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Amazon Challenge-Tribe Wahine 3/5

pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,262 Member
I've plunged into the Amazon challenge and it's been so much fun! Thanks to @lovejess2‌ for recreating it from a Sims 3 version on Modthesims. For details, click here: The Amazon challenge.

For fans--here is the current family tree (SPOILERS for those who haven't read through yet!) : TRIBE WAHINE FAMILY TREE

Here's the generation five family tree update:

TRIBE WAHINE 5th generation

Also, as my tribe grew, I needed more than 8 sims to control in the household, so I use the larger household mod. Go here to download it and use in your game as well: Larger Household Mod

I'm proud to say this won EA's Spring Story Contest. You can check out the article about it here: Tribe Wahine

If you want to start your own challenge and would like to write a sim lit story too, check out @Julyvee94 's guide here: SimLit Guide

To start out, you need a creator--basically, the leader--a queen of the tribe.

Here is mine--Abra Wahine

Notice her necklace--that will be handed down to each creator as well as her bracelet.


This is her with her two slaves--Akamu Slave and Anakoni Slave


This is the beginning compound--the amazon's complex where only women live.


Slave hut


Pit of Death


The boys weren't working, so Abra, my creator, had to punish them by yelling. It worked!


When it's time to breed, Abra does a ceremony with the chosen slave. Little does he know this will seal his doom. When I first read the rules, I thought breeding slaves had to be terminated after breeding, but this is not the case. I didn't realize this until much later...unfortunate! But I'd have to excommunicate the breeding slaves anyway. You don't want everyone related to each other nor do you want your women to become attached.


Here, Abra finds out she's pregnant. She has mixed emotions because she must inform Akamu that it's his time to sacrifice himself for his tribe.


She's breaking the news to Akamu. So sad! But she's a strong amazon and knows what's good for her tribe.


Akamu is shaved and painted and given his last meal at night. When dawn breaks, he will be sacrificed.


Sacrificing ceremony. Akamu was a good slave, so he receives the rights of an honorable death.


Akamu was very strong--he lasted all day until the middle of the night. My other slaves went much quicker. He really was my best slave. I miss him!


For some reason, Grimmy wanted to have a discussion about Abra's unusual death practices. And he didn't wait until she was decent! She made her case for her culture, he pecked out a few notes on his ipad, and misted away.

(Abra: "Sorry, Grimmy, we're not like other sims who have burgers and fries! We eat off the land."

Time passed and the work was too much for Abra. She wasn't making much money at her job and she was down one slave. She needed a woman! Someone who could tend the garden, fish, and hunt for treasure.

This is Adda Green, her gatherer. I decided to make the other tribeswomen have their own surnames so we could keep up with which child was attached to which woman. All outfits will have green in them for my gatherers.


Adda is formally sworn in and ready to work!




Later, Akamu visits the creator. They share a special closeness. It's good for the clan that he leaves. Abra thinks about banishing his spirit, but can't bring herself to do it. She doesn't tell her gatherer, Adda, about her attachment. This could spell trouble in her tribe down the road.


Hope you like it. I know I'm having a blast playing it--especially with this strange culture. I'm thinking of making a whole amazon village, too. If you need an extra slave, I put the early version of Akamu on the Gallery.


He's listed under Chris Slave and you can find him with the hashtag #amazonchallenge or go to my page under pammiechick. Here's a link to the gallery that hopefully will work: Chris Slave

I made him very slave worthy--angling ace, loves outdoors, neat. He's the best slave I've had so far--I've had five. One ran away and I still have two. Lots of drama! ;)
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    AmazingamphyAmazingamphy Posts: 1,733 Member
    This is awesome! I love how there are rituals - it makes the story feel more alive.
    Gone from this place and never coming back. P5 is good
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    MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    You already know this, but - love it! <3
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    pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,262 Member
    edited January 2015
    Thank you, @Amazingamphy and @MegandtheMoon‌! I want to get more "real" with it. Kind of hard with what we've been given, though. But that makes it more creative!

