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Creations by Fuchur01


  • Fuchur01Fuchur01 Posts: 72 Member
    Maine (USA)






    Checkout my creations here.

    OriginID: Fuchur01

  • SunnyKegSunnyKeg Posts: 98 Member
    Wow, you've been busy! It all looks wonderful but my favorite is New York Living. Amazing!
    Origin ID: SunnyKeg
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 163,245 Member
    Each of your homes and community lots are so very, very nice! :) The exterior architectural designs of them are so very nice! Very nice furnishing of the interior of each of them! The landscaping work is so very nice! I would like to write about each of your very nice builds, but there are many of them! Each one of them are so very nice! I am enjoying looking at the pictures of them! It is nice how you have posted pictures of the neighbourhoods with your builds in as well.
    Continue to enjoy building :)
  • agusiamalagusiamal Posts: 294 Member
    edited May 2015
    OMG! I saw nearly hundred pics and I can't find something I wouldn't like! Every house is great! Each of them is different. You are a great builder! And I follow you at the gallery! :)
  • leelujackleelujack Posts: 384 Member
    OMG they are all so awesome you are very talented :O Soooo many builds everyone of them is stunning. I have to go back to look again lol would have liked a intermission in the middle lol too much wonderful buildings at once!!!

    My Gallery Link


  • Fuchur01Fuchur01 Posts: 72 Member
    @kristinemancuso : Thank you. And the New York Living is at the Moment one of my favourites too.

    @rosemow : Thanks thanks thanks. There is no need to write about every house. I am just happy when people enjoy the pics.

    @agusiamal and @leelujack : I know it was a lot of pics. But that were the houses since I got Sims 4. And I am very happy you liked the houses. Thank you.
    Checkout my creations here.

    OriginID: Fuchur01

  • RyeCris16RyeCris16 Posts: 2,293 Member
    Wonderful showcase of lots! :smiley:
    Unfortunately, I can't pick which one is my favorite because of lots of pictures but I I like the layout.
    I'll check out your gallery to see your amazing creations. :smiley:
    EA ID: RyeCris16 | Tags: #RyeCris16
  • kaichen04kaichen04 Posts: 376 Member
    > @Fuchur01 said:
    > Hey everyone! I am very excited to show you my creations. Hope you will like them.
    > You can find me with the OriginID: Fuchur01
    > And here are my buildings.
    > Anik431 Warehouse Loft
    > New York Living
    > Fifth Avenue
    > Broadway Theater-Lounge
    > And here some pics of the complete neighbourhood

    These are so hip and urban!
  • kaichen04kaichen04 Posts: 376 Member
    > @Fuchur01 said:
    > Eric's castle (Arielle the little mermaid)

    It looks just like it!
  • kaichen04kaichen04 Posts: 376 Member
    > @Fuchur01 said:
    > Amsterdam (Netherlands)

    The roofing is so innovative!
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,017 Member
    WOW! :D What an impressive showcase thread! I love all your creations! The roof work in each and every build is very impressive! Loving all the architecture of all the builds. They all look amazingly real! Well done! Will be adding your builds to my favourites when I visit the gallery. <3
  • superbibi11superbibi11 Posts: 486 Member
    Wow, you're so good at building! You're neighbourhood is stunning! So many details and accuracy in everything you did! And you have such a creative mind!! Each build is different from the other also geographically! The best is Little Whinging ;)
    Will be adding to my favourites when I get the chance to open the game :)
  • agusiamalagusiamal Posts: 294 Member
    Congratulation my dear! :)
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,017 Member
    Congrats on the Maxis fav! Very well deserved! :D
  • gagealuteagagealutea Posts: 126 Member
    Wonderful houses! My sims will enjoy living in some of them. ;)
  • Chris2fer03Chris2fer03 Posts: 650 Member
    So many wonderful creations! I absolutely love your retail builds, they're so beautifully designed and cohesive. I also love your loft, the exterior is perfection and the interior compliments it beautifully. :)
    Gallery ID: chris2fer03
    ~Showcase Thread~ ~Photobucket~
  • BryonyRaeBryonyRae Posts: 5,181 Member
    Welcome to the forum @Fuchur01! You've certainly introduced us to a number of great builds. In particular, I really loved your Staatsoper Mergi; the most brilliant theater I've seen.
    Visit my blog to see my creations: or search the gallery by my OriginID or #bryscreations
  • jolasimjolasim Posts: 56 Member
    amazing buildings, looks so realistic :)
  • Kaariaanne03Kaariaanne03 Posts: 46 Member
    wow.. i'm speechless. Your sooo talented!!!!!
  • Ginzu19Ginzu19 Posts: 239 Member
    So amazing creations! I especially love your lofty and apartment houses, they are all so amazingly done and ambiented. Very well done dear!
  • GaiaPumaGaiaPuma Posts: 2,278 Member
    Fuchur01 wrote: »
    Staatsoper Mergi (Germany)



    This is my fav public venue in all the gallery. Congratulations, it feels like a real life Opera/Theater!!Thank you!!Have a great week!
  • Java_JoeJava_Joe Posts: 21 Member
    edited June 2015
    I almost never log onto these forums, but my friend budgie2budgie pointed me to your builds and I just had to log in to say your builds are phenomenal and just simply inspiring. You are an incredibly talented builder.

    Have fun :)!

    PS: Not sure why the forum is showing me as Java_Joe? I'm SimDoughnut on Tumblr and in the Gallery.
  • mothersuperior2mothersuperior2 Posts: 1,418 Member
    Amazing builds, especially like Coffee Corner, Amsterdam, and Little Whingeing.

    I'm British, and the build for Lt Whinge is 98% accurate. It's the most realistic I've seen. One thing that prevents the 100% is outside your control, the mailbox (we don't have them) but we do have wheelie bins now. They sit in our gardens or out on the street. We actually have to have 3 in our garden .... black, blue and brown (I believe you have one in an American build) they take up a lot of space. I'm glad you haven't got them in your build!

    Very impressive.
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  • mat555mat555 Posts: 32 Member
    I love your builds! especially the nyc living, fifth avenue and Anik431 Warehouse Loft :)
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