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SimGuru Q&A *Answered questions*

SimGuruHydraSimGuruHydra Posts: 1,458 Member
Hey all-

In case you haven't caught the questions that the SimGurus have been answering in their Q&A stickies, here are the questions that have been answered. Keep checking up on this sticky to see if any of your questions are answered.

It's still a work in many questions!

Just a reminder - any of the future content questions, we cannot answer.
carla70 wrote: »
I would like to take my leveled up Sims into a new game. Is there a way to do this ? If so can you explain? Thanks

I also would like to know how I can get my pond back into my current save since it disappeared.

You can save your Sim to the Gallery (or just your Library if you don't want to upload). You can then bring them back in whenever you want.

We're working on a way for you to access the pond. You'll need to download the lot to get it back currently as the pond is not available to players.

DO NOT delete IT for now.
dmel25 wrote: »
Alright, I would like to get a developers input on this. So in Sims 4 babies are tied to the bassinet, leading many people to call them objects.

My question was why was it done this way? I know it was to prevent sims from leaving the baby laying on the ground somewhere, but still. Was/is it possible to code the game so that sims just could NOT put the baby anywhere other than the bassinet, this way they could still walk around with the baby and interact with it while watching tv, or talking with another sim? I'm just curious because that would have made babies amazing if you kept the interactions they have now, but allow sims to walk around with them like in Sims 2 and 3 and just not allow them to put the baby down anywhere other than the bassinet.

I hope this made sense.

We restricted baby movement and functionality to keep babies simple. Hopefully we can make them more robust in the future.
Is there a way to move out a single sim (or selected sims) from a household? Do you have to move the household as a whole? If I have a bunch of friends living in one house but then two of them get married and have a child, can that little family move out to their own space?

Go to Options (top right "...") and hit Manage Worlds. Save. There's a button in the top right called Household Management. Click it, find the household, then change which Sims live in the home.
Sorry to start slightly negative, but I wondered if you could address one or two things.

Is there any chance you guys can brighten up the interior lighting? I know better lights are brighter but the standard seems way too dark to see our Sims properly. They look like there's no lights on at all and with all the great new expressions and interactions it's a shame not to see them in all their glory. :p

As I just answered this in another thread, here you go:

As I explained in an previous thread, its not the lighting per se, it's that we have different max intensity per lamp, like in real life. So certain lamps will be brighter than others. I do see how that can be problematic for some though, so I'll be reconsidering this and see if we should have the same maximum intensity for all lamps instead.
Sorry to start slightly negative, but I wondered if you could address one or two things.

Is there any chance you guys can brighten up the interior lighting? I know better lights are brighter but the standard seems way too dark to see our Sims properly. They look like there's no lights on at all and with all the great new expressions and interactions it's a shame not to see them in all their glory. :p

Also, as babies are currently tied to their bassinets does this mean we can't have strollers, playmats, swings etc for them later on?

Thank you for doing this. My game has nearly finished installing and I'm very excited to start playing. :)

We're working with our art director RIGHT NOW to improve lighting.

Hopefully we can improve babies in the future. I can't comment on specifics at this time. I'm sorry.
In sims 3 there was a filter for cc in CAS. Will we have 1 in sims 4? I cant keep up with my cc and where they are at times lol

This is important to us. We have plans for this, but I don't know when it'll happen.

In general, we're massively behind custom content. We think it's incredible. We want to support the community here. It IS a priority.
Larryad wrote: »
Is it possible to at least open up the neighborhoods, so that you don't have to incur a loading screen every time you enter a building within the neighborhood? I know that this has been stated before, but the worlds do need to be bigger. They're tiny. Overall a great job on the Sims themselves though. I'd also like to see a Sim be able to flop down on a couch, the way they did in Sims 2. Also body hair for men please.

