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I'm running a bakery and noticed for fruit muffins, blueberries are required. How do I get them?


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    mappammappam Posts: 139 Member
    I would like to know this also!
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    xxLeilaaxxLeilaa Posts: 57 Member
    If you go to the park in Oasis Spring you will find a blackberry plant at the far end of the park, near the muddy fishing spot. It's behind the bush so you may want to have a view from above.

    If the plant is not ready for harvesting yet you may want to stay for a view Sim hours at the park, so it will grow. If your Sim has a certain level at Gardening you can also just cut a branch from the plant, that way it's faster :)
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    AndiratymeAndiratyme Posts: 728 Member
    Those are blackberries, the recipe says blueberries.
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    mappammappam Posts: 139 Member
    Are there blueberries in the game now?
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    RoyaiChaosRoyaiChaos Posts: 905 Member
    Might be a typo. See if blackberries work.
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    MiCi462MiCi462 Posts: 13 New Member
    Maybe we'll be getting some new fruits and veggies in the near future :#
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    mooredt21mooredt21 Posts: 1,105 Member
    I think mix grapes and strawberries or bluebells and strawberries will also work.

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    PsychoSimXXPsychoSimXX Posts: 4,403 Member
    Andiratyme wrote: »
    Those are blackberries, the recipe says blueberries.

    Blackberries will work.

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