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Carl's Emotions System Mechanics Guide

I've just published a Guide to Emotions on my site that should be helpful to players who want to understand this system and use it to boost Skill/Career Performance. It's got info on how things work, a full list of emotions with simple ways of getting very inspired, happy, confident, etc, and how to use the Memory System to get on-demand Emotional Moodlets. Memories aren't useless to players like me, after all!

I included individual pages on the positive emotions so that when the comments system is installed, players will be able to post extra info on how to get these. This should help as the inevitable Expansions and Store Content will add new ways to trigger Emotional Moodlets.

This was very much a community effort, as players submitted many ways that they got Moodlets in one long thread on our site, which was compiled by a member (justproud2b, thanks!) and organized.

I will one day expand this section, but wanted to get something out there to help players as soon as I could. After playing with enough skills and careers, I felt I understood things enough to pull this off, so here it is!

Any comments/suggestions are welcomed.




  • JoxerTM22JoxerTM22 Posts: 5,323 Member
  • claritysfclaritysf Posts: 384 Member
    This is awesome! I love your guides. I've been a fan of your website for a long time. Thank you :)
  • katoregamakatoregama Posts: 1,129 Member
    The Carl's Guide is my hero. Ever since I first discovered it, I use it as my go-to place for sims information and tips. Thank you for all you do.
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  • chidoriaidachidoriaida Posts: 282 Member
    Thank you Carl! I love visiting your website.
  • 00Nur00Nur Posts: 84 Member
    Indeed, VERY helpful compilation of information! Thanks much!
  • litabelaqualitabelaqua Posts: 4,322 Member
    Great work Carl! you are the best.
  • DerekJohnsonDerekJohnson Posts: 4,220 Member
    Thank you.
  • MrGodardMrGodard Posts: 713 Member
    Wow, it's incredibly detailed, thanks so much! That'll be my homework for tonight :)
  • JoxerTM22JoxerTM22 Posts: 5,323 Member
    edited October 2014
    It's not as detailed as I would want...
    And it's not correct completely. This part is wrong:
    Just having 1 item in the room with an Aura enabled will give you a +1 Moodlet. The total amount of +Emotion from items needed to reach +2 is about 10. The total amount needed to reach +3 from Decor is about 50. It is possible there is a +4, but it would take a ridiculous number of items to reach this threshold and I've never done it.
    I've written it already elsewhere, hopefully Carl will return and see it here, test it himself and edit.

    One item with aura will give you one moodlet. But it's not the same for all emotions.

    I'll take playful as an example.

    Depending on strength you receive playful moodlet:
    emotion decor 2-5 = moodlet +1
    emotion decor 6-9 = moodlet +2
    emotion decor 10 = moodlet +3 (it doesn't exist, but I bet it works exactly as environment bonus on paintings)

    I don't know the actual ingame formula on how to get moodlet +3 with low value emotion decor, but I know that in order to get it with above average emotion decor you need to have in the room:
    - two decor 9 items or
    - three decor 8 items or
    - five decor 7 items or
    - seven decor 6 items... didn't bother to find out for lower values items but it's some huge numbers for sure. Those items I sold as I need room space for other things, what use would someone have from a room that's filled with endless amount of emotion decor 2 copies?

    Anyhow, the formula to get +3 is not adding decor values! It's doing something else and I don't know what.
    There is no moodlet +4 or to get one you need abnormal number of emotion decor highest value items in a room.

    Finally, I don't know (didn't test all) values on stuff like emotion painting auras.
    I said above, it's different numbers for different moodlets.
    So you make a masterpiece angry painting. Emotion decor 9.
    Aura from it gives you +2 angry as expected.
    But to get very angry +3 moodlet you need 6 (six!) angry masterpieces!
    Dunno why is that. Maybe statues and paintings work differently. And oddly, noone ever said anything about this anywhere. Even junkbarbarian (my sig) thought +2 angry from paintings is max.
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  • silencecomplexsilencecomplex Posts: 392 Member
    @joxerTM22 Sorry it took me a while to see this. I've been away a bit. Thank you for sharing that with me. The numbers on my test just happened to come out seeming sensible. When I did the guide to Logic the other day, I realized that Mathematical Diagrams weren't giving me a +2 bonus as fast as the Sims 3 Reward lamps. I will make some edits to the guide soon to reflect what you said and try to make sense of it. Maybe the scores are exponential, and with some math I can come up with something more concrete..
  • JoxerTM22JoxerTM22 Posts: 5,323 Member
    Hey, don't worry Carl, as soon as the game patch solves my gamecrashing problem I'll continue researching it.
    Sadly I have to stop with everything about 10 days ago. :(

    There has to be some mathematical formula behind it, but I couldn't figure it out in my short test. Or perhaps they have a different formula for each emotion bonus just like tresholds are not the same.
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