    Love yours, too, Megandthemoon! Wishing your game would fix!!! I think that's crazy! :|
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    pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,262 Member
    We left the tribe with one less slave and there is so much to do. Abra must enlist another woman from other tribes to come to hers. She finds very talented, creative twins who need to leave their tribe as their mother, a former creator, was just overthrown and they've gone into hiding. Abra is more than happy to accommodate one of the former heiresses into hers as she knew their mother, Elwa, growing up. But Abra can only use one of them, although both would fit in well. She tells the sisters they must fight to see who is strong enough to become her Scholar. They can't wait to see who will win for both think they will be champion.


    Elue is the first to start.


    This proves wise as she gains control of the fight quickly.


    And defeats her sister, Ekewaka.


    Ekewaka submits honorably. She hopes one day she might earn the right to join her sister in the Wahine tribe. But for now, she must wait. Elue tells her sister to be careful and says farewell.


    Elue is overwhelmed at the beauty of Tribe Wahine...she'd heard Abra had just started it a few moons ago. She did not expect it to be so large. Abra must be a truly worthy Creator. She would learn much from her.


    After Abra performs Elue's swearing in ceremony, Elue enters the women's compound and introduces herself to Adda, the gatherer. Elue's new last name is Pink--the color of her rank, scholar.


    Elue is surprised men are allowed in the women's compound. It was not in her former tribe. Adda explains the Creator wants it this way as no woman is to do menial tasks. Only men cook, clean, fix, and take care of babies. This will make it harder not to form attachments but the penalty is strict. If a woman flirts with a slave without the consent of the creator, she will be banished. Only slaves given rights of breeding may enter in a flirting relationship until a child is conceived. If a woman marries a slave, she will be put to death.

    Elue thinks this will be a very hard thing to do indeed. Abra's slaves are the most appealing she's ever encountered. She decides to ask for breeding rights immediately. Once she's had a child, she would not be attracted. This is known throughout the Amazon.

    After she speaks to both slaves, Elue thinks she sees one of the slaves flirting inappropriately with Adda. And Adda does not become upset. Since Elue is so new to the tribe, she does not feel compelled to tell the Creator. She will wait and watch as her mother taught her.


    Weeks pass and Elue is given permission to breed with one of the slaves. One slave caught her attention the first day. He would do well as he is big and strong and has a handsome face. Elue is sure to give birth to a beautiful daughter!


    The night of the breeding ceremony is here and Elue is excited. As soon as she's given the command, she allows her instincts to unleash and it is as if a wild animal overtakes her body--she attacks her prey. Elue feels out of control and yet this warmth, these sensations are very satisfying. She would talk to the Creator about her feelings as soon as the task of breeding is accomplished. Elue wants to be the best Wahine Scholar and to have tales told of her by her descendants. She will not lose control of her emotions and become banished after only a few weeks.


    After their first kiss, Elue screams, "Anakoni Slave, you're mine!"


    Elue spends a night with Anakoni that she would remember for the rest of her life. She knew a part of her would die when she would have to send him to the pit. But she would not think about that this night. She would rest in her slaves arms and embrace him, making their child who would one day rise in rank of Tribe Wahine.


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    With all that's happening, Abra's twins were born. Their names are Bracha and Buffy Wahine. Both are so cute and very sweet. It's hard to imagine they will one day be tough and strong like their mother.


    In the morning, Anakoni cooks breakfast for Bracha. Little does Anakoni know this will be his last breakfast to cook for the tribe.


    Elue spends a pleasant morning with Anakoni. She now understands why her former tribe forbade the men to be with the women for long periods of time. Elue wonders if she should speak with Abra about this, but she still feels like an outsider. Now is not the time.


    In the meantime, Anakoni goes about his business fixing leaks.


    While Elue watches and dreads. She feels the pang in her stomach. Something is stirring, making her belly lurch.


    It is as she thought. She is with child. Elation mixed with remorse fills her. It is time to tell the Creator.