We can potentially make the individual neighborhoods larger. We can also potentially add more neighborhoods to each world. The loading at this point is a fundamental part of our architecture and is unlikely to change.
Hi SimGuruGrant.. this is awesome that you are taking time to personally answer questions!! <3 I have a couple of questions.. first how can you place weeds, flowers under trees.. also I find it difficult to bulldoze houses that are no longer I moved a family in with another because they didn't have enough funds for their own place.. this was a new family made in cas and motherlode doesn't seem to work from the neighborhood screen... how can I split them up and only move certain sims out without the whole household? again thank you for this thread it is greatly appreciated.. :D

We have all sorts of flora and fauna in the Build catalog. Open Build and click the big tree in the picture.

To bulldoze a home, go to build, click Lot Info, then click Bulldoze.

To manipulate households (and cheat money, wink), go to Household Management (top right button) in manage worlds and merge and move out families. They'll bring 20k with them every time.
SmithMarsh wrote: »
Are there any cheats for increasing the chance having multiples or cheats for choosing the sex of a noo boo?

I noticed there was no longer an option to play children's music on the stereo and no more baby books (I don't miss those lol).


We have an aspiration reward for that. But, it's not TERRIBLY rare.
Simmelina1 wrote: »
How do I take screenshots of my sim in CAS?

Right now you can't in game. You'll need to use Windows Print Screen or another screen capture program.
Evalen wrote: »
If the parents of a teen sim dies, can the teen still live in the house.
How about a child if his parents die can he still stay in the house.
Also can you make it so we can choose to send our kids to school, like a check box, no school

As in a home school option? Or just skip school?
Thank you @SimGuruGrant for making yourself available for questions, great idea and much appreciated! Can you clarify for me the terms in the ageing options? When it says 'auto age' (played sims) vs (unplayed sims), does played mean sims I have actively played, or does that refer simply to sims with homes?

You have 2 options.
You can auto age played Sims. This means households you have loaded and played even once.
You can enable or disable auto age for the UNPLAYED Sims in the world. That means Sims you've never played. Does that make sense?
AmyMF wrote: »
Thanks for doing this! I'm enjoying the game so far; everything looks very streamlined and updated. My main concern, however, is with LIFESPANS. I always played a custom lifespan in TS3 (between normal and long lives). The limited options in TS4 make the game seem either too short or too long for me. Could this be fixed in a future update?

There is an option in Gameplay where you can give Sims Short, Normal, and Long Lifespans. There is also an Aspiration Reward potion to make your Sim younger.
SimChrisC wrote: »
Hello,<br />
<br />
I really like the Sims4 so far. I can understand the loading screen, since I am a developer. However, I have a few questions:<br />
-Teens leaving the homework book on the table, bug or feature?<br />
-Can we get a featrue where we send a member to a lot, but we do not change to that lot? For example send the woman to work out at the gym<br />
-Is it possible that we can see the "works until" time when we hover over a working sim instead of the work symbol on the right side?<br />
- Please fix the bug that the sims walk around the table when eating and talking. My sims always get up and get a new seating position.<br />
<br />

Goooooood morning.

Teens don't need to take the book to school for their homework to count. I wouldn't say it's a bug or feature. They treat it the same as any book. It's not broken, for what it's worth.

Not a bad idea.

We're working on it.
VilyaEleni wrote: »
Hi Grant. I have a few things, hopefully they are short:

1. Since the distorted baby patch mine and a few others Ultra Speed isn't Ultra anymore. It acts more like Speed 2 most of the time. Just wanted to make you guys aware of this, for us speed simmers.

2. Is Windowed Fullscreen mode supposed to have a 'Minimize' button? It is the same as Fullscreen currently.

3. When I search the park for collectibles to dig up, it only shows me them when I zoom in real close. I have View Distance on Low. Is this the setting I'd turn up to see them from further away?

I'd also like to request, if it is possible, for the Design Tool to be able to be used on Wallpaper and Flooring as well. And pet rabbits when a Pet EP comes out. ;)

1. Ugh. Can you post this in a new discussion with your hardware specs?
2. 2. Yes. It's the window. It's the same as fullscreen plus those options. That's not a Sims thing, that's a standard for Windows.
3. Not sure. They are intentionally small and meant for a more "adventury feel." I recommend you zoom in.

sweetest85 wrote: »
Is there a chance that you could make it how it was in the Sims that if you went to school and decided to socialize or make friends that you actually made friends? My children and teens are struggling on making friends in their own age group. But regardless LOVE the game can't wait to see whats in store for the future!

