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Alien babies

I am trying to get an alien baby I got the alien to move in and they're dating but there's no romantic selection no more how do I try to make an alien baby?


  • KinsethKinseth Posts: 73 New Member
    First of all, are the two Sims the same sex? Because that won't work regardless.
  • ScarlettFireflyScarlettFirefly Posts: 74 Member
    Yes. Make them flirt with each other and make the female or male sim ask the alien to stay the night and maybe use a few cheats to make their relationship improve a lot quicker. Alien babies are so fun to play, trust me.
  • simgirl4lyfesimgirl4lyfe Posts: 18 New Member
    Yes they are! I had my sim marry a female alien and they ended up with 6 kids! Talk about a lot of babies in small spaces :/
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