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Once upon a time in the kingdom of Knight ruled by King Garrett there was a lonely princess who dreamed of a different life. In Knight men and men alone ruled. A woman was nothing more than a tool and companion when requested. The men who populated the land were mostly cruel and corrupt. They didn't value even the worthiest of woman. Even Cara, a princess, was a tool to be used when Garrett saw fit and he had more compassion than most of the men. A quality that had caused trouble to stir on the eastern border. For this reason he had no choice but to offer his daughter in trade to the Evil King Conrad of Thorn in return for a peace treaty and allied forces. Garrett was too old to rebuild his army and defend his kingdom alone. Conrad offered all of the defense and comfort needed to keep all of the surrounding kingdoms who would take Garrett's land at bay.

Conrad knew the old man didn't have much time left and he relished in the ability to acquire new land with minimal effort. If he married the Princess Cara they would inherit the kingdom of Knight with the passing of Garrett that was in the near future. All he had to do was agree to the terms. However, Conrad couldn't just give his allegiance in return for a woman, why that is very little value at all, a male heir would be the price. Once Cara gives birth to his son he would sign the treaty and pledge allegiance with Garrett and not a moment sooner.
Cara begged and pleaded in desperation with her father not to make her marry Conrad. He was a monster of a man, people were afraid of him for good reason. She couldn't live a life with him, it would be a prison. Garrett refused to budge and ordered her to fufill her duties as a woman and princess or face execution.

Cara suffered deeply. Nothing except rage filled her heart for her father and hatred boiled for Conrad. Suffering through woohoo with him was the most excruciating thing she had ever done. Fortunately she conceived the first try and was able to avoid all contact with him afterwards. Throughout her pregnancy Cara grieved. She had only three friends to keep her company but her ability to speak with them freely was limited. She was under constant scrutiny while carrying the heir to the Thorn throne. She hated the child growing in her. She convinced herself that once the boy was born she would leave him with his ruthless father and jump off the balcony if she had to, anything to get away from the misery she felt.

Finally the day came. In the early morning hours while all the house slept she went into labor. Her sweet friend Stella stood by her side as she delivered her first child.
"Let me see him, Stella" she said coldly, hardening herself for the only look she intended to give her son.
"I can't let you see him." she replied
"Because, I have to let you see her." Stella whispered tenderly as she handed the wriggling bundle to her friend.
Cara held her daughter in her arms and all the rage melted from her heart being replaced with the deepest love and gripping fear. She couldn't let her precious daughter grow up in a kingdom where she had no say in her own life. Cara wanted Kahlan to have more than that. She had never loved anyone so completely and she would die before letting Kahlan feel the slightest bit of loneliness that she has felt in her life.

Cara tasked Stella with informing a nearby guard that she had given birth to a boy. After that she sent Stella to find Angelica and Claire. Knowing that King Conrad would celebrate the birth of his son with a grand party she made a plan to flee. Cara knew that Conrad would be furious when he found out that she left with his heir so she insisted that her friends come with her for their safety. Together they would form a new kingdom, a Matriarchy. Once where women were free and able to be more. That was the future she wanted for her daughter. So they planned and when the time was right they snuck out.

They searched for a long time. Moving like nomads from place to place. Finding refuge in kind villages along the way. Kahlan had grown into a child by the time the reached their destination. Cara had always known where they were heading. Her mother had told her stories of her kingdom. One that was plundered and said to have been destroyed in a war for her hand. King Garrett had been incredibly selfish in his younger days and didn't handle rejection well. In the end he won his conquest and Cara's mother suffered for it.
"I don't know how, my little Cara, but I know the castle of Amnell still stands. It is my wish that one day you can see it."
Cara was going to do more than see it. She was going to go to it and rebuild it. She was going to start a life where her mother's had been. Miraculously, the castle still stood. It was dark and dusty and needed to be fixed up but it was there. In tact.
"Thanks be to the goddess!" Angelica cried kissing the ground.
"Mommy, where are we?" Kahlan asked, tugging at Cara's dress.
"Home. We are home my sweet girl." she replied, wiping a tear from her eye.


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    Great start. I'm really liking this so far :)
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    Thanks! I am working on the next update now :)
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    As they settled in and began clearing away the dust and cobwebs the women laughed. For the first time in any of their lives there were no demands placed on them. They were free. The hierarchy among them was not difficult to establish. Cara obviously would be the head of the home. Stella, Cara's longest and most loyal friend possessed qualities that made her superbly talented for hunting, scavenging, and fighting. She would be their warrior. Angelica had already been ordained by the temple in Knight as a priestess so she would serve in that respect for their new family. Claire was good with children, cooking, gardening, neat, and all things domestic. It was no question that she would be a caretaker.