Yes, I'd like to make this more robust. In the meantime, go to the park. The huge playground objects are PERFECT for this (and motor skills!).
@SimGuruGrant&lt;br />
<br />
First of all, thanks for posting this thread. It's great that you are taking the time to help Simmers with issues. <br />
<br />
My question is are you able to have babies outside of your household? My Sim got another Sim pregnant that doesn't live in his house. My Sims has the Fertile trait and the Try for Baby option did come up when he would Woohoo with other Sims. Anyways, it's been 4 Sim days and she has yet to have the baby. I invited her over and she's visibly in her 3rd trimester. Do I have to move her in my house to have the baby or will she ever have it on her own?? Also, what are the gameplay rules with pregnancy outside of your home?

She should be getting pregnant.
KingofSims wrote: »
1) I have a question about the auto-save in the game. How exactly does it work? I heard that in order for the auto-save to work, you have to “Save” your household at least once. I’m asking this because a couple of well-known gamers were playing this game until it crashed, so they went back into the game and discovered that their whole progress was now lost.

2) I also heard you have to “Save As….” your household instead of clicking on “Save”, otherwise your household will end up playing itself while you’re busy playing another household. You know what I mean? It just all seems so confusing.

3) As for the camera movements in Sims 4, when you move the mouse left, right, and up, it moves. But when you move the mouse down…it doesn’t. Is it supposed to be like that?

You need to save your game. The auto-save is a different save file that acts as a back up. You should save from time to time, but also when you exit.

You don't need to save as. Just hit save. Only use Save As if you want to create different versions.

In TS4, the default camera is different than TS3. If you want the default, hit Ctrl + Shift + Tab.
Just curious if it is technically possible for you guys to introduce story progression in the future? I know you can't say if you are planning for it or not, I just want to know if the engine will ever allow for it.

We have some form of story progression. The engine does allow for it. Please note specifically what features you'd like. Story Progression is VERY contentious and means different things to different people. This is on us for being vague about it for years. So, YOU can all help us by telling us specifically want you want. Don't say "we want story progression," but instead say:

We want new Sims to move in
We want Sims to die


By the way, in TS4, the neighborhood will age and new Sims will move in. There IS some story progression.
agent_bev wrote: »
@SimGuruGrant Thank you for taking the time to communicate with us, us fans really do appreciate it. I have a few questions/ requests:
  • Will we see the option to set beds to belong to specific sims return? What about lock doors?
  • While I enjoy the game, I am annoyed by the fact that every sim has a smartphone. Is it possible to make it so sims can choose to buy regular cellphones or smartphones or housephones? I think it is much more realistic this way.

We didn't do a landline b/c it felt anachronistic and we could better spend our time elsewhere. I must note it's unlikely we create a system to manage what type of phone you use and when.

As for lock doors and specific beds, yes, those are things we should do.

Zafireria wrote: »
Hi. Thanks for doing these Q&A, I got 2 questions if you don't mind.

1. Would it be possible to get a custom lifespan like we did in Sims 3? I like being able to adjust each lifespan stage to my liking.

2. Would it be possible to implement a time adjust? So that you can decide how fast the in-game clock goes as default? At the moment I think a sim day goes by way to fast (The in-game cheat code does not work as it time-skips upon traveling, so when you leave 1 PM you might end up at 3 AM 1 day later)

Thanks for your time!

1. Yes, but this will probably be some time out.
2. This is very complicated and tied to some very low level code. Unlikely we do this :(
MomGinny wrote: »
Hi, Grant! First of all - thanks for this thread. It's really helping the community feel that our voice is being heard. You guys are great for doing this!

