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Sim Crossing Legacy Challenge

[Also posted on MTS.]

There was just something missing with the original challenge, so I've altered it some to have an Animal Crossing feel. (Note: You certainly do not have to have played any of the Animal Crossing games to play this.)

The goal of the challenge is to fill your empty museum with every collectible there is to find (not including plants), make friends with your neighbors, and upgrade your house into a mansion (house worth at least 100,000).

This can be played as a legacy or with a single sim.

Your sim has just left home, off to start their new life as a young adult, out in the real world. Their friends were telling them about this great town, but once your sim arrives they find that it's almost empty. There aren't any neighbors anywhere! It's a nice enough place, but where is everyone?

After speaking with the mayor, your sim learns that recently, all of the sims have moved away from the small town and to the city. They still come back to visit and there are sims passing through, but none of them are staying. He asks you to help him rebuild the town. In exchange, he gives you a small house to live in. Before rushing off, he also mentions something about an empty museum.

1. Your sims are not allowed to get jobs. All money has to be made by selling paintings, fruits and flowers, writing books, selling duplicate collectibles, basically anything that isn't an actual career.
2. Make sure Fill Empty Homes is turned OFF.
3. Married sims or moved in sims are NOT allowed to bring in any money.
4. Sims may only move in ONE friend/spouse. If they move in a friend and then later marry another sim, that friend has to move out. You may only have two adults max at a time.
5. Only one sim per generation is allowed to collect. Other sims in that generation may help around the house, but are not allowed to collect anything.
5. Sims can have as many children as they want, but only one is allowed to be the heir. The player can choose who the heir will be and all other children are not allowed to contribute in any way. Once they become young adults, they must be moved out. (If you're playing single generation, no children are allowed to collect or contribute.)
6. You can only have 10 neighbors. Once the tenth neighbor is moved in, your sim may not befriend any new sims for the purpose of moving them into a house without moving another sim out first. (Families count as single neighbors.)
7. You will need to build a new museum, or download the one I have made, to have room for everything. You should be able to find mine in the gallery, called Sim Crossing Museum. (I have not tested to make sure everything fits, so some minor adjusted may need to be made.)

• Make a single sim. They can have any aspiration and traits you want, or you can random roll to make things more interesting.
• Move your sim to any empty lot and give them a 5 x 5 square room with a door, two windows, basic wall covering, cheap carpet, siding, a roof, and nothing else.
• Cheat away ALL remaining simoleons.
• Start collecting! The only way to make money to expand and furnish your home is to find and sell collectibles. You can sell any collectibles you want, just remember to put some in the museum, too.
• Make friends! To move sims into neighboring houses, you must become friends with them first.

• Bulldoze all residential lots and build/import new houses when a new sim moves in.

• Frogs: 25
• Fish: 22
• Crystals: 20
• Metals: 20
• Elements: 15
• Postcards: 14
• Fossils: 16
• Microscope Prints: 12
• Space Prints: 15
• Aliens: 10
• Space Rocks: 5
• MySim Trophies: 20
• Masterpieces: at least 10
• Optional - Plaques: 12 (not counting gardening plaque)

And that's it! It's pretty simple and I'm still on my first generation, so I don't actually know how it will play out. There's probably room for improvement and I encourage anyone to make suggestions to better this challenge. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Also, feel free to post pictures and share your progress in this thread. :D I will be recording my legacy (and other legacies) on my simblr: strawberryhousesims


  • JustALimeJustALime Posts: 5 New Member
    Is anyone giving this a try?

    I'll have pics of my first generation posted on my simblr soon.
  • evetfootwearevetfootwear Posts: 124 Member
    Sounds very interesting, I might just have to have a go! :)
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  • dmama1314dmama1314 Posts: 261 Member
    Do you put the museum on the home lot or another? And if it is another how do you put your collectibles there? Just drag them out of your inventory? I haven't played the game much so just wondering!

    Is there a certain point when our sim can marry a spouse and have kids or we can do that at anytime?

    So the spare children cannot collect or sell paintings or anything?

    This sounds great! Just wanted to clarify some things for me!
  • JustALimeJustALime Posts: 5 New Member
    The museum is a community lot. With so many collectibles, it wouldn't really fit on a home lot unless you picked one of the biggest lots and then the bills would be HUGE.

    And you're right, you just drag and drop out of your sim's inventory to fill the museum. :)

    Sims can marry and have kids at any point.

    And correct, the spares can't do anything to contribute monetarily, but they can still help out around the house and work on their own aspirations. If some of those aspirations happen to earn them a little money (such as wanting to sell paintings) then that's fine, but they will have to move out once they reach young adult. How you want to decide the next heir is up to you.

    Thank you for your questions! :D I hope you enjoy this challenge.
  • dmama1314dmama1314 Posts: 261 Member
    Thanks for answering all of my questions! Finishing a Sims 3 Apocalypse Tournament and the Room challenge for TS4. But definitely looking for ones to do next!
  • Galaxysims04Galaxysims04 Posts: 1 New Member
    Finally a challenge that combines all the things i love sims and animal crossing thank you
  • thegatorfan14thegatorfan14 Posts: 4 New Member
    edited March 2015
    Im gonna try but change it up a bit. It is really cool though :) :D
  • rosiep2010rosiep2010 Posts: 247 Member
    I'm really exited to try this!

  • ashangel273ashangel273 Posts: 6 New Member
    i cant find the museum in the gallery and im bad at making museums
  • loverofsims1231loverofsims1231 Posts: 4 New Member
    this is a really old challenge but I might give it a go but its sort of idk like not my type but good job (:

  • summer_berrysummer_berry Posts: 105 Member
    I just found this challenge but I'm so excited to start it! I'll definitely update as I go through it. Has anyone completed this challenge?
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  • shakerellashakerella Posts: 298 Member
    I started this challenge not long ago. My sim just aged up to adult. I don't understand the no neighbors thing but went with it. Also could not find the museum in the gallery, so I downloaded one and have been filling it. It might be good to edit the "collections needed" to go along with the updates. Luckily, we have an in-game check system. Hope I can stick with this challenge.

    Started with a 5x5 home and then zeroed out all simoleons. Now I have necessary furniture and even a green house!

    A few items in the museum
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  • summer_berrysummer_berry Posts: 105 Member
    @shakerella Your house and greenhouse are so cute! And you're already doing so well with the collections! I agree with you that the in-game check is extremely helpful. OP hasn't been active on the forums for a few years so that's why it hasn't been updated. I can't wait to see when you collect everything and for more updates :) I have been neglecting my Sim Crossing save, I have some catching up to do!
    "We make our own future." - Dean Winchester, Supernatural
  • shakerellashakerella Posts: 298 Member
    @summer_berry I have been going at it hard! My person is just turned into an elder. I didn't come back to this page to see if she could drink youth potion. She will leave her daughter a nice estate and collection! Elements are done!

    Hope you do catch up!
    My Current Challenge: Drifter House Challenge
  • _Icecreambear_Icecreambear Posts: 1 New Member
    i just got one of those 'prankcalls' where if you ask about the conditions, you get 2500 simoleons, i'm not sure if it's against the rules to use that money?
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