    One day Stella discovered a secret door behind a bookcase and followed the staircase behind it down into a basement. There she found all sorts of old machines and in one of the dungeon cells there was a man! Her first reaction was to end him as he slept but then he stirred. As he woke and realized he wasn't alone he jumped to his feet, afraid.
    "Who are you?" Stella demanded
    "M-my name is D-Damian. Please, I don't want any trouble."
    "Where did you come from?"
    "I have always been here. My great aunt raised me here."
    Stella looked at the man before her and something in her softened. "Come with me, my leader will know what to do with you. This is our castle now."


    The women formed a circle and decided that Damian could be of use to them. He was offered to live there with them, under their rulings, in exchange for helping rebuild the castle and take care of the grounds. Happy to not be thrown out he agreed without hesitation. Soon after he spent his days chatting with Cara. They discussed everything from recipes to politics. Cara fell in love with him before she even knew what was going on. She wanted to marry him but when she approached Angelica asking for her blessing and to perform the marital ceremony she declined. It would be a curse by the Gods if a married woman were to take a second husband. As long as Conrad Thorn lives, Cara must not take another husband. Truly, to even take another lover would be spitting on the sacred covenant. Angelica warned Cara of the accursed things that can happen if the Gods are defied and told her that as much as she loved her she would never put anyone of flesh's wishes over the vows she made when becoming a priestess. Furious with Angelica Cara decided that no one would determine her fate. She took Damian as a lover without a second thought and was happy for it. For the first time in her life she trusted a man and she began thinking that their life together would be beautiful.
    However, Damian had different plans. The late hours of the night he would leave Cara's bed and sought affections from another. While he cared for Cara there was something missing. From the first moment he had laid eyes on Stella he had known there was something special about her. He couldn't reject Cara's advances without risking losing the only home he had ever known, so he went along with it. But when she wasn't around he found Stella. They would spend hours gazing at the stars, telling stories, sharing secrets. He loved her. Any chance he had to catch a moment alone with her he seized. Stella knew it was wrong. She knew how Cara felt about Damian but she couldn't help herself. Something drew her into him like a moth to a flame. She figured that what Cara didn't know, couldn't hurt her. At least until they both discovered they were pregnant on the same day. Stella feared for her and Damian's life but as a Warrior she knew she had to do the honorable thing and confess what had been going on.


    Heartbroken Cara sobbed. She ordered that Damian be locked in the dungeon until she could think clearly and didn't say another word to Stella. Feeling like a knife had been plunged into her back Cara changed. The once passionate and considerate woman who wanted nothing more than a peaceful life away from all the torment and pain had disappeared. A cold, bitter, and empty shell remained. As her stomach grew so did her resentment for Stella and Damian. For the second time now she found herself despising the child within. As she entered her third trimester, knowing it wouldn't be long now she thought of what she would do to Stella and Damian. She couldn't let them get away with this, she had to get revenge. No one could ever get away with hurting her like this ever again. As she lay in bed, sleep evading her, the faint hint of smoke filled her senses. Rushing upstairs she realized the kitchen was on fire! Claire had tried to make a midnight snack that went very, very wrong. Quickly they yelled "FIRE" scurrying to get everyone outside. Once outside everyone was accounted for except for Stella! Despite being in her third trimester Stella risked herself and the life of her unborn child to put out the fire. The fire blazed and blazed, taking 4 counters and the stove with it.


