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  • Joey2eyeballJoey2eyeball Posts: 1,792 Member
    Just saw this, here's some proof of expansion packs coming to The Sims 4.
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  • Jlm0072012Jlm0072012 Posts: 159 Member
  • SpradaciSprojSpradaciSproj Posts: 1,272 Member
    Vacations/WA were my favorites.
  • rudy8292rudy8292 Posts: 3,266 Member
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    Yeah i wasnt a huge fan of the supernatural stuff. i like my sims game to feel as realistic as possible. Oh and seasons would be awesome in this game... I dont find the loading screens as long in ts4 as they were in ts3, Is that just me?

    The loading screens are short for now, that will change tho. I do hope they dont get too long tho.

    It honestly depends on your computer.

    My loading screen right now for the Sims 4 is 3 seconds.

    My loading screen for the Sims 3 (with all expansions, four stuff packs, and a lot of store content), it is only around 1 minute. Bridgeport, on the other hand, only takes 5 minutes. XD


    EDIT: Anyway, I would want Pets, Seasons, and Justine Keaton-themed expansion. ;)

    Wow. What are your computer specs? :O

    I think I have a pretty above average PC, and my loadingscreens aren't 3 seconds, but rather 10-12.
  • ShearsyShearsy Posts: 727 Member
    Open for Business! Seasons! Island Paradise! Pets! Oh my god, I want them all. :(

    Omg Sims 2 Nightlife... I loved the restaurants. I hope they bring this back but nothing like the Sims 3 version, I want waiters and chefs. *hint hint hint*
  • rudy8292rudy8292 Posts: 3,266 Member
    I wonder when they are going to announce the first EP.. I already expected it tbh.

    I hope Generations or Open For Business will be the first (even though I fear that it's going to be something like ''Nightlife'', and I was not really a fan of TS3 Nightlife, so meh.)

    Seasons/Pets/Superstar are a few I would like to see too.
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