I'm not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but could you all look into the issue with the "headline effects off/on" cheat? It's not removing the plumbobs like it should. Everything else goes away in cameraman mode, but the plumbob remains, and screencapping around it for storytelling is a little annoying. Thanks!

That's not a bug. We'll need to add an additional cheat for the plumb bob. Sorry.
rensdesim wrote: »
Hey Grant,

I have 3 questions:
1. Are gay/interested in relations still handled the same way as the Sims 3. I noticed having some trouble flirting with another guy.
2. Is there still a benefit to practice programming when you are already on level 10? (I still get the whim about it)
3. Is there a way to speed up "programming" things on the computer?


1. Yes, it should work identically. The world basically molds to you. If you're gay, the world should be gay back. If the dude is married or not interested it may be trouble. But, there are gay and straight people and they will become gay or straight to suit your story.
2. Nah. But, do the Whim for Satisfaction points. We should tune it off there.
3. Speed up how? Skill gain? Rate of progress?

You said in my message to you that tending a bar at a venue is supposed to pay you correct? well it does not.. i had my sim working a bar all night long and she didnt get any money for it... so if its intended to pay money.. thats something that needs fixed... also sims are not moving into houses once the house goes empty

Will there ever be a 50,50 lot that has actual public space? its a little lonely in the 50,50 lot in willow creek with no neighbor (no one takes up residence in the nearby home) and with no public space to go to.. while the nice beautiful area with lots of collectibles is nice.. it would also be nice to have a public space like a park/picnic area or something where even the rich sims in a huge mansions can go to hang out ect without leaving their neighborhood.

Try Running an Event as the bartender.
just a quick question for the junior wizard starter set how many potions can be made? So far i have 3 up. just wondering thanks.
and thanks for a great game that will get even better with time :).

It's not a bunch. It may just be 3?
ashcrash19 wrote: »
Good afternoon! Not sure if this has been covered elsewhere, but do you have any idea (or can tell me) if there will ever be more than four traits?

Also, I'm not sure what your ideas are for worlds in the future, but if possible, I think a mixture of expanding the two worlds you have (more districts) and some new worlds released would be awesome to see! Willow Creek is so perfect!

Thank you for your kindness and dedication! :wink:


Right now Sims can have a Max of 3 Personality Traits. They receive a fourth Trait for picking an Aspiration in CAS. You can then get an infinite number of Traits for Aspiration rewards. I do not see us going beyond 3 personality Traits. We chose to focus on making Traits more interesting and "bigger." We tested with 4 and 5 and found the Sims just became crazy people. They weren't distinct.
skm36 wrote: »
Oh, and one more. The game won't let me use fresh ingredients I put in the frig. Only from their own personal inventory for recipes that ask for fresh.

There's a check box on the top right of the dialog that pops up when you pick a recipe.
SlyBoots wrote: »
Oh I forgot to add to my question that I can't seem to find the retro station anywhere? I can see the music in settings but none of the stereos seem to have the retro station on. Is this supposed to be something that's unlocked with an object upgrade or something?

You may need a higher quality stereo.

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    Biggos6 wrote: »

    Is it possible for rotational gameplay to work in a similiar way that it did in Sims 2, i.e that each household was it's own "save" and each had it's own time-frame. So just because you played a week with the Goths doesn't mean the Calientes "progressed" a week to. so if you left the Goths on Monday 7:52 A.M. then the Calientes would be the way you left them before say Sunday 9:00 P.M.

    Kind of hated that feel that the "town" progresses on it's own in both Sims 3 and now Sims 4.

    Anyway. That's just one of those things I wish were in.

    I'm dying to see what's coming this way, personally the game feels a tad empty and I'm not sure why I'm sure I just miss the way Sims 2 used to feel where I played each family for a week.

    Also. you could answer this :

    Is there anything influencing motive decay? Sometimes I feel certain lots seem to decay faster than other places. It's bad already feeling that all my sims do is work and sleep/eat/use bathroom... gets repetitive and hard to focus on their aspirations/whims (especially if you play with 8 sims :| )

    You can disable town aging in options.

