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Victorian Village - Regular Park + Building Shell versions now available!

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EDIT - New! Jan 20, 2015
Optional regular PARK and building SHELL versions now available to accommodate different needs.

SHELL version has the buildings and exterior landscaping. Church is furnished so sims can get married. Smallest file - good enough for story telling and outdoor photos.
PARK version has fully furnished buildings
Original FESTIVAL version is full blown to include rotating season décor and activities.

Visit my studio for all versions...

Hi everyone, it's been quite a while since I had the time to create and was browsing through my computer when I saw photos from my Christmas village. That stirred my inspiration to create a new community lot based on actual pieces - took creative liberty with both the insides and outsides however :)

I thought it would be fun incorporating the gondola set from Amore. This version is a working Festival lot with seasonal décor and activities. I'm so excited for Christmas, lol :-)

EDIT Oct 21, 2019
Since Photobucket blocked my pics on this thread, I've added a link to my album on Imgur

EDIT Dec 23, 2014
Yippie, finally completed this lot. Hope you like it. Please see pictures throughout the thread...
PAGE 3 - Church interior including organ
PAGE 3 - Bakery and Tea room.
PAGE 4 - Arabella's Millinery
PAGE 4 - Joseph Edwards Pub
PAGE 4 - Abington Restaurant
PAGE 4 - Devonshire Mill Flower Shop
PAGE 4 - Tipley General Store
PAGE 4 - Village Church
PAGE 4 - Artist's Hangout
PAGE 4 - Royal Stock Exchange Art Gallery
PAGE 4 - exterior seasonal photos

Download lot... thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=8527912

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