    Anakoni spends a few moments helping Buffy. He is the most accomplished babysitter. A worthy slave. Elue is proud that he will be her child's father.


    The morning of the sacrificing ceremony. Anakoni is overcome with grief. Elue feels pity but Abra is repulsed. How unlike her slave, Akamu, who took his duty with bravery and honor.


    Abra says a few parting words and leaves in disgust.


    Elue is relieved the Creator has left them alone. She would help Anakoni through his gravest moment. He would endure with honor. She would see to that. All throughout his trial, Elue speaks with Anakoni, helping him, telling him he'll never be alone. She will one day meet up with him in the after life and they would be good friends for he is a worthy slave no matter what the Creator had implied.

    Elue painted all day to pass the time. It was hard for her to stay but she knew it would be better for him not to be alone. She was thankful the Creator allowed this. But Elue knew the tribe needed the money from the paintings.


    In Anakoni's last moments, the Creator came out to speak words of kindness for all Anakoni had done for the tribe and she said they would truly miss him. Elue could not stay for the last moments. She ran to her bed to hide her tears.


    Anakoni's gravestone was placed next to Akamu's--for honorable slaves.

    A new slave, Haipo, was chosen from among the best Amazonian breeders. He seemed very brave, strong and handsome. After losing two slaves so quickly, Abra was determined to keep one slave until elder. Haipo might serve well in that regard. She also decided to change the long standing tradition of killing the breeding slaves. Anakoni's death was most unfortunate. She would banish them instead. She did need to keep her tribe clean of male influence, but not at this high cost. It was Abra's choosing to allow the men so close so they could perform every menial task. This would be one way to help with emotional attachments.


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    MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    Aww poor Anakoni.

    But yay for the new additions Bracha and Buffy (love their names ;))

    I can't wait to see what part they play in the tribe. Oh, and I like the way you tied the rule change for slaves into your story - nicely done ;)

    Thanks for sharing - I'm looking forward to the next update! :cookie:
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    pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,262 Member
    Thank you @MegandtheMoon‌! I'm so glad your game is fixed! :smiley:
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    Moons pass...Elue is growing and the tribe is buzzing with excitement. A new girl will be born. Elue attended a ritual at the Amazon temple in the middle of the village. It was predicted a beautiful baby girl. She would name her Hoopono Pink.

    Bracha feels her new tribe sister wiggling beneath Elue's belly. She squeals with delight. She couldn't wait to play with her. Elue cautions that it will be many moons before Hoopono is ready to play for she will be a crying babe first.


    In the meantime, the new slave, Haipo, is serving well as he is very gifted with the wrench. But Elue also notices the other slave, Hanale, always hanging around Adda and not doing much work.


    One night, Elue sees Haipo eating his dinner at the men's table. She was very suspicious of Hanale and Adda. She didn't want to alert the Creator for fear if she were wrong, she'd suffer banishment. But she'd enlist the help of Haipo as he hadn't become friends of Hanale and she saw him suspiciously eye the two earlier as he worked.

    After she speaks to Haipo, to her surprise, he acknowledges his suspicions and says he would keep an eye out. He's tired of doing all the work around the compound.


    Unfortunately, Elue's suspicions were right. Haipo comes to Elue's room late at night and relays what he just witnessed.

    He woke up in the middle of the night to giggling in the breeding chambers. Only the breeding slave and tribe member given permission and who had gone through the breeding ritual were allowed in the chamber. Haipo knew there were no such slaves or tribe sisters allowed at that time. He peered into the room to see Hanale and Adda kissing. But it grew worse. He saw the mark of matrimony rising above their heads.



    Elue gasped and put her hands over her mouth.

    Adda and Hanale were married. Elue turns to tell the Creator, but Haipo pulls her back. He has more to say.

    Infuriated, Haipo barged in as the two consummated their illegal marriage.


    He yelled at Adda and told her he was going straight to Abra with this knowledge. The two would not dishonor the Wahine tribe with their selfish desires.