    Realizing that she could have lost Stella indefinitely caused Cara to reevaluate her feelings. Yes she was hurt but Stella was her best friend. Cara knew she wouldn't have intentionally hurt her and that she certaintly wasn't expecting to get pregnant at the same time. The real culprit was Damian. He was the one who led both of them on. He was the one who drove this wedge between them. For that, he would die. When or how Cara wasn't sure of yet but she knew that he would. She still held her resentment for men deep within her heart. Cara called Stella to the throne room in hopes that they could work things out.
    "Cara I am so sorry, please please please forgive me!" Stella cried.
    "I want to, but I don't know how to. You knew that I had hopes of creating a life with him."
    "I know. I'm sorry!"
    "Why? Why did you do it, Stella? I want to believe you didn't want to hurt me but you must have known on some level the pain it would cause me."
    "Honestly, I didn't think you would ever find out. I was okay with being the other woman as long as I was able to be something to him. I love him, Cara."
    "And I didn't?" snapped Cara coarsely.
    "Didn't? No, you didn't. If you did you would know it doesn't just stop. I still do. I still love him. It breaks my heart to know he is sitting in a cell beneath our feet." Stella argued almost coldly.
    "Because you are my oldest friend I am willing to put this behind us. You can choose to be punished alongside you love," Cara spat "Or you can chose to forego him and send him to face his punishment alone. If you do this you must promise to never see or speak to him again."
    Stella paused for a long time. How could she turn her back on Damian. She couldn't imagine never seeing or speaking to him again. She was about to tell Cara to shove it where the sun can't shine but as she opened her mouth to speak, she felt a little kick from within her. As much as she loved Damian, her first obligation was to her child. She didn't know what Cara would do for punishment, maybe nothing more than extra chores for an indefinate amount of time. There was still a chance that it could be something bad too and Stella couldn't risk her child's life.
    "I will always choose you, Cara. You are our leader. I stand by you. May I know what punishment you have in mind for Damian, please?"
    Cara smiled slyly. "Good choice, Stella. I knew you were a good friend. Punishment for his infidelity and dishonesty is very simple. He will remain in that dungeon until he starves to death."


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    Wow this took a dark turn. I can't decide how to feel, on one hand Stella and Damien really shouldn't have gone behind Caras back but on the other hand Cara has become a bit nuts so it's tough to feel sorry for her. Great job so far :)
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    Wow what a good story loved it all so far
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    Thanks guys! I really wanted Caras character to be more stagnant on the good and sweet side, but then the game took hold and her character became much more dynamic! I am still working on a few things but I will update tomorrow with Stella's reaction to Damians fate, the birth of Cara and Stellas children, and you get to see Cara go even darker! What effect will this have on little Kahlan? What twists will this story take? Its going to be good!
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    Been enjoying the stories! I always love amazon esque challenge, I think I read them all! Hehe!
    I also write non sims stuff on Wattpad
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    Wow this took a dark turn. I can't decide how to feel, on one hand Stella and Damien really shouldn't have gone behind Caras back but on the other hand Cara has become a bit nuts so it's tough to feel sorry for her. Great job so far :)

    I've read a lot of amazon challenge to know this is not that dark hehe! But what happen happened right? Huhahaha!
    I also write non sims stuff on Wattpad
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    Poor Cara! Poor Stella! I wonder how she's going to get more slaves! Very good start! :)
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    Poor Cara. I wonder what will happen with these new babies coming in? Will they discover their father dying and save him? Will he die? Will he seduce another woman? Great story!
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    To drive her point home and truly establish trust in Stella again she declared that Stella would have to be the one to tell Damian his fate. With a heavy heart and Cara at her heals they headed to the dungeon. Stella did what she could to keep her composure, some warrior she was. Her chest felt like a weight sat upon it and her hands were beginning to bead with sweat. She was certain the beating from her heart was audible to any nearby ears. As they rounded the corner to the cells Stella saw him and forgot to breathe for a moment. He sat on the same cot she had found him, only instead of sleeping peacefully he looked sad and instead of being able to come and go he was caged like an animal, and for what? For protecting his skin by not rejecting the leader? For falling in love with Stella? And now he would die for it. It wasn't fair.
    Hearing footsteps Damian looked up, a feeble smile formed when he saw Stella but faded when he realized who it was that followed her. Surely Cara wasn't going to throw her best friend in the dungeon! As he feared for Stella's entrapment he noticed the full term bellies on both of the women and the reality of what he did hit him. He hadn't only hurt Cara by lying but surely Stella must have hurt every day knowing who he was openly with. He suddenly felt sick with regret and hated himself for putting Stella in this situation as well as for leading Cara on. Now he had destroyed a friendship and fathered two children who may or may not grow up without him. They now stood in front of his cell and he looked at them with tearful eyes.


    "Go on, inform him of his fate." Cara hissed.
    Stella took a deep breath before putting on a cold face. She was going to have to completely shut down if she was going to utter these words and be the one who told him he was going to die, alone. "Damian you have lied and created turmoil among the women of this group. For the unfaithful acts you have committed you are hereby sentenced to death by starvation. From this moment on no more food or water will be given to you. Perhaps the Gods will take pity on you and your death will be swift."
    After she spoke the final word something sharp shot through her back. She arched and then doubled over in pain clutching her stomach. LABOR! Cara quickly helped Stella upstairs and out of the dungeon. She took Stella to her chambers and stayed with her during her labor. Half way through tight cramps began exploding over Cara. She too was going into labor. Stella insisted that Cara go to her nursery so that she could give birth to her child and have Angelica bless it right away. The pain was awful so Cara didn't protest. The hours of hard labor ticked by slowly. Finally, as every one gathered around Cara upstairs cheering on the next prince or princess of their small group, Stella gave birth in a lonely dark room to a beautiful baby boy who she named Wyatt.


