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  • fairygirl7fairygirl7 Posts: 1,003 Member
    edited April 2015
    Thank you very much for the gifts @Reachsims . My list has been updated. :)
  • andreax0andreax0 Posts: 26 New Member
    Hi everyone! My list has been updated and sorry for not having gifted much this week :(
  • ReachsimsReachsims Posts: 7,932 Member
    @andrea0 - You never need to apologize about "not gifting much this week." To much is given, much is required. Many of us were given much in the past and so we simply pay it forward. It's simple and there is no need to carry any guilt. We give when we can. *Hugs* Note: Sometimes, all we can give is a "Like" or an "LOL" to help a new member achieve full membership status. It's all good.

    @fairygirl7 - You're most welcome.
  • fairygirl7fairygirl7 Posts: 1,003 Member
    Thank you very much for the gifts @front360 and @andreax0 . My list has been updated. :)
  • shaliny1997shaliny1997 Posts: 646 Member
    Updated my post

    Thank you if you choose to gift me :smile:

  • NevillsNevills Posts: 505 Member
    Updated my list. Any help is appreciated.
    I'm a WoW playing, Doctor Who watching, Harry Potter reading, fan fiction writing simmer who is without a doubt a geek (and sometimes a super hero).

    My wishlist
  • Khala_OakeageKhala_Oakeage Posts: 235 Member
    Thank you @simgeek79 for the curtains, they're lovely! Happy Easter to you as well :)

    Updated my top 5
  • Sweet2Sweet2 Posts: 1,736 Member
    Updated my list, thank you for the Crisp Coat and Gloves @andreax0
    My Page Another lot and Household Uploaded :)

  • simgeek79simgeek79 Posts: 2,173 Member
    You're welcome @Khala_Oakeage :smiley:
    I now Own the Store!!...Thank you to everyone who helped me get here <3

    Are u new to the Store? Then check out: the Daily Deal Thread
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  • ellsbeth_whimsyellsbeth_whimsy Posts: 16 New Member
    I updated my list. Many thanks to Reachsims and JArch3r!
  • RaeNicRaeNic Posts: 767 Member
    Wow. I woke up to many gifts this Easter morning. Thank you for my top 5 @front360 ! XD Hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter!

    My Original Post is updated.
  • tinkknitztinkknitz Posts: 1,278 Member
    Updated my list.

    Hoppy Easter to all!
    What do I put for a signature once I have been gifted so much that I own The Store? anybody? Bueller?
  • fairygirl7fairygirl7 Posts: 1,003 Member
    Thank you very much for the gifts @ellsbeth_whimsy! Happy Easter to you too! :)

    My list has been updated.
  • tybbob1tybbob1 Posts: 60 Member
    @AlphaFen - Thank you for the gift!

    Here is my Top 5
  • JennaDaCapoJennaDaCapo Posts: 190 Member
    Updated my top 5 items. Just got Lunar Lakes after saving up for a few days :smiley:
  • janineisabawsjanineisabaws Posts: 667 Member
    Updated my top 5 items here!
    Check out my youtube channel!
  • tybbob1tybbob1 Posts: 60 Member
    @mothersuperior2 - Thank you for the gift!
  • SchweighsrSchweighsr Posts: 3,342 Member
    I just bought the 'Country Living' set while it was on the Daily Deal - many thanks to everyone who gifted me stuff from that set so that I was able to pick it up fairly cheaply. But that means I have updated my wishlist again.

    Here is my original post:

    And here is a direct link to my wishlist:

    Many thanks in advance to anyone generous enough to gift me!
  • Yazmine6788Yazmine6788 Posts: 87 Member
    edited September 2015
    Hey generous simmers,

    I've been working on a few complete a sets, so i'll update my list once I get each one. For now I'll just put the current items I need (top 5):

    1. Gothique Living Chair (#1) = 51sp
    2. Gothique Sofa (#2) = 51sp
    3. Gothique Window (#5) = 46sp
    4. Fit for a King Seat (#6) = 90sp
    5. Powdered Wig Curtains (#8) = 75sp

    My WL:

    Thank you in advance o:)

    (Updated post)
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  • ReachsimsReachsims Posts: 7,932 Member
    @Yazmine6788 - I added you to the directory but...

    1. You should add some more things to your list. There should be five wishes here, not just one.
    2. Grandpa's Grove is listed three times on the Daily Deal list, deal numbers 495, 640 and 674. Deal number 640 is the best deal but deal 495 comes up in only 10 days.
  • Yazmine6788Yazmine6788 Posts: 87 Member
    edited April 2015
    @Reachsims Oops, was just about to take my comment off after I noticed my written list beside me. Sorry bout that! (I meant the Brunch at the Old Mill set, Mondays am I right?). And I feel bad for asking for more than one thing, but I will edit my comment for some single items.

    Thanks for the gifts! I really appreciate the help o:)
    Post edited by Yazmine6788 on
  • RaeNicRaeNic Posts: 767 Member
    edited April 2015
    Hey generous simmers,

    I'd really like to have the Brunch at the Old Mill set, I wouldn't have normally asked but its not scheduled to be on the DD Rotation until August :( (I'm trying to get the rest of the things I need by either sale or DD)

    I think it comes up May 23rd for only 442sps. I just looked and it's deal # 948. It comes up sooner I think, but this one is the cheapest deal and the one I've decided to wait for (gives me the chance to earn more sps).It's still a ways away, but it's better than August. And I agree, try to get the items you can from it so it's even less. That's what I'm trying to do. And we'll help when and where we can. :)
  • RaeNicRaeNic Posts: 767 Member
    Updated my Post.
  • Sweet2Sweet2 Posts: 1,736 Member
    Updated my list, thank you @MotherSuperior2 for the Double Knit Sweater and thank you @muminek85 for the Overachieving Overcoat :)

    Also thank you @friday027 for Desert Designs Sofa and thank you @JennaIsGhost for Repurposed Computer Desk :)
    My Page Another lot and Household Uploaded :)

  • friday027friday027 Posts: 604 Member
    @Sweet2 - am not sure where I am right now... which section of the forum, but got your message, so am replying wherever it counts, I guess... I hope... :D Lol! :) So much for us new comers to the forum who can't seem to figure anything out... especially me! :dizzy:

    Yeah, I don't know where I read it, but someone had mentioned that they loved all of the furnishings for waning moon, but not the attire part of the set (clothing)... (maybe it was @janineisabaws ???) Not sure about who it was, but it was a name I was somewhat familiar with from watching the forum... and I agree that the furnishings are desirable, but could not think of a use in any of my games for the pilgrim costumes at at all. Although, one or two are kind of good.

    For my own use, I ended up down downloading the whole set for the sake of posterity, but for installation purposes, I decided to downloaded only the furnishings and one or two of the attire, individually, and installed them that way. What a pain!!!

    It's too bad there was no choice with this set like there is with Jazz Age Living / Jazz Age Wear or like most other Store Sets that have the furnishings and clothing split.
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