    Elue cries, "Oh, Haipo, I wish you hadn't done that. You've alerted them."

    Haipo looks down and nods. "I realized my mistake too late. I have the hot headed trait, Miss Elue. I couldn't control my anger. Once I calmed down, I saw Hanale and Adda fighting in the courtyard and then they vanished."


    Elue wrings her hands. "The Creator will not like this, Haipo. I'm afraid you might be punished. I will speak to the Creator, but you will need to tell her about this as well. Do not let on that you showed your anger nor tell her you have the hot headed trait. You may become banished."

    "As you say, Miss." Haipo bows. "And thank you."

    That night, both Elue and Haipo tell the Creator, Abra, about the two betrayers. As Elue fears, the Creator blames Haipo for letting them get away. She asks why did she chose such a strong slave who can't even catch and tie up Adda to be tried at the Court of Woe by the Grim Reaper himself in the Amazon Temple.


    Elue speaks up for Haipo before Haipo's hot headed trait reveals itself. She relays to Abra that she herself asked Haipo to tell her of any suspicious activity when it happened and he went straight to her.

    Abra thinks about this. She says, "Elue, you are very wise for your years and a great Scholar already. I will harbor your words in my heart. In the meantime, Haipo, you must work from dawn until the next dawn to make up for your needless mistake. And Elue, I know your time is almost here to give birth. We will catch up with these betrayers in due time. They can't get far. They have the mark of my tribe on their backs and all will know they are in the wrong place and will be caught by another tribe, if nothing else."

    Elue bows. "Yes, Creator. This is wise."

    So Haipo works and works until he is dazed. He isgrateful he didn't have to suffer the House of Punishment that he had to erect as a warning to him.



    The House of Punishment



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    The Tribe Wahine waits for word about Adda and Hanale, but no one has seen them. Creator Abra thinks they are hiding in the Magic Wood but it is cursed and she does not want to defile herself. Abra needs to be patient, she knows. The right time would come. Evil doers always get caught. Adda who is the Gatherer (a person who tends the crops) was caught marrying a slave, Hanale! That is forbidden! The death pool is too good for them. Amazons are not allowed to marry men--only other amazons.

    Abra goes for a run to pass by the enchanted tree, just in case she might see one of them.


    Moons pass and Hoopono has grown up into a child. Abra's girls are so happy to be able to play with another tribal sister. Elue gives talks to her daughter about many things, including the importance of working on her creative skills. Elue would like Hoopono to take over as Scholar one day.


    The three girls bond well and become good friends. Bracha brags about the day she will become Creator. Buffy hides her indignant feelings in her heart. She believes she is stronger but knows it isn't wise to say so. Actions speak louder than bold words. She would bide her time, work on her strength and if the Maker allowed, she would become Creator heiress.


    With the fleeing of Adda and Hanale, Tribe Wahine is without a gatherer and a slave. Elue offers her sister, Ekewaka, as a candidate. Abra is impressed with Ekewaka and swears her in immediately.


    She puts her right to work.


    But it takes time for Ekewaka to get the hang of her new job.


    Abra is not pleased.


    Ekewaka is mad at herself for upsetting her creator. She will try harder and make her proud.

    A new slave, Bane, is being sworn in.


    He comes from the Tribe Hoku and tries to impress his Creator with all he's done for that tribe. She says, "Don't give me words, I seek actions. Impress me with your deeds, Bane, and you will do well here."

    Bane bows, a little embarrassed at his overzealous comments.


    The day of the twins birthday arrives and everyone is excited. As Abra knew in her heart, her daughters are gloriously beautiful and strong. Both are worthy to become heiress. But it isn't until their young adult birthday when this will be decided.


    This is Buffy Wahine:


    And Bracha Wahine:


    Bracha is lazy and won't do any work as she will be heiress one day. Elue is not impressed and tells her she isn't heiress yet and she has to obey her as well as her mother.