    Can you tell us more about your motive decay? What are you doing during your day? Do you have nice objects? Do you have any aspiration rewards? Those are all intended for there to be progression as you level up.
    na51hog wrote: »
    Hi Sim Guru Grant, thanks for answering our questions today! I'm really enjoying the game so far. <br />
    <br />
    One thing I really like is that when a sim dies, other sims still see their portrait listed in their 'relationships' gallery, albeit whited out. I much prefer this to the method in previous games of deleting the portrait altogether, as if the sim never existed. However, one problem I have noticed is that the relationship bar under a deceased sim's portrait will decay just as it does for living sims. <br />
    <br />
    So for example, my sim's girlfriend died. A whited out picture of her remained in his relationship gallery, marking her as 'soulmate', 'best friend' etc., and noting that she was 'deceased'. Great. But then after a couple of sim weeks during which he was (obviously) unable to interact with her, the relationship decayed until she was listed as an 'acqauintance'. <br />
    <br />
    Now I realise this doesn't really have any gameplay impact, but it did rather break the immersion. Would it be possible to patch the game so that relationship decay stops after a sim has died? I know time heals all wounds but having my sim's dead girlfriend listed as an 'aquaintance' a couple of weeks after her death doesn't feel right! <br />
    <br />
    Thanks very much!

    You can revive sims who are dead, which is why we don't delete them. If we delete them, you can't revive them :)
    Freygea wrote: »
    1) Can you make a world with just sims from your library by using the manage household? I would love to have a world with just library sims in the houses as well as the townies.

    1. Yes. Just evict all the existing Sims and move in the ones from your library.
    Graham84 wrote: »
    Hi Grant :-)<br />
    Love the chat<br />
    Just wondering if there's plans for professions that you can do yourself as there were on Sims 3 (example: Journalist, Interior Designer, childcare etc) or self-employment

    They aren't official solo careers, but you can make money painting, writing, playing guitar, gathering collectibles, selling woodwork, coding apps/games, making money on video games, etc.
    ReubenHood wrote: »
    I have a question about the Master Mixology Aspiration requiring the sim to join the Mixology career branch. This sounds reasonable, however I choose Celebrity Chef to get some free kitchen upgrades and discovered too late that you can't change branches. It seems my sim is now forever barred from completing this aspiration (without starting over or using cheats). I noticed it's the only Aspiration in the game that requires a specific career branch to complete. Was this intentional?

    Also, my Sim's best-friend is dead and I can't seem to make a new best-friend, or un-best-friend the decedent. I haven't found a way to bring this Sim back to life to un-best-friend them. Should best-friend status persist through death or be limited to having one best friend?

    We made some of our Aspirations more specific b/c you can change Aspirations at any time. Hope that helps!
    Is there any way to change the mailbox style? i love a certain design of one of the mailboxes and wish my home could have it... but i dont see any way to change the type of mailbox my home has.. i feel that one of the styles would fit my home alot more.. if i could use it.

    Currently, no. But, thank you for the feedback!
  • SimGuruHydraSimGuruHydra Posts: 1,458 Member
    ChupaLGT wrote: »
    The previous installments had cheats to allow us to fill the needs bar so we have more time to do other things. Can this be added or is there a way to do this now?

    Hi! We announced some more cheats yesterday. There just might be a few that interest you :)
    Not a TS4 question but a series-wide question: Why do Sims take so long in the shower? I can understand the emotional showers taking a little longer, but a shower should be quick, like maybe 10 minutes (to make a simple animation run), not 30. If you wanted to take your time cleaning yourself, that's what a bath is for.

    And why so easy to embarrass a Sim to death? That "Mortified" thread on the forums only shows two moodlets - "broken heart" and "exclamation point in bubble" and it did the Sim in.

    A core part of our game is object progression. Lower level objects take longer because they didn't cost as much. As you buy better objects that cost more, your Sims do things more quickly receive better Moodlets. Basically, the better your Sims get, the more time they get to spend doing fun stuff. Make sense?
    ladybreid wrote: »
    @SimGuruGrant .. so, what did you do to get stuck answering all these questions? C'mon, spill the beans!! We won't tell!

