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bootsguybootsguy Posts: 758 Member
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May I know what is script mods?
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  • hannahmarshall111hannahmarshall111 Posts: 49 Member
    i'm not to sure myself, but from what i know, it stays in its zip file and usually doesn't contain a package file
  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 32,733 Member
    bootsguy wrote: »
    May I know what is script mods?

    You might want to move your post down to the Modding forums. Some of the people with the best ability to explain for you rarely hang out in GD.
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  • FogityFogity Posts: 122 Member
    Script mods are simply mods written in python (a programming language). They are packaged differently than other mods and behave somewhat differently as well.

    The most important difference for a mod user is that they are installed as a .zip file and must be enabled in the settings. They pose significantly higher security risk than regular mods, but I haven't heard of any malicious mods thus far.
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