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@SimGuruModSquad What Files Make Up The Sims 4 Worlds?

@SimGuruModSquad I've been looking into cloning worlds so that it will be possible to have multiple copies of Willow Creek and/or Oasis Springs. With a bit of extra skill, I hope to be able to mix-and-match cloned versions of neighbourhoods from each of the worlds but first thing's first: which files make up worlds in The Sims 4, and where are they located?

I know that there are .world files in <Install Directory>/Data/Shared/Worlds/Areas but those are only for the individual areas. I need to know where to find the files for the full worlds. Would worlds be as easy to clone as other parts of the game or would they require extra work? I know that in The Sims 3, they could be cloned merely by copying and pasting the .world files.


  • SimGuruModSquadSimGuruModSquad Posts: 597 SimGuru
    Hey Zerbu, a world (Oasis Spring, Willow Creek) is comprised a collection of the .world files in data/shared/worlds/areas. The world map itself is all done via the UI (which is in UI.package). Once you choose a lot/area to play from the world map, then the appropriate .world file is loaded.

    If you want to start down the path of modding worlds, I would suggest modifying the .world files in place to see what you can do. Adding of new worlds is tricky because of the UI is somewhat hard-coded to the pre-authored world. Also note that .world files do not work with the Mods directory.

    See an old post I made in this thread for general comments on world modding.


  • ZerbuZerbu Posts: 3,457 Member
    edited September 2014
    Thanks for the reply! :D I guess editing the existing worlds will do for now, but I hope to be able to create new ones in the future. Related question: are the ground textures located in individual .world files or are they somewhere else?

    (I don't see any texture files in the .world files, but I'm asking in case the problem is that the current modding tools that have been created just aren't advanced enough to read files of that format)
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  • SimGuruModSquadSimGuruModSquad Posts: 597 SimGuru
    Yes there are textures in the .world files - look for resource type 0x00b2d882.
  • ZerbuZerbu Posts: 3,457 Member
    edited September 2014

    I managed to get preview the files by exporting them, but all I got is images like this:
    There were also a small few that appeared completely blank.

    I'm a bit confused about how those files work. :( What I'm looking to do for now is just a plain replacement of ground textures. I also noticed that none of the images contain parts that look like the road textures, which leads me to believe there are other files.
  • Shimrod101Shimrod101 Posts: 304 Member
    I think all the other files are DDS _IMG files spread throughout the ClientFullbuild6, 7, and 8. All of them which are not present in the World files are obviously in here somewhere. Maybe some in the ClientFullbuild0. One simply has to go through them, click on each _IMG and lift out anything interesting the first time you see it.
  • ZerbuZerbu Posts: 3,457 Member
    edited September 2014
    Thanks! I'll check those files to see if I can find what I want. :)

    EDIT: The files won't export using the normal method, so I'm going to have to look through them one by one. It will take a lot longer. :(

    EDIT 2: I've found some textures that look like they might be world textures. I'm going to export them, then try and change them. :D
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  • SimGuruModSquadSimGuruModSquad Posts: 597 SimGuru
    Yes, road textures actually come from the fullbuilds. Attached is a list of road related textures.
  • ZerbuZerbu Posts: 3,457 Member
    Thanks!! That will be really helpful! :D
    I'm still confused about the regular ground textures though. I tried scrounging through FullBuild6 to find textures and found a few world textures. I applied a random recolour as a test, and it worked, so I know that at least part of the world is controlled by regular DDS textures instead of the ones found in the .world files.
  • Shimrod101Shimrod101 Posts: 304 Member
    Yes, road textures actually come from the fullbuilds. Attached is a list of road related textures.

    Is it possible for us to receive a list of the ground textures and terrain paint textures? The primary one being the standard green grass which is simply a blurry mess. Oh, and the clouds in the sky, if they are DDS images?

  • pboxpbox Posts: 630 Member
    @Zerbu, from the looks of it I would think the images in the .world files are the "colour maps" like in TS3 -- the ones that control what colour goes where --, some might be height maps as well.
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  • pboxpbox Posts: 630 Member
    edited September 2014
    I just came across some (potential) grass while looking for something else:

    S4_00B2D882_00000000_4C87F1D9FCC89B75%%+_IMG.dds <-- just grass
    S4_00B2D882_00000000_3CA1D5C4E9C9B9A0%%+_IMG.dds <-- with "walking stones" (think that's the same base texture)

    Both in ClientFullBuild8.

    E: Also,

    S4_00B2D882_00000000_545D27B588ACB9F7%%+_IMG.dds <-- w/ small yellow flowers

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  • SimGuruModSquadSimGuruModSquad Posts: 597 SimGuru
    Here's a few instances to look for, all of type 00b2d882


  • ZerbuZerbu Posts: 3,457 Member
    Thank you thank you THANK YOU!! :D :D I've been really struggling to find them! :) (and thanks for trying to help pbox)
  • Shimrod101Shimrod101 Posts: 304 Member
    Many thanks SGModSquad for the list of terrain textures, extremely huge time saver!
  • kiwisims4kiwisims4 Posts: 36 Member
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  • kiwisims4kiwisims4 Posts: 36 Member
    @SimGuruModSquad Ive been going through the resource files for get together and have been replacing the ground textures however im missing one texture , is it possible to get the instances of these ground textures ?

  • pboxpbox Posts: 630 Member
    Is that perhaps an object, rather than a texture? The base game has objects like this -- that rounded border in the foreground makes me think it might also be something like that. The base game ones have names like "lotDecoSO_plotBush_03" .. maybe try a search for "plot".
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  • kiwisims4kiwisims4 Posts: 36 Member
    so its not an object that I can find :neutral: rescrolling the full build now :(
  • pboxpbox Posts: 630 Member
    I have a similar question btw:


    In my Oasis Springs emptification attempts, I am still stuck with these things. What are they? I only mean the stone/gravel and edges, not the plants. The only similar object I found so far is 0xC0DB5AE7-0x00000000-0x0000000000005499 streetDecoSO_borderTrim_01 but that's not it .. and I see nothing else with border, trim, edge, plot or anything else I could think of =/
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  • SimGuruModSquadSimGuruModSquad Posts: 597 SimGuru
    Hi @kiwisim4 I beleive the texture you are looking for is 00b2d882:00000000:3d0563bee8585a6a in the Base Game package ClientFullBuild8.package.
  • SimGuruModSquadSimGuruModSquad Posts: 597 SimGuru
    Hi @pbox, those things are part of the world terrain they are not objects.
  • pboxpbox Posts: 630 Member
    Oh =( .. Well, thanks for the info!
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  • kiwisims4kiwisims4 Posts: 36 Member
    thanks so much ! it worked like a charm !
  • KHippieKHippie Posts: 18 Member
    As I'm a bit dummy sometimes, I may ask some stupid questions :dizzy:

    @SimGuruModSquad : is it possible you point all the grounds/terrains textures of the new world Windenburg ?

    @kiwisims4 : Your files are really interesting as usual but some terrain textures with mask ( mix of grass/sand ) are still missing : it's obvious on the island of Windenburg :/

    Few months I didn't come around, this is the proof how stupid I can be sometimes :wink:
  • SimGuruModSquadSimGuruModSquad Posts: 597 SimGuru
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