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what is uni life like?

I've heard a heck of a ton of stuff about this pack so.. what's it like playing it? How do you get into a frat/sorority? Cliques? New traits, do you live on campus?

Questions and questions, but the main thing is - what is university life like in Sims?

Ehehe. So many question marks, sorry.


  • choran929choran929 Posts: 214 Member
    I assume that you have the Sims 2 University since you asked about joining Sororities/Frats. The Sims 3 University is easy different. You don't have to do anything to join them, you can just select to "move in" the house upon arrival. They can also "rent" houses of their own to stay in or live in the dorm. Sims no longer need to write term papers or do homework to keep their grades up. They do, however, need to attend class and study. There are three traits "Nerd, Rebel, and Jock".
    Your sim can gain the "Nerd Trait" by playing computer and video games, by interacting with the Science gadgets, or reading comic books. Your sim can earn the "Rebel trait" by performing street art and by dumpster diving. You earn the Jock trait by playing "juice pong" "fooseball" and "doing keg stands." Your sim also will need to cook meals since there is no cook in the dorms. So, you have to go to the grocery store. There is also a diner, a comic book store, a movie theatre, and several hangouts. I hope this helps!
  • CassandraNightCassandraNight Posts: 60 New Member
    Well, it might make a lot of sense if you say Nerd, Rebel, and Jock Social Groups, because they're not actually traits; if you let your influence fall then your stance with them will, as well, all the way until you land yourself as Unaffiliated and have to start back over (or not). Furthermore, once I think you reach about Level 6 of a group you can choose a sixth trait to get, and that trait doesn't disappear regardless of whether or not you're considered a Jock or a Rebel or whatever.

    You can also be in all three of the groups, or two, or just one. I've found that this is annoying because sometimes you want your Nerd to go play table tennis with somebody, and it's not that you want them to increase their Jock influence--you just want them to play table tennis. It's kind of hard staying unaffiliated, which is always what I eventually want to do: I build my Sims up in the groups when they're teenagers and during University, but after that I just want it to wind down.

    You can actually have several new traits. Let's say you go through all of the social groups, and you already had five traits to start with; well, now you have eight. Then if you graduate university you get another trait. It's possible that you can only get one trait from graduating, I don't know; I never take my Sims back to university after they get their degree. But if you get a trait every time you get a degree, then that's . . . what, thirteen traits, assuming you have the five starter traits and three new traits from the social groups?

    There are also new traits to choose from thanks to University Life. I don't know all of them, but they include Avant Garde, Irresistable, and Socially Awkward. There are new lifetime wishes, like getting three degrees (or something like that) and reaching max influence in all of the social groups.

    You have to live on campus--no choice. As nice as it would be, you can't just send your Sims off to Uni while you play around at home. You're going with them. The good news is that you can choose how you long you stay (between one or two terms, which is one or two weeks), and not only that, but everything in the home world stays frozen while you're gone. If Grandpa's on the commode when you leave, he's on the commode when you get back.

    You can't finish your degree in one or two weeks, either, unless *maybe* you have every possible skill there is to have, but then you have to max out the credits you get and your Sim won't have any free time Mondays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. If you play your cards right, however, you can go to Uni for four weeks in total and have their degree finished.

    All in all, I enjoy University Life. I'd suggest getting it! :)
  • ScarlettFireflyScarlettFirefly Posts: 74 Member
    University Life is great. Definitely get it.
  • GREENEYAGREENEYA Posts: 7,796 Member
    It is a great expansion. I love Plantsims and new plants for gardening.
  • ChimarkChimark Posts: 2,166 Member
    I found it to be fun. The thing that took me awhile to get was that your Sims have to have fun. I was making them study too much and it doesn't matter how hard your Sim studies, if he's not having fun, he'll get stressed and fail the tests.

    The things you get are wonderful too, even if you never send your Sim to University. You get a fold out bed, which can kill you, (it's never happened to me) and you also can shake/slam a pop/candy machine which can also kill you. It killed my Sim before I found out. He was always shaking the machine to get free pop. (Well I made him do it :))

    There's a lot of other content too. I love the mini fridge and put the coffee/snack bar in a lot of my other towns.

    The only annoying thing is the roommates never pick up after themselves or bathe. Every one constantly seems to stink. You can hire a maid to clean up, but that costs YOU money. Or you can just put Bonehilda in, if you have Supernatural EP and she'll do it fine.

    On the flip side, you can sell everything in the dorm and keep the money. Way to exploit the game. LOL
  • jaynnickjaynnick Posts: 150 Member
    The only main problem I have with it is that if you leave your Sims alone for even a minute, they will get their phones out and start browsing the web and watching videos, which seriously gets in the way if you're trying to make a story or do a challenge that would take place in a time before smartphones.
  • FloridaSimmerFloridaSimmer Posts: 358 Member
    I would recommend it to all realistic type players! This adds a big part if you like families!! You basically go to university. Groups are made regular, just ask a sim to join your group. There is three social groups; Rebels, Jocks, and Nerds. I personally think Nerds are the best as they can help you when you leave University the most.
    Origin: Floridasimmer


  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 5,622 Member
    On extra traits for degrees or maxing social influence, you can only ever have seven traits total. You get one from maxing any social group. If you max another, you will have an option to change that trait, but will not open up another slot. The same for completing a degree - you get a free trait slot. Completing another degree allows you to change out the trait in that slot if you choose to.

    Fraternity or Sorority is just a housing option for same-sex roommates. Mixed-gender group housing is in dorms, or one can rent a house off-campus either alone or with roommates to defray the cost. I find it advantageous to live close to campus rather that off on the back roads of town - even living nearby, it can be hard to get morning needs met before class.

    You will be invited to parties almost every day, especially with an Attractive, Charismatic or well-skilled Sim. I only ever go on Fridays and Saturdays when my academic performance can't be hurt. Starting Sunday mornings, and continuing through Friday exams, your academic performance is either rising or falling. Getting it maxed gives the moodlet "Dean's List" and a +20 mood enhancement as long as you keep it there. If you have that moodlet at the end of Friday's exam, you keep it for all of Saturday as well.

    Academic performance can oddly be more difficult for Sims played from childhood with Generations, as once you master a skill, you no longer gain academic standing from improving it. I have a Sim in University now who had maxed out Painting before he finished high school, so I sent him for a Communications degree instead. In his first term, however, he has already gotten Writing up to 9. If I master Writing, that leaves only Photography as a skill to improve for academic standing. So it helps to have room to improve!
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