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World that looks good with seasons?

I just bought seasons last night and I was think about what world would it look best in.

What world do you like best with seasons?


  • CorininiCorinini Posts: 134 Member
    For non-store world Moonlight Falls is nice. The spooky theme works great with the fall.

    For store worlds, Monte Vista is just gorgeous in the fall/winter. But it's a bit small so you may have trouble fitting in extra expansion/store stuff.
  • ScarlettFireflyScarlettFirefly Posts: 74 Member
    I have a few worlds to suggest but first, are you looking for Custom worlds or in game worlds..?
  • LeelooLeeloo Posts: 130 Member
    I agree, Moonlight Falls looks great with Seasons. I also recommend Aurora Skies, a store world.
  • ScarlettLuffsUScarlettLuffsU Posts: 204 Member
    Ah! Moonlight Falls looks AMAZING. And just my opinion Bridgeport looks kind of magical with the snow everywhere in the winter. Also, there is another world that was created in CAW called Fairhaven and it's absolutely gorgeous throughout the seasons. Aurora Skies is also a very pretty world. c: But it's all up to you to decide which world you think looks best.
  • monday_34monday_34 Posts: 211 Member
    edited December 2014
    Definitely Hidden Springs! It's great for cabin building, fall and winter activities, but it's green enough for spring and summer and you can go swimming and fishing. If you have Island Paradise installed it can be really fun to run a resort there and have it be cabin and/or hot-springs themed.
  • yoshi_dragur2012yoshi_dragur2012 Posts: 1,670 Member
    EA worlds

    Shang Simla (WA EP), SimsKeys Paris & Hidden Springs - Spring
    Al Simhara (WA EP)/Sunlit Tides/Lucky Palms - Summer
    Apaloosa Plains/Twinbrooks/Monte Vista - Autumn
    Bridgeport & Aurora Falls - Winter

    Custom Worlds

    Big Bear - Spring
    Coaster Boi's Los Angeios/Jasumi's Ohau - Summer
    Nekkocat's Venice Lagoon World - Fall (good for Spring - Summer as well)
    Rflong's Winter Wonderland - Winter. Comes pre-made with snow and winter foiliage. So the winter season is a huge bonus!
  • DART104DART104 Posts: 414 Member
    I suggest: Sunlit Tides for summer, Apaloosa Plains for winter, and Roaring Heights for all seasons.
  • DCPuppyGirlDCPuppyGirl Posts: 1,318 Member
    Monte Vista is also good.
    Here are some Fall/winter pics
    8278450701_be5ea2e023_c.jpgScreenshot-109 by 1dcpuppy, on Flickr
    8278450937_5544deee73_c.jpgScreenshot-110 by 1dcpuppy, on Flickr
    8279508176_b48f790c39_c.jpg8279508384_fa535d4bc7_c.jpgScreenshot-115 by 1dcpuppy, on FlickrScreenshot-114 by 1dcpuppy, on Flickr
  • ScrapdashScrapdash Posts: 1,232 Member
    Hidden Springs is probably the best store world for seasons, it looks gorgeous in all the weathers but especially with snow. I think it looks like an Alpine world in winter.
    If I ever get round to Aurora Skies again I think I'd set it to winter only.
    Sunset Valley, Riverview and Dragon Valley are also great for playing all the seasons.
    I love Lucky Palms the most of all the store worlds, but find it's more suitable just for the summer months, possibly with spring. Sunlit Tides would also be a summer world.
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