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Pink Diamonds

IreneSwiftIreneSwift Posts: 6,231 Member
My sim needs to find a pink diamond for his "ultimate invention," a simbot. He's already delivered the plutonium and life fruit. I've been checking in map view every day for a whole sim week, so far, and sending him to the consignment shop to look for one, but so far, there haven't been any. The icon will show up in map view, just like all the other collectibles someone has an opportunity to collect and deliver, won't it? I had another inventor a long time ago who made a simbot, but I don't remember it taking so long to get the pink diamond. Is there any way to increase the chances of him getting one?


  • bklienhartbklienhart Posts: 2,955 Member
    If you use a hole digger, you can pretty frequently find gems while using it. Also you can use buydebug to add gem spawners.
  • ratsrbestratsrbest Posts: 579 Member
    I've had some frustrating times trying to find the pink diamond in a particular game and then I've played another neighbourhood where I don't want one and they turn up like buses.

    I was amazed when my Sim got one out of the claw machine, but that's only happened once.

    One thing I'd suggest is that when you eventually get it, put it in your Sim's inventory and then copy that Sim to the bin. Then you've got a spare in case you have difficulty ever finding another one :)

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  • mw1525mw1525 Posts: 1,151 Member
    Hi, I can't be of very much help because at the moment I am only playing the base game. However, in the base game the Pink Diamond spawns at a location behind the stadium. If your Sim follows the little clearing path which leads to a small fishing spot (can't remember the name right now) it will lead to an area with huge boulders. The boulder where the pink diamond spawns is the first large boulder you come to. There will be a couple of bushes by it, the diamond spawns behind the 2nd bush. Be certain to move your camera in to make the bush disappear otherwise you won't see it. The last boulder in that area has alien writing on it so use that as a marker. It took me about three Sim weeks to find my fist pink diamond there - it spawns slowly. Also, the rainbow gem spawns at the end of the entire path, (if you follow the clearing fully it leads to the street where Agnes Crumplebottom's home is. The rainbow gem spawns across the street in a section which is divided by a huge rock. I mention this because you will need the rainbow gem in order to unlock the heart shape cut (if you haven't unlocked it already).

    Also, sending a Sim to explore the catacombs can produce a chance of them finding a Pink Diamond on their adventure. HTH
  • AMariseSAMariseS Posts: 2,458 Member
    Like @bklienhart‌ , I had the most luck with the Miner. Or highly skilled dogs. They bring home all sorts of rare stuff.
  • phoebebebe13phoebebebe13 Posts: 19,400 Member
    I think you can sometimes also get them in the claw machine. If you have a fairy you can cheat with the claw machine all the time
  • TreyNutzTreyNutz Posts: 5,780 Member
    One of my sims found a few in several of the vacation worlds. Egypt most likely, if memory serves, but it may have been China.
  • IreneSwiftIreneSwift Posts: 6,231 Member
    Thank you for all of your suggestions. Some of them I've already tried. I'm playing in Moonlight Falls, by the way. I don't know which gem spawner yields pink diamonds, so I put all of them, except the ones from WA, in the park near their home. I hadn't thought of using the miner for them. I supposed I'd better start having him use it every day, too. I'll have him try the claw machine, too.

    I created his wife to live in all of the WA worlds I own, and do all of the careers I've never done. She has explored all of the tombs in all of the WA worlds, thoroughly, with every LTR that would help her get more from her exploring, plus the master thief's coin. Yet, she's never found a pink diamond. I finally gave up on her ever completing the Collectibles photography collection, for lack of both the pink diamond and tiberium. Besides for all of the WA worlds, she's lived in 6 towns so far, and married him along the way. They have 6 more towns to live in, and will be moving to the next one in a few more sim weeks. Maybe her husband will have better luck in another town, but if it takes that long, I hope he won't have to take in palladium and life fruit again.

    They have no pets, but when they move to Appaloosa Plains, they will. Maybe their dog can find one for them, if he doesn't have one by then.
  • ratsrbestratsrbest Posts: 579 Member
    This is really a long shot, but you could get a Witches Brew elixir from the Elixir Consignment Shop and turn your Sim into a witch.

    They'll only need to get to about level 2 in magic skill and then they'll have the ability to transform seeds, fishes etc into other collectibles.

    I'm reasonably certain that my Witch got some tiberium that way and it's possible to get pink diamonds, too.
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  • LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 17,219 Member
    If your not opposed to mods, this item will get you a pink diamond.
    I have one, and it doesn't cost my sim when they spawn things, and she got a pink diamond pretty quick.
  • ChimarkChimark Posts: 2,166 Member
    I have found them by rummaging in the trash of very rich Sims.
  • IreneSwiftIreneSwift Posts: 6,231 Member
    Mission accomplished! I had him drill with his miner, and he reached a cave network. On his second exploration of the cave, he came back with a pink diamond ore! Now, he just needs to get it cut! Thank you all for you help. I'll keep that treasure chest in mind for possible future use, LaBlue.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,557 Member
    I always try to have a Sim with the disciplined trait. He or she becomes addicted to the board breaker and once they start smashing space rocks you have a constant supply of gems including the occasional pink diamond and Tiberium. If you use the gem cutting machine to cut them all you eventually end up being able to cut heart shaped gems without too much trouble.
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