    Bracha also tells Haipo he must clean up her room for her and make special meals only for her. This makes Haipo angry as Bracha is still a teen and not allowed to order slaves of his stature around. Buffy is next to him and cannot believe the imperious words of her sister. She says nothing, worrying for Haipo as he is a hothead.


    Buffy warns Haipo not to let her sister's words anger him, but it is too late.


    Haipo runs to Abra to tell her of the mistreatment her daughter has born him.


    He yells, "Creator, it is your daughter, Bracha, who has ridiculed me for the last time. I have been a faithful slave. I do not deserve this treatment! Why do you spoil her so?"


    Abra holds up her finger. "You do not speak to your Creator this way. You are a slave and must learn your place. True, Bracha must treat you with the respect of the head slave, but you must kneel before me and ask for favor, not accuse me and attack."

    Haipo bows. "I'm sorry, Creator."


    "You will be punished." Abra leaves Haipo with sorrowful thoughts. Would she kill him as she's done the slaves before him?

    Abra consults Elue on how to proceed. Elue reminds Abra of the good things Haipo has done, including showing great love not only for her daughter, Hoopono, but he helped raise Bracha and Buffy. Elue says, "Haipo is a little feisty in his ways. Maybe the House of Punishment would serve to douse his fire."

    Abra agrees.

    Ekewaka and Abra take Haipo to the container.

    Ekewaka threatens Haipo that his penalty will be worse if he disrespects the Creator again. She would see to that herself.


    Haipo spent two days in the House of Punishment until he was worn down and embarrassed.


    Ashamed of himself, Haipo swears he'll never lose control again. He wishes to be a worthy slave who will live until elder--the most respected slave of the village. It is rare a slave lives this long.


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    MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    Buffy is gorgeous!! I hope she makes it as heiress - but I wonder how it will be decided...? Will there be a duel between the sisters? Oh the suspense! Can't wait to read more!
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    pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,262 Member
    Yes! They will fight! Whoever wins will be heiress, but many things can happen in the meantime! ;)
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    pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,262 Member
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    Abra is worried about her teenage daughters, Bracha and Buffy. She's witnessed Bracha's self important behavior and knows this isn't appropriate for a Creator heir. Buffy is sweet, but is she too soft? A queen of the Wahine tribe must be a fearsome warrior as well as a loving leader. The Creator decides to go to her most trusted tribal sister for advice--Elue.


    "I'm shocked by Bracha's behavior and Buffy doesn't act like a Creator heiress," Abra explains. "I'm getting too old to bear another child. What am I to do?"


    "I know of your difficulty, Creator, and I've given this much thought," Elue offers. "Teenagers are wild things and need to explore the world. Why not visit Hanalani Park? There is tribal music, dancing, much food and drink. Let them experience revelry before they must embark on the duties of becoming heiress. It might give a spark to Buffy and calm Bracha."


    Abra agrees, "You are wise, Elue. Thank you for your counsel. We'll go today!"


    When Abra tells her daughters of the plan, instantly, Buffy gives her mother a huge hug. "I'm so excited! What should I wear?"

    Abra laughs. "Go as you are. A Wahine heiress is always dressed beautifully."


    Buffy giggles and runs off to comb the snares in her long locks. She also puts on a new dress Elue had made for her.


    Bracha, too, is happy. Finally, she will be able to do something more suiting to her station. And maybe she will meet some friends!


    The girls squeal over their outfits and talk about the excitement to come.


    Hanalani is so beautiful!


    Buffy stops and stares, almost out of breath. Mother should not have waited until my sister and I were almost fully grown to allow us to see such sights! she thought.


    Thirsty, the girls travel to the bar to order banana chips and a drink. Both Bracha and Buffy meet a new friend!


    And while Buffy is making friends with a girl named Rosalie, Bracha's new friend, Maria, in the strange cap and even stranger clothing comes up to her.

    "Would you like a drink?" Maria says.

    Bracha can't believe this stranger is being so forward! "I'm a Creator heiress of the Wahine Tribe. We do not speak to strangers."


