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How do you run a family business?

Like I would send a couple to whatever kind of business together instead of just a single sim. So they each could be doing something different like one could be ringing people up and one could be restocking or they could both be ring people up and higher an Employee to restock or something. I've only played where I have one sim that owns a business so I don't know quite know how this works.


  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 3,796 Member
    I have heard that your teen sims can help you out in your business too.
  • mrln1975mrln1975 Posts: 176 Member
    Invite them to go to a community lot. The one you own. On the phone it will say go here with .....so and so. It' s the same when you go on an outing with another sim like to the gym,or library. Then you can build a little house on the second floor or ground level as your store. Or even in the basement. Your sims can live there forever if you like. The only thing is you still have to pay the bills on your home lot via the phone.
  • mrln1975mrln1975 Posts: 176 Member
    I have up to four people on my bakery lot.
  • HoneydewHoneydew Posts: 480 Member
    If it was the wife asking the husband to to go to where do I only have control of the wife or do I also have control of the husband?
  • AflutterAflutter Posts: 139 Member
    You should have control of both. It acts as a community lot, rather than an active career lot. I've run a family business and it's the best way to do it at this point, since employees don't work very well.
  • AndiratymeAndiratyme Posts: 723 Member
    I send one to the retail lot, and then click the icon over the other sim's at home that looks like a lightning bolt. That brings up some options, choose the one that says 'bring <name> here'. Do that for which ever sims you want to come to the lot and you can control them all. I do that and live on my retail lot and don't even use the home lot. You can pay bills via the phone/computer on the retail lot and never go home. The one time I sent them both home my employee disappeared like she'd never been hired so I'm not doing that again.
  • FKM100FKM100 Posts: 881 Member
    You don't have to do anything special to run a family business. All retail businesses are basically family businesses, because whenever your sims buy a retail lot, it automatically belongs to the entire household. You can then send any one or more members of the household to the lot to run the business and it does not always have to be the same person.

    Family businesses work really well, because you can rotate your sims so that they do not get too tired or bored, and you can use sims with different personalities and skills for different tasks. Also, when you acquire retail perks like faster ringing-up and faster restocking, they apply to the whole family (unlike skills). As long as you keep at least one sim on your retail lot, you can carry on playing there indefinitely and need never go home unless you want to (my sim family doesn't get bills, so I am can't comment on whether you have to go home to pay bills, or whether you can can pay them from the retail lot). Any number of family members can travel to the retail lot on the first occasion, but it doesn't really matter who you choose, because you can instantly summon any other family member to the lot whenever you want and you can send anyone home again whenever you want.

    I have sim family of five who own a family bakery. The younger couple run the business for the most part and live in a sweet little flat above the shop (giving them some much-needed privacy), but grandma, who has good cooking and baking skills, comes in daily to make goodies for sale, and grandpa, who has max handiness skill, comes in now and again to fix anything needing repair or upgrading. Younger sister is called in to serve customers when the shop is very busy.
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