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Babies Update Like in Freeplay

Recently on Sims Freeplay we got an update to take the babies from the cradles and actually interact with without being at the cradle. If EA can do such a thing like that on mobile, it shouldn't be too long before they can do it with the Sims 4. Do you guys think that we will ever get to see this in Sims 4 in the future?


  • FlozieFlozie Posts: 43 Member
    I certainly hope so! I would like to interact with the babies as sims not as objects.
  • MinaMina Posts: 175 Member
    edited July 2015
    I wouldn't mind the object-babies so much if we were given, ya' know, toddlers.

    Maybe I'm being a little pessimistic here, but no, I don't think we'll ever see TS4 babies that aren't attached to their cradles. It would be nice, though! The babies in TS4 feel almost secluded from the rest of the family. I'd settle to for a draggable cradle, honestly.
  • jessathemessajessathemessa Posts: 2,342 Member
    I think so. I think it is definitely in the works, along with toddlers. I would honestly be a little surprised if they don't introduce them due to the backlash they have received over it. Only time will tell though. I'm guessing we'll get some info at Gamescom.
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,331 Member
    Wow that is great news. I don't see why they couldn't expand on it later. The OP is a hope bringer :).
  • ShaobunShaobun Posts: 1,155 Member
    I don't think so.
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  • SkobeeSkobee Posts: 2,864 Member
    It would be really nice! I mean, even if we could put a baby in a swing or something (baby swing) that'll be really cute and feels more like an actual family member! Lets hope it's possible in the future! :blush:
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  • MinaMina Posts: 175 Member
    edited July 2015
    Aww, a baby swing would be adorable. That was probably my favorite premium item from TS3 Store.
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