    "But I am from your mother's friend's tribe Pakala," Maria says, "I am not a stranger."

    Bracha rolls her eyes, ignoring her.


    Meanwhile, Rosalie and Buffy are making friends. Rosalie is a twin as well in her tribe Katzu, although she is not an heiress. Both love music, writing, and dancing.


    "Will you dance with Rosalie and I?" Buffy asks her twin.

    Bracha yawns. "I don't want to excite the underlings. I think I might try my hand at making drinks!"

    Buffy waves to her sister and skips to the dance floor with Rosalie, excitement rushing through her body.

    Unfortunately, Abra does not appreciate the display Rosalie and Buffy are making. This is not appropriate for a Creator heiress.


    "How dare you act this way here, Buffy." Abra points at her daughter. "We went over the rules before we arrived. Why do you, of all people disobey? I would believe it of your sister, Bracha, but you?"


    "Dear Mother," Buffy explains. "I"m just dancing!!"

    Suddenly, the sound of death and a scream shake the buildings.

    Bracha is making drinks when an elder drops to the floor. She has never seen an elder nor ever witnessed death.


    She then thinks of her mother. Bracha's birthday is only a few days away. But what of her mother? Will she become an elder soon and wither away and die? The thought breaks her heart!


    Fear grips Bracha's insides. She dashes to her mother to see if she is alright.


    Just seeing her mother puts a smile on her face and relief through her body. She relays what happened in the bar. She flings her hands to her face, overwhelmed by grief for the poor woman.


    Abra rubs her daughter's shoulders, quietly happy to see such empathy from her otherwise hardened daughter. Could she have what it takes to be a Wahine Creator? This is great news, although it is hard for Abra to see her daughter in pain. "Such is the way of life, Bracha," Abra says gently. "It is something you need to understand. It is why the Choosing ceremony will be so important. I'm not getting any younger."

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    AmazingamphyAmazingamphy Posts: 1,733 Member
    Face of the year. :p
    Gone from this place and never coming back. P5 is good
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    pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,262 Member
    Lol! when you pause a movie and the star has food in their open mouth! Hee! :p
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    BookHuntingBookHunting Posts: 33 Member
    ....🐸🐸🐸🐸 you caps lock XD Anyways this is great, please update soon, and Im definetly bookmarking this! :smiley: Are we ever going to find out what happened to Adda and Hanale?
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    pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,262 Member
    Yes! Next episode, in fact. Hoping to update Tuesday. Soooo happy you're enjoying! I've had fun playing this interesting culture!
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    BookHuntingBookHunting Posts: 33 Member
    Great! I have started mine too and I definitely agree, its loads of fun. I cant wait for tomorrow then!
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    Abra calms her daughter down and tells her they are leaving soon.

    On her way out, she meets a woman who she knew growing up. Her name is Kei from Tribe Pakala. Abra gives her a hearty hug.


    "I'm so surprised you're here, Kei!" Abra says with glee. "It is most special to see you!"

    Kei smiles. "I hoped to find you here, Abra. I'd heard you were taking your daughters to Hanalani and wanted to catch up and to give you a warning."


    Abra's eyes grow serious. "A warning. Kei, let's sit near the water so we can talk privately."

    "No, Abra, I'm thirsty," She lowers her voice, "I brought the Grim Reaper with me. This is urgent."


    Abra's stomach flinches. She hopes there isn't a coming war. Since the overthrow of Elue's mother, there has been unrest. " Abra grasps Kei's arm and led her to the bar. "This way, my old friend."

    At the bar, Kei and the Grim Reaper inform Abra there is word of her two runaways, Adda and Hanale.

    Grim chortles like his voice is made of gravel, "The two stupidly thought they could hide in the Magic Wood, but I could see them there. It's like a window to me. They had the mark of Tribe Wahine." Abra's hair stands up when Grim brushes a hand near her. Even though he is helping, she doesn't like having dealings with him.