    It seemed like the right thing to do. We wanted to give you guys direct access and hopefully demonstrate that we love you guys and want to improve the game.

    I agree, I would like an option for a 'quick shower'. IRL I don't take more than 15 minutes in the shower.

    Take Brisk Shower! It's quick and your Sim will be Energized.
    @SimGuruGrant I'm sorry if this has been asked but is there a way to turn off the automatic generation of townies in our Household Management? Also, is there an ETA on bug fix for those of us that can't play with Origin online (either that or delete our tray of sims from our library)? Thank you for answering our questions!

    Options (Esc) --> Gameplay --> Fill Empty Homes. Check that last thing off. There seems to be an issue with too many Townies being generated. We're investigating that now. Hope that helps!
    ok this is strange one of my sim kids mocks the dino toy and her hygiene bar fills up.. and one of the sims took pictures of his plate of food and each time he did that some of the food disappeared.. are those glitches?

    Your Sim is a Foodie and taking pictures. The food is slowly disappearing because the game considers them in an eating interaction. Hope that makes sense!

    Also, there's all sorts of fun stuff hooked up on the dinosaurs and other big stuffed animals :)

    So Grant by the way love the game. But can you explain how to move sims out of the house without having roommates or sticking them with another family if that is even possible? Also is there a social worker if your sim children fail school? I am asking because its not clear to me how to get a good grade for the kids.

    There is a social worker. You can get good grades in the same way you earn promotions.
    Open the career panel (briefcase icon) for your child. It'll tell them what to do with a Goal and if you hover over the Performance bar it'll tell you additional goals. Typically, go to school on time, do your homework. Hope that helps!

    To move in or out specific Sims, go to:

    Options (Esc) --> Manage Worlds (save), --> Household Management (top right), Select Played (or Unplayed) households, find the house, then use the button to move Sims in and out.
    As many have said, it is great that you guys are taking time to chat with the community like this.

    My question is regarding tattoos. Is there a way to add tattoos or remove them once a sim has been created and is in the world? I would like to add some to my later generations.

    I have read over these pages and asked on forums but nobody has had an answer so far.

    Right now you must use the full cas cheat to bring them back in to manipulate their body. I'll add a note for us to add a more official method.
    Can you kill an uncontrolled sim (one from another household) with emotions?

    If they get Angry enough, they should.
    How do we place ceilings in the sims 4? I'm trying to place them on the premade houses.

    Ceilings on new homes are automatically placed. It's possible ceilings are not included in some of the pre-made homes and you'll need to rebuild them to get the ceilings. Hope that helps!
    Diedrupo wrote: »
    What conditions cause male sims to pee sitting down 100% of the time? My male sim still has never peed standing up. He has the snob trait and 3 daughters and a wife (no sons or brothers) if that matters.

    Low bladder.
  • SimGuruHydraSimGuruHydra Posts: 1,458 Member
    Grant my next question is about skills because I had a sim read the first gourmet cooking book and they were done with it. But I make them read the second book and they are saying that its beyond there comprehension. They get tense to from reading the book. So my question is what am I doing wrong?

