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News from my Burg

This week has seen a lot of comings and goings. Several children were adopted into local homes, but recently the adoption agency decided to broaden their horizons, and took the remaining school-aged children off to try their luck in other towns. Newborns are still available locally.

(Translation: I kept the 3 mom/baby sets but deleted all the other foster kids and most moms in my bin. Opened up about 10 spots, I think. Then.)

Willow Creek has developed into a very family-oriented town, with an Asylum added just to keep things interesting.

The Asylum residents seem to be mostly harmless. And some of them are very high-functioning. Generally, they seem to like the park, even though they live in a very nice group home.

More from Willow Creek later, following a visit through the town. Break time now for me, after finishing Oasis Springs, so let's call this Update part 1. Mostly core families, I won't bore you with all 24 households.

The Landgraabs, of course, pretty much own Oasis Springs. They weren't exactly planning to expand their family, but when the call to adopt came to all homes who would/could, of course they, being pillars of the community, had to open their home to one of the children. Evelyn, art lover. She's fitting in nicely, even puts up with big brother Malcolm's attitude.

Geoffrey is a Secret Agent, Nancy is a Criminal, and Malcolm is in Retail.

(Aging off, I've grown a few teens, mainly. All originals are on the map somewhere, just possibly not where they began, or with whom.)

Behind the Landgraabs is a Senior Citizen group home (Rio Verde tweaked). Nancy's pet project. (Led to a rant earlier by yours truly in General.)

Lydia Spencer (Dennis Kim's ex from "lore", Alice's mom... I rolled her and fixed family relationships at the beginning of the game) started out with the rest of the family, but when she met elder Cliff Carlin (coolest name EVER) and *really* liked him, I moved the 2 of them into the Senior Center. The others came along later.

It's been interesting watching the six seniors in the house... some of them really like each other, and some of them... don't. At all. There are 3 men and 3 women (and one child, I'll explain...), and one guy HATES the other two. I wonder if it's King of the Hill stuff and he wants to be the only male around? I'll be keeping an eye on them.

About the child, yeah, there was one more adoptee I wanted to save before I dropped the rest. And Lydia has the Big Happy Family aspiration, so, I had her adopt Macy with the "neat" trait. Cute little black girl. I have in mind aging her up to teen so she can kind of "babysit" the elders... and inherit the huge nice house if I ever either turn on aging or get a wild hair and delete the bunch. But first, she's going to spend some time as a kid so some of the adults/elders can read to her for that aspiration task.

One funny thing about her, since she's Lydia's adopted daughter, of course, she's Alice's half-sister (I haven't looked at the Lewises today) and Olivia's (and adopted Ike's) aunt. She met Olivia after she got home from school (I had Nancy there). Got them all talking... checked Macy later, and found the Niece flag, cool... and that she Does Not Like Olivia, at all! LOL I wonder why?

BFFs and Roomies are spread out, stories for another time. Several bin families/groups/couples living in Oasis Springs. Love is in the air, and in my bin.

Johnny Zest can't seem to settle down. (Fixed at game start to be related to Landgraabs per his bio). He's on better terms with his family now, but still living elsewhere. He's tried a couple of different arrangements that didn't work out, and he's currently rooming with Maverick Baron (town originating "punk guy" sim) and a couple of other townies in a nice place with a pool.

(One thing that didn't work out was I couldn't see wasting a 40x30 lot on a single sim living in a trailer. So out he went. Haha!)

As for the Calientes, they've been kind of low-key so far. Although Don just started work as a Secret Agent, so who knows where that will lead?

Katrina was another who adopted one of the children, a boy she named Carlo. She and Don are getting more serious about each other... well... she is, anyway. He's also got his eye on Nancy Landgraab, and Nancy hasn't exactly said "no" to his flirting.

Nancy and Katrina don't like each other. I expect drama in the near future. They're both at the gym quite often.

Katrina is still an Entertainer and Dina is still a Mixologist. Nina, being lazy, decided to give Writing a try. Trashy romance novels, maybe?

Time to go see what's up in Willow Creek today... more later!


  • egwarhammeregwarhammer Posts: 5,752 Member

    Here's a picture of Lydia Spencer, Vivian Lewis, Alice Lewis (I ditched the hyphenated stuff when I added Lydia to the family, too.) and Macy Spencer that Lydia just adopted.

    Macy needs to meet her new adoptive family members, so she and Lydia are visiting the Kim-Lewis household.

    I've decided that with the Landgraabs running Oasis Springs, that for Willow Creek, it will be the Lewis clan, not the Goths, calling the shots. Well, not really. My Hastur family will be the power behind the throne eventually, but the hood is still in early days.

    As it now stands, with the Lewis family having 3 generations starting with elder, that's enough for me to declare them the town's first family, So whatever Vivian wants, Vivian gets.

    I work 2nd shift today, so I've been doing a quick play thru... found out my population of 140 is fairly evenly divided among my 2 towns and bin, I can live with that.

    Gratuitous plug time: Loving the reduced-townie generation mod, and by far the most useful 2 I have are the one to start lots paused and the one to make the progress circle darker. If you're at all into mods, I highly recommend these 3 from Mod the Sims.

    More from Willow Creek when I have it to share.

    Happy Sunday!
  • egwarhammeregwarhammer Posts: 5,752 Member
    I'm talking to myself here... and I'm actually okay with that!

    I just went thru my hoods again (new copy of the game I've been playing) and slimmed my population down fairly dramatically. From 140 down to 115.

    I decided I didn't care if some of them were service people, the game will make more. I haven't turned it loose yet since I got down to 115 to see how bad of a stroke it's going to have trying to ramp that number back up.

    I have not yet come up with a story to cover the disappearance of 25 random people (all townies)... but since this is a new game technically, let's just say they were never here to begin with.

    I love creative license!

  • ScarlettFireflyScarlettFirefly Posts: 74 Member
    This is awesome. :D
  • egwarhammeregwarhammer Posts: 5,752 Member
    A fair bit of Willow Creek is Insane. And they aren't staying confined to Oakenstead Asylum (or the new Oak Annex behind it), I have one couple of lovebirds living together next door to the Kim-Lewises, and the woman adopted an Insane little boy, also. They're actually one of my favorite households to play, Alondra, Jeffrey and kid Shaun.

    But this morning I've been visiting Oak Annex and Oakenstead. Sean (loner) and Kaylynn's relationship took a turn for the worse, so I decided to separate them. And a new insane guy came to town and fell for a townie. So I moved Sean, new guy Brice and his girlfriend who isn't insane into Oak Annex behind Oakenstead. I'd been wondering what would make a good neighbor for an asylum... turns out it's another asylum! I find that hilarious.


    A shot from Oakenstead, all 7 current residents.

    And I have a soft spot for elders... several living in a nice home together in Oasis Springs, and this guy who is an Oakenstead resident... Guadalupe, he's talking to Yusun: Both insane, he also hates kids. And she's a deviant. They should have fun together, I think. They just became romantically involved. I think she's really cute... arm candy for the crazy old guy? haha!


    I seem to be having better luck pairing off my insane sims than my regular ones! Tessa and Charles are my next project, but I wanted to see how G and Y do together even more.

    Photobucket is being bratty this morning. I may try to post more pictures later. I think I'll go play and take some. B)
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