: 1,580 Member
    I love your thread! Amazing fav is coast guard. Very original and creative :)
    Find Me In The Gallery! MzHicks #MzHicks
    ~My showcase thread~
    How You Liven - A Peek Into YOUR Sims World
  • MorriSanMorriSan Posts: 410 Member
    @Chubbychuck: It worked! You are a treasure. I'm a horrible poster, I felt like a superhero because I figured out how to post pics, html is way beyond my skill level.
    Most of the time while building that treehouse I've done it without the trees anywhere in sight, just marked the places where they would go. C/p in and out whenever I checked if something worked. My sim has blisters on his feet, he had to go everywhere. This wont be a house for the elderly, everyone else wont need a fitness center. In life mode the trees are pretty and no problem but I nearly went crazy trying to take good pics for the forum.

    @Nhicks: Thank you! The Coast Guard Ship was fun to build but it took more than a few tries to get the proportions right. If you ever try a ship, don't make it diagonally. *sigh* it would look so good but stairs only work straight. I found that out AFTER nearly finishing, of course.
  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,118 Member
    Wonderful showcase thread with awesome builds! Your tree villa is spectacular with lots of amazing features, the rooftop garden is beautiful and perfect for yoga :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 147,884 Member
    The design of Greenlove Tree Villa as a treehouse looks so very creatively great! :) It looks very nice how you have the tree in the middle of the home and have built the house around it. The greenery covered trellis looks very nice. Very nice pond and pool area.. Sims will enjoy swimming in the pool. The planter boxes look nice on the wall there. It is nice that you have an underground storage room where sims can enjoy doing woodworking at the woodcraft table. The brown crates, fruit crates and wall gardening hose look great there! Very nice entrance balcony! Sims will enjoy sitting on the seat bench there looking out at the views. The plants look nice how you have placed them on the walls there for sims to enjoy seeing when they entering the home. The shoes rack looks homely. Very nice bathroom sink area. The towels and toiletries look nice how you have placed them on the shelves either sides of the bathroom mirror. The living room is very nice! The green and golden colour scheme of the room looks, and very nice type of curtain that you have placed behind the TV, which adds a very nice look to the room. Sims will enjoy sitting resting there having a chat and watching TV. The candles are pretty on the coffee table. Very nice outdoors cooking and dining balcony! Sims will enjoy cooking meals on the BBQ there and eating them in the sunshine at the table. They will enjoy looking at the plants that they are growing there whilst eating their meals. The perfect patio wall decor looks very nice how you have placed it on the wall there. It looks nice how you have placed the cabinets in the kitchen. The curved island stove counter looks great! Very nice rooftop level garden and yoga area! It would be a very calming and restful place for sims to enjoy doing yoga on the mat. The kids bedroom is very nice! The elephant patterned floor rug, the panda lamp and the teddy look very cute there! The tree print on the side wall suits well the tree house theme of the build.
    The home is very nice :)
  • MorriSanMorriSan Posts: 410 Member
    One of the first lots I built:

    ModernBrick Bar&Café

    I removed the Archive in Willow Creek to use the sunny corner lot. My couples love to use it to go on dates and enjoy the music. it is not a big posh lot.

    The building is a remodeled and gutted small fabric building that went bankrupt in the 1920is. The new owner refused to change much on the outside, charmed by the rugged look of the whitewashed bricks.

    The loading area in the back is practical for big garbage and deliveries, no dragging bottle crates and sacks full of flour through the customers’ space! Upstairs the owner can enjoy the sun on a private little balcony.

    The lot has a small enclosed garden for fresh ingredients and a tiny conservatory to shelter the more exotic plants and keep the production running, even in winter. If winter ever comes.

    Upstairs a loft waits for the tired owner when the bar closes. Everything they need is there but a kitchen, which would be silly with the big one downstairs! The bar downstairs offers life music and a tiny private dining room for romancing couples. Fresh cookies and other delicacies are sold in the other part of the room (not on the pic), and the restrooms are in the back.