    After all the pushing and crying was over Cara sent everyone away so she could spend some time alone with her new daughter, Moira. She could already tell that Moira possessed beauty greater than Kahlan but that was all she would better her in. Moira was not of worthy blood seeing how her father is a scoundrel and would never inherit the right to be a leader of this group. Thank the God's that Kahlan was born first. Her father may be a merciless tyrant but at least he is of royal stature. Although, in truth, it didn't matter. Neither of her daughters would ever know their fathers and she liked it that way. She only wanted to protect them from the pain she felt when her own father betrayed her.


    A couple of days later Cara went down to the dungeon the deliver the news to Damian of his children. One daughter and one son. She also made certain to remind him that he would never get to lay eyes on them as he would soon die. He was obviously near death wouldn't last much longer, if he made it through the night she would be surprised. Damian weeped, begging for mercy. He didn't want his children to grow up not knowing their father. It was a mystery he had lived with his entire life and never wanted it for his own children. He begged to no avail. Cara just laughed as she left the dungeon leaving him alone.


    Stella finished feeding Wyatt and rocked him until he fell asleep. Carefully she laid him in his bassinet and studied his face. He had strong features similar to both her and Damian. One day he would be worthy of being a warrior for a real kingdom. Perhaps he would even get to be the right hand man to some generous and kind but also strong king. Stella hoped that the actions she was about to take wouldn't hurt her son's future. Allowing Damian to die wasn't something she could live with. No matter what happened to her she had to save him. She knew Cara wouldn't hurt an innocent baby so now that she wasn't pregnant she could save Damian. Around 3:00 in the morning Stella creeped down to the dungeon, careful to avoid being seen by anyone. Once she was down there she opened the cell door and woke Damian. He was filthy and smelly but she didn't care. She quickly told him how sorry she was for everything and informed him of the plan she had secured for his escape. He hugged her tightly, begging her to go with him but she wouldn't. She had brought enough dishonor to herself and she had to stay and face the consequences like a real Warrior even if only to give some honor to her son, their son. Time was running out so Stella hurried Damian out and to his freedom.

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    I wonder how Cara is going to react!
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    Me too :no_mouth: I don't know if I want that Stella succeeds or not :P
    It's a nice story, keep going on :)
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    I love your story!! I can't wait for the next part!! :)
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    Cookster wrote: »
    I love your story!! I can't wait for the next part!! :)
    Thank you! I will be updating after I get my kids to bed here soon. Cara is not pleased when she finds out so what happened next is a real shock
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    Oh man this story is superb, I can't wait to read more!
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    The next morning Cara went down to the dungeon, a slight skip in her step. She was hoping to find Damian's urn and finally be able to move on from her heartache. What she found instead infuriated her. The anger was so intense it caused her to go a little insane. She summoned Claire, Angelica, and Stella to the dungeon demanding answers! She knew who had let Damian out but she wanted to hear the traitor admit it to everyone before Cara had her way with her. Stella confessed, calmly. She stated that Cara was wrong for torturing and leaving Damian to die. She accused Cara of becoming as corrupt as the husband she escaped from was. For Cara, that was the last straw and she lunged at Stella fury in her eyes.


    When the dust settled Stella felt a little nauseous and dazed. She had no idea that Cara could fight so well! Cara seized her opportunity to throw Stella into the pool of death. Angelica and Claire cried out but they stopped immediately with one glare from Cara. She was in no mood and anyone who spoke against her at this point in time would join Stella. Not being able to stand and watch Angelica and Claire flee upstairs. Cara remains next to the pool, relishing in Stella's struggle.


    Finally, after just a few short hours, Stella thrashes and splashes frantically. Fatigue and hunger take over and she can no longer fight the inevitable. She takes her last sharp breath crying her son's name and then drowns. Grim shows up to to seize her soul much to Cara's delight. Cara is so elated that even Grim can't stand to be around her and he vanishes as quickly as possible!