    Taking a sip in thought, Abra asks, "So what are we to do? Travel into the Magic Wood? Aren't all who enter cursed?"

    Kei tries to calm her old friend. "You should not enter there. Grim will scare them out of the wood. You will be there to catch them as they arrive."


    Grabbing Abra's hand, Kei squeezes it. "Armed with magic from Grim."

    Abra glances behind her at the Grim Reaper. She shudders.


    Grim speaks, "Meet me at the Amazon Temple tonight and I will give you my plan to bring in these rebels." He rubs his bony hands together. "I would like to add their souls to my collection."

    Abra agrees.

    Once outside, Kei pulls Abra over to her. "Wait, dear friend."

    Abra turns around. "What's wrong, Kei?"

    Kei's face falls. "They say being in the Grim Reaper's presence at the temple will take many moons from your life." She hands Abra a potion. "I am Shaman in my tribe. Drink this and it will be as if you are immortal."


    "Immortal?" Abra laughs. "No Shaman can create such a potion."

    "True, dear friend," Kei answers, "but this potion will give you twenty years longer. Please! Drink."


    "But if I don't age, my daughters will never inherit. No. I cannot do this."

    "I will need a friend in my old age. You could help me in my tribe, leaving yours and your daughter will inherit."

    Abra consents, sipping the smooth mixture that tastes like honey mixed with tropical fruits. "Mmm..." Suddenly, her bones straighten and she feels invincible. Perfect for a tribe Creator.


    That night, Abra sends her daughters home while she dances with her best friend, taking her mind off the meeting with Grim later and the dark business ahead.

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    MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    Oooh! Nice idea getting Grim involved! What a plot twist - but it makes sense, since the tribe provides him with lots of young souls ;) I love how your story is taking shape, and the decor in your tribe is stunning!
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    pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,262 Member
    Thank you! I can't wait to get them to the temple! Next posting!
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    BookHuntingBookHunting Posts: 33 Member
    Awesome! I wonder what the death of the traitors will be like? Or maybe they wont get caught at all?
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    pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,262 Member
    We'll see! Hoping to update today...
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    BookHuntingBookHunting Posts: 33 Member
    Great! I cant wait!
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    Back home, Abra discusses the plan with Elue and her sister, Ekewaka. They are to meet the Grim Reaper at the Amazon Temple and discuss how to catch the traitors.

    "I do not ask you lightly, dear sisters," Abra warns. "For every hour spent with Grim at the temple means many moons off your life in payment."

    Both agree it will be worth the sacrifice. They do not want their creator to do this alone.


    Abra smiles and assures them she knows of a talented Shaman who has a gift of life potions. Abra will make sure both would receive one.


    The three hurry over to the temple in the shadow of the night. The Grim Reaper is waiting for them.


    Grim says, "Hurry, we must pay respect to the Maker first, then we'll discuss our plan."

    Abra shudders at being in the presence of Grim once again. She quickly nods and swiftly jogs up the temple steps.


    Once they arrive at the Pit of Doom, Abra hangs her head, knowing what would become of Adda and Hanale.


    Grim speaks first, "I see the traitors now, sleeping next to a pond in a field of magenta flowers and large trees. We could go now. I will use my booming voice to wake them and appear, commanding them out of the cursed forest."

    "Good plan," Abra agrees, "but I'm weary tonight. At sunrise, the traitors will know their fate. We meet then."

    "But how are we to capture them?" Ekewaka asks. "According to Elue, Hanale is a strong male. He will not go without a fight."

    Abra looks to Grim and he nods. "Grim will give me a potion to allow me to command them with my mouth. They will have to obey."

    Ekewaka draws in a breath with her hand over her mouth. "Enchantments. Isn't that bad luck?"

    Looking down, Abra sighs. It was a chance she was willing to take.


    After their meeting was done, Abra left praying to the Maker for safety. She would need help in the coming hours.


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    :open_mouth: It's getting so tense! I have to admit though, I kinda want Adda and Hanale to escape :grin:
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