    What to do with all the ingredients and stuff a backer needs for the café? Let’s store it downstairs! The basement offers storage space and a small, cluttered laundry room for all those soiled tablecloths, dishtowels and of course the owners own clothes.

    #noCC, #moo, #bar, #café, #shop

    Morri’s Gallery
    Morri’s Showcase Thread
  • MorriSanMorriSan Posts: 410 Member
    @masajo: Thank you, that's a very nice compliment. TreeVilla is the most spectacular of my lots to date. I tend to switch between small&practical and really elaborate.

    @rosemaw: Thank you for the thorough review. My sims enjoy that house very much, you are right. They don't want to go downstairs and feel quite safe up in their trees
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 147,884 Member
    ModernBar Brick and Cafe is a very nice venue for sims to enjoy visiting :) The exterior is very nice! The texture of the exterior and the curved roofing on the front and side area of the building looks nice. The awnings are nice touches in the build. Nice umbrella covered tables dining patio for sims to enjoy eating and drinking outdoors in the air. The musician themed picture looks nice on the exterior wall. The upstairs private balcony looks very nice! The flowers look pretty there. Very nice harvestable garden area! Sims will enjoy harvesting plants from the gardening boxes there to use in their cooking. It is nice that you have a table there for sims to do gardening on. Having an inside glass windowed conservatory with planters in it to protect exotic plants is a nice touch. The layout of the upper loft living areas for the sims who own the bar looks very nice. Sims will enjoy sitting relaxing on the sofas there watching TV or reading a book after working downstairs. Nice corner study desk nook for sims to enjoy sitting at the table using the computer. The black and white diamond patterning on the bar area floor looks very nice! Sims will enjoy sitting at the tables eating food from the buffet table. The basement laundry room looks great! The towels, shoes and clothes look great there.
    It is a very nice build. :)
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,016 Member
    Beautiful builds! I especially adore your tree houses and the ship! Good job! :)
  • Ash072Ash072 Posts: 1,322 Member
    Great builds! Very creative with that boat and the tree houses!
  • XLiveleXXLiveleX Posts: 103 Member
    hello @MorriSan nice to see your showcase. Is it right you are german too? I'm not sure but i've interpreter it from a post by you about the idiom: "Not see wood for trees". I like your treehouse .. no wait it's a mansion. But i like it to see you've built it around the trunk. I know it's not to easy to build with all the leaves who block your view. Your other buildings are also beautiful. Be sure, i would write more about it if i might in german. ;) But i'm glad if anyone understand me with my englisch. laugh. But i know our dear rosemow make a good job with her detailed comments. Since i can't add anything. :)
    Origin ID: Livele
    My showcase
    I just found this thread and I must say @MorriSan , your builds are very beautiful. I love the tree house especially!
  • NhicksNhicks Posts: 1,580 Member
    I really like your modern brick bar and cafe! Love the little garden and the loft apartment! Beautiful Job!!
    Find Me In The Gallery! MzHicks #MzHicks
    ~My showcase thread~
    How You Liven - A Peek Into YOUR Sims World
  • SpecterCodySpecterCody Posts: 602 Member
    Great showcase! I really enjoy your treehouse, coast guard boat and your new bar. You really have an eye for creative and unique design.
  • MorriSanMorriSan Posts: 410 Member
    I’m not participating this week for #underrenovation10 but I couldn’t resist trying my hand. It developed into a little story. The lot is not finished yet and I don’t know if I’ll ever upload it to the gallery.

    Log of a Renovator.