    Immediately after placing Stella's urn outside, and laughing at it, Cara called a counsil meeting. She instructed Angelica to write down everything that she said because things were about to change.
    "This is going to be a Kingdom. I will have subjects that ARE LOYAL and know where there place is. From this moment on I am not your friend, I am not just your leader, I am the Queen of Amnell and will be treated as such or my wrath will follow. Angelica you are charged with being the official priestess and my personal counsel. No one has higher authority than you, aside from me. I give you this prestigious rank because as priestess you are forbidden to take a lover and can never do to me what has been done. From this day on men are to only be used for handy work, grounds work, and adding numbers to our ranks. Once a man has fathered a child he must leave the kingdom to prevent any one family becoming too strong. Only two male servants are allowed to occupy the kingdom at a time. If a male is born into the community he may remain in it after aging to young adult if there is room. If two servants already exist he may duel for his spot or he must leave. Any man who has a son must be sent to the pool of death. There are no exceptions. No woman, aside from the Queen is to marry. Once a Queen chooses her king no one else can mate with him. For a man to be worthy of being king he must not have any prior children. The King may stay and live within the Kingdom all of his days as the Queen sees fit or until her reign is ended at which point he is reduced to a servant- though he still must not mate with anyone else- and it will be up to the new Queen on if he can remain in Amnell. If the new Queen decides to be rid of the prior king he is to go freely, as long as he has been loyal, with no harm done to him out of respect for the prior Queen's affections. As for the warriors of Amnell, they may pursue romantic relations as long as they have asked for the Queen's permission and been granted it, but if they become pregnant they will be stripped of their rank and honor and reduced to a mere maiden. Only maidens and the Queen are to add to the population. Children will be educated in all areas but will have to prove their worthiness before assuming rank within the kingdom. If a Queen is not able to give birth to a daughter the Warrior may try. If she succeeds her daughter is to take the throne as Queen of Amnell. These statements are LAW and breaking any of these laws is punishable by death."


    They spoke more on the logistics of the new kingdom and on building a strong perimeter so that neighboring forces couldn't attack easily. They brainstormed ways to be able to add new women to the kingdom so that their numbers could begin building. Last but not least, Angelica asked about the fate of Stella's son. It was decided that despite being the outcome of their crimes he was innocent and deserved a shot at living his life. He was to be the first servant under the new law. Cara knew that this was the only choice she had else she'd make good on Stella's accusations but she hated Wyatt nonetheless. Every time she looked at him she felt the pang of betrayal. The years passed and as he aged he was treated poorly by Cara any time he crossed her path. He couldn't help but feel angry with any interaction with her. This made it difficult for him and Moira to develop a relationship as brother and sister because of the resentment he had for her mother.


    As for Kahlan she was the outsider. Her days were spent learning to paint, play music, and write by Angelica. Cara did her best to show her the ways of fighting and handiness but knew that she fell short. She needed to find a new woman to join their kingdom and be the next warrior, even if only to teach Kahlan the skills needed to be a well rounded Queen, and time was running out. Kahlan would be a teenager in very little time.

    Claire had temporarily assumed the role of hunting, they people had to eat some how! While out one day she had stumbled upon a campsite. As she got closer a very young woman, perhaps a teenager even, snuck up behind her and scared her. Claire quickly announced that she was not there to cause any harm or trouble. She explained that she was simply trying to find food for the small kingdom and didn't mean to trespass. As the girl circled her, sizing her up for a possible fight, she realized that Claire posed no threat. She was frail and weak and wouldn't be able to last even 10 minutes. She asked who Claire was and then about the kingdom. When she heard who the queen was she about fell over. Fate had smiled down on her for sure. The strange girl demanded that Claire take her to see Queen Cara, her motives hidden beneath her innocent face.

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    I am really enjoying your story so far! Boy, Cara is horrible. She must have had some lessons from her husband. Excellent job!
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    I am really enjoying your story so far! Boy, Cara is horrible. She must have had some lessons from her husband. Excellent job!

    Thank you! Cara seems to have some very troubling issues. My initial plan was for Cara to be more heroic or too kind but as I played and the story unfolded she took a very different path.

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    110821012 wrote: »
    I am really enjoying your story so far! Boy, Cara is horrible. She must have had some lessons from her husband. Excellent job!

    Thank you! Cara seems to have some very troubling issues. My initial plan was for Cara to be more heroic or too kind but as I played and the story unfolded she took a very different path.

    So true! I mean, as you write, the story just takes you places you didn't would happen
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    @lovestorms youre absolutely right. I haven't had a chance to play today but that Nadine may be up to something. Maybe shes a spy for Conrad, or a random runaway. Maybe she is a secret daughter of Damians, or a long lost heir to the throne of Amnell...maybe shes just a supporting character....who knows! Lol
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    I didn't get a chance to play today so I am hoping to play tomorrow and then update!!! :) Thanks for reading everyone!!! Please feel free to offer suggestions or hopes or wishes for the story- you never know they may happen!
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    Hi! Love this story! Please update soon :)
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