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Some questions about Emotions

Hey Simmers
I want to make my sim a house (or get an empty one from the gallery at least) with enough room for my male sim to make a family and with rooms for each emotion so I have some questions...

1. How many emotions are there that I'd need rooms for? (emotions that have objects for them wether they be brought from the in game catalogue or can be made by sims such as painting etc or them funky lamps that we got as rewards for owning TS3 games) and can you list them for me as I don't think I've ever achieved all emotions
2. are there any emotions that can't be achieved via objects with emotional auras?
3. does anyone know what objects let off which emotions? as I've not played around too much with this yet
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  • ebuchalaebuchala Posts: 4,945 Member
    I'm too lazy to do a lot of in-depth looking for you but I believe there are 15 emotions total, at the moment. The lamps only have auras for inspired, confident, romantic, focused and playful. I believe paintings have the same auras but add in anger. Not sure about embarrassed and if there's an object that has that aura. Most of the reward objects you get from completing aspirations and getting promotions at work have some kind of aura attached--usually one of the positive ones similar to the lamps. Some collectibles have auras (namely the MySims statues are all playful, and some of the crystals you find have auras attached). Hope that helps. If no one else has anything to add, you could always google it--there are several sites with most of this info posted.
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  • nualla8673nualla8673 Posts: 397 Member
    edited October 2014
    Some emotions are negative and cannot be achieved via objects, such as embarassed, sad, tense ... those emotions are caused by negative events in a sim's life. Other emotions that can be achieved via objects are inspired, focused, confident, playful, energized and flirty. You can get these from the TV, computer, shower, career rewards, event rewards (such as dates and parties), in-game objects.

    edit: Painters can paint sad paintings that give off the sad emotion when viewed.
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  • ebuchalaebuchala Posts: 4,945 Member
    Oh, I forgot about the TV channels giving off some auras, as well.
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    I'm not a psychopath. I'm a high-functioning psychopath. Reaper
  • JoxerTM22JoxerTM22 Posts: 5,323 Member
    edited October 2014
    Short questions that need a thorough guide.
    Question #3 is impossible to answer, for what I know noone made a list of all objects that emit emotion auras or induce emotion moodlet upon use.

    My suggestion is to play the game, join different careers, all rewards you'll unlock are emotion decor.
    Getting medals on social events (dates, parties) earn you some more emotion decor.
    Emotion decor can also be made with gardening, painting and woodworking.

    There is no real use of keeping emotion decor with low strength. You don't need to keep a "barrel" with strength 2 if you have "old founder" statue with strength 9.
    From decor you can get +1, +2 or +3 moodlet, combining two buymode items with strength 9 gives +3, or combining 6 strength 9 (for example angry masterpieces) crafted by your sim. The actual formula for aura emotion moodlets is not known, but it's not pure adding of strength values as Carl's guide suggests.
  • cornishovencornishoven Posts: 163 Member
    If you want to skip the research, there's a lot on the gallery called 'Emotional Home', each room in the house is dedicated to a different emotion.
  • Vicks06Vicks06 Posts: 728 Member
    Thanks for all the info so far guys, when I have a little more time as I have to leave for uni soon I will edit my first post to include all info you guys have given and anything I can sort out myself on this subject - interesting that no one has compiled a list of objects that give emotions...I may try to do this as I play and discover
    - thanks all
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