    I waited until the boss turned around the corner, then my knees gave up and I had to sit down fast, or I’d have fallen down. Oh my. A Princess being forced to wed far away from home and nosy socialites, all because she’d gotten pregnant out of wedlock. Huh, that was a new one and a little bit old fashioned, by earth standards! It explained the low budget though, 71.000 Simleons aren’t what anyone would consider enough money to outfit a royal wedding. Maybe aliens had other ideas about expensiveness than earthlings? Or it really was meant as a punishment by the royal house. Well, no matter the background, I would do my best so this couple would have a dream wedding!

    I inspected the requested structure. Not bad. Although it wasn’t what I was used to I could see lots of possibilities and pulled out my sketchbook and my tablet computer to capture all the ideas that were running through my head. I looked up some alien plants to get ideas about color schemes and shapes. A plum crown theme, that would be nice! I nearly ignored my ringing cell phone but it was never a good idea when the boss was calling. The news wasn’t good. One of the star guests had broken her ankle. So much for the idea of preparing the wedding ceremony on the biggest platform, the party on another. The less stairs involved, the better. Another idea made me call back. “The princess isn’t too far along, no?” I hesitantly asked. Highly pregnant females and stairs aren’t a better idea than broken ankles and stairs. And some other parts of my plan might be influenced too if- “No, I asked! Ambassador Bimimi said that she isn’t showing yet, no problems. Some nausea, but no vertigo.” I thanked her and made a note to reduce the distance to the toilets.


    Two days later. My working bees were marvelous. The finished roof structures looked impressive, if I said so myself, and weren’t costly. They would also provide some cover to shield the wedding from prying eyes and camera lenses. Bride, groom and party would arrive via a Vortex Generator, on the biggest platform, but the requested strange alien trees I planted would certainly cause some curious stares. Note to self, high fences are needed too.


    Yep, strange they might be, but they grew fast and made the park look much better!


    Now for some special touches and I knew exactly where I could find what I wanted. I had to leave for a little bit. I made sure to lock the door behind me so no vagrant would be able to use the unfinished lot as a temporary home. The restrooms were clean and neat, certainly, but the porcelain thrones were the cheapest I could find and shouldn’t be used to prevent early breakage. They had to work for not even a day. No matter, the plumber was on speed dial for emergencies and I had a rented tux in his size too. Don’t ask.

    It took some persuasion to convince the curator of the museum to let me take some seeds and cuttings. Thankfully he was used to aliens and wasn’t shocked about the reason I needed them, just skeptical. After hearing about the Princess Starla and her plight he even helped me with some gadget so the plants would grow very fast. Princess Starla would have some comforting fragments of home away from home. Doctor Nowhotky shed some additional light on the alien culture of ZamCaBam. He lectured for hours but what it boiled down to was that, while babies were rare and precious, the future husband wasn’t a native of that planet and although his own race was more fertile and he himself was revered as a great warrior, nobody liked his race much and didn’t want a Halfling royal additionally to the out of wedlock stigma.


    Racism. I swallowed and looked down at the seeds I’d acquired. While waiting for the plants to bloom, some bad timing on my side, I had cursed the lost time and questioned myself for being too fancy. Now my resolve was back and I hurried to the lot and planted my little treasures. The doctor said that these luminous bulbs and, to my eyes at least, dangerous tentacles were considered a delicacy all over the galaxy and a pregnant female would adore them as a midnight snack. Their glowing would cut back on my lighting costs as well. Hey, a tight budget encourages pragmatism!


    Tomorrow I will add some finishing touches. I really hope bride and groom will like it.


    To be continued
  • MorriSanMorriSan Posts: 410 Member
    That is some really flattering feedback, thank you all so much!. @XLiveleX yes, my mother tongue is indeed German and it would be much easier to talk to you in that language, wouldn't it, but then the others wouldn't understand a word. My English teacher would have a heart attack if she saw me voluntarily using English, but hey, this is much more entertaining than conversing about the British school system.
  • ChubbychuckChubbychuck Posts: 212 Member
    @MorriSan Lovely and unique designs! :smiley:
    My Gallery

    Origin: ChubbyChuckTS
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