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Sims 1 Aging Mod

1962vampire1962vampire Posts: 13 New Member
Does anyone know of the aging kids into teens mod for The Sims 1? I have read there is one but there are no links I could find. The link might be taken down now but I'm hoping it isn't. If you know, I would appreciate it if you could tell me! Thanks! :)


  • GodlikeGodlike Posts: 305 Member
    There was something that did that but haven't seen that mod since 2003-ish? Sadly, most of my back up discs regarding TS1 are totally unreadable now or else I'd look it up for you...
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  • winterlocwinterloc Posts: 348 Member
    edited May 2015
    Hi 1962Vampire,

    Edit: Into Teens?? I did not know about that for sims 1 back in the day. I know you can age them up to an adult. Here is some idea how to do that.

    If you have makin Magic and kids have their own wand charger Magico Neo Magical Newt and a charged wand. The Magico's Bookshelf of dimensional storage. Sims parents will have to but the spell ingredients in the bookshelf so the sim kid can get them out and use them.

    The Ever after Crafter and all the spell charm ingredients. Then you can age them up. I think the spell ingredients are Honey, clown confetti and wizard ilashes. If not then it could be next one down with the black roses. I believe these go into the Ever after crafter. I also know you can change a dog into a human sim. That is the last spell in the spell book. I have not done this in a very long time so I am a bit rusty with the info. Maybe someone else will remember better then I.

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  • AnmirlaAnmirla Posts: 3,423 Member
    I would think it would be too involved to make a mod for this. You would need to include the actual Sim, actions/reactions and whatever else is specified per life stage. Not to mention the ability to age in general. Age transition is only possible via the spell winterloc mentioned above - it's not a game interaction on it's own. I'm not a programmer, but I would be wary of a mod like this if it existed because it seems like it would need to include a LOT of game code and probably the ability to overwrite some of the existing code.

    There are only two life stages and they are perpetual. (One reason being spoiled by TS2 makes it so hard to go back and play TS1 for any long period of time. :/ ) I don't even consider the infant stage as an actual life stage because if you delete the bassinet, the baby goes bye-bye. It appears the game may consider babies as objects rather than Sims.
  • winterlocwinterloc Posts: 348 Member
    edited May 2015
    I totaly agree with what Anmirla says, Yes the coding never was designed to have the kids grow up until Makin Magic. The adult change is also random. Your cute little kid sim might not turn into a cute adult sim.

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  • 1962vampire1962vampire Posts: 13 New Member
    edited August 2015
    Sorry I'm just now replying, everyone!!! Haven't been on in awhile nor simmed in awhile!

    Godlike, Oh gees that plum! I'm sorry :( Thank you so much though!

    Winterloc, Ah thank you!!!!! I will definitely try that out!!!! :D

    Anmirla, I figured sadly but was just hoping there would be a small glimmer of hope that there was one! LOL! Thank you though ^^ &Right?!! I'm definitely spoiled by TS2 & TS3 that it becomes a bit frustrating being limited in TS1 or TS4 (which TS2 has its limitations compared to TS3 as well but not as much as the other 2 imo xD) but I just have those urges to play the old school TS1 XD
  • GodlikeGodlike Posts: 305 Member
    I think it was on a site called Living It Up, like the expansion pack, which also featured things so you could access Buy and Build mode on community lots when you had Sims walking there. Perhaps the Graveyard might still have it?
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  • nicoleet88nicoleet88 Posts: 1 New Member
    I remember the mod and was just talking about it with my mother and brother (who did not care in the least). The mod would basically stretch out a Child Sim and give them a slightly more "shapely" body. Very awkward. lol But it was awesome at the time, since it was all we had. I think I was 13 years old, so we're talking 2001, 2002...
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
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