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TS4 Outdoor Retreat

Hi everyone!

I'm very excited for the new EP coming this month! But I have a few questions!

-Will there be a disc / box or is it digital?
-Is there a new town / career added in the new EP?
-When is it going to release? (And don't say 'this month', because I already know that)

I hope I get the answers to the questions. Let me know if you are excited too!



  • Jlm0072012Jlm0072012 Posts: 159 Member
    edited January 2015
    The vacation town is Granite Falls and I believe we get a new life aspiration, it comes out next week. I believe someone said the 16th!:)

    I'm really excited about it:) I'm going to do a give away on my YouTube so hopefully everyone is excited for this expansion pack as well:):)
  • stilljustme2stilljustme2 Posts: 24,883 Member
    edited January 2015
    It's digital only -- no guarantee it'll come out on disk ever.

    There's a new town but it's a "destination" town, Granite Falls; your Sims can visit and stay there but can't move there permanently.

    No new career but there's a new aspiration, which revolves around outdoor activities like fishing and collecting insects and herbs. There's also supposedly a new Herbology skill but not sure what that entails. I'm interested to see if Sims will be able to plant the herbs they collect in their home gardens -- would expand things for my gardener Sims.

    It's releasing this coming week -- don't have a specific date but I'd assume Thursday or Friday. We're getting a full trailer early in the week as well, and supposedly a patch that should squish some of the bugs that crept up after the December patch; I haven't had any major issues other than Sims not being able to order drinks at the community bars and some of the Gallery builds losing their lot designations, but some people have had issues with save files being corrupted so they can't open their existing saves and others have had problems with traveling.

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