    You might need to skill up more while cooking to get to the next level for the book.
    EffigyGray wrote: »
    Hey Grant. ARE YOU READY FOR A NOVEL?<br />
    <br />
    I can tell there is an increased emphasis on the Sims themselves this time around, including their behavior (both autonomous and not) and their interactions. They do seem smarter, more able to take care of themselves (which is great for bigger households though some people complain that it makes the game too easy…not sure if I agree or not). I can see the work that has gone into the game on this front and as someone who has always been a bit disappointed in the behavior of my sims in the past, I am pleased to see this shift of emphasis.<br />
    <br />
    However, I’m concerned that you’re not making them smarter in the right ways. Your autonomy is getting better and they’re more able to survive, but I still don’t get the feeling that they “live” (which I know is difficult with AI, but in a relatively simplistic system like the sims, it seems possible). I once heard you explain that the game shifts to fit your stories, but sometimes the stories we want to tell involve reacting as much as acting. One of the biggest issues I’ve had with this game franchise, not just the Sims 4 but all Sims games, is that it’s up to us to tell the stories always, particularly when it comes to relationships. We must initiate romance, we must decide when it’s time for kids, we must decide when a relationship isn’t working out. Obviously our sims should be the stars, but that doesn’t mean they should be doing everything themselves.<br />
    <br />
    So can you maybe fill me (us) in on the design philosophy when it comes to this sort of thing? Is there ever going to be more of an emphasis on computer-controlled sims taking initiative themselves, our sims being hit on occasionally rather than having to do all the…hitting (that came out wrong). I don’t expect to have my sim swarmed every time I walk into the night club, but if there’s a sim with a romantic aspiration who is currently “very flirty,” I would expect him/her to be a bit raunchy and hit on everyone. If nothing else, this really neuters those heavily romantic sims when you’re not playing them and makes them essentially boring non-entities as their most important trait is stripped away from them when they’re not being played.<br />
    <br />
    Overall, I feel like the game’s got a pretty solid core. I am with many others in thinking it could have waited a couple months to get some of the missing features in, but I do like the basic idea that the sims seem to be more of the stars this time around…honestly, I’ve been waiting for that for a long time. I hope they continue to get more intelligent and I hope you don’t let the emotion system sit and stagnate but continue to improve it. It’s a great start, but I feel like it could use some refining, particularly where the traits are concerned. For instance, I don’t truly feel like gloomy sims are “sad” that much more than regular sims. I feel like they should get more than just one default “I’m sad” moodlet once in awhile, like if they get an angry moodlet, it should make them sad instead. Or uncomfortable moodlets should add additional sad modifiers. I also find it overall far too easy to be in a good mood, which is disappointing as the game seems to be going in a more difficult direction in many other regards (which I love). Also, the emotions seem far too fleeting in general. I’ve heard of families getting over death and divorce in a matter of hours. It would be nice if there was a “malaise” emotion that lingered for days or even weeks.<br />
    <br />
    Anyways, thanks for sticking with me for this little novel. Keep working on this game. I feel like it could be very good.

    Thanks for your question! There are lots of things that go into making the Sims behave in smarter ways. Multitasking and autonomy are huge parts of that. For us it was important that Sims take care of themselves and for there to be room for interesting emergent gameplay to take place BUT we never want that to get in the way of player control. To use your romance example, in most cases the player has to initiate that you want romance to happen between two Sims first. You can do this by flirting even just once. After that the game will allow romance to happen between those Sims autonomously. Basically we don't want the game to overrule the players own choices/story.
    Vicks06 wrote: »
    This is such a great thing you are all doing for the community, we all appreciate the time taken to speak with us. I have read through every page of this thread and the one Graham made and all of my questions have so far been answered but just wanted to tell you all what a wonderful job you have all done with the sims 4 and how nice it is you are answering our questions.

    I also want to say how much I enjoyed all the live broadcast videos you all did and I especially enjoyed the final one with many gurus in the middle of the office, that was the most fun to watch.

    I guess my only question is: is your office always that fun? Looks like you all had a blast playing the game that day and I guess you were all pretty psyched as the game came out the next day for the American players which after all the time to make it I guess that's the most exciting end goal for you all.

    If I think of anything else to ask I will come back, keep up the great work.

    It's typically fun! It beats a "real" job, or I should say "normal" job as we do lots of "real" work. Enough of the quotes. We try to have fun because we want to put that energy, joy, and passion into the game. A lot of the game's humor comes from inside jokes and various interactions in the hallways. For example, we were complaining about the repo man because we didn't really like him. An engineer joked "I could just shut off their power." We slowly turned, started laughing, and that's what we implemented.
    jegoode wrote: »
    I don't know if it's just me but I noticed that the Rock songs for the violin are way too similar. For the rest of the songs in different genres, each song is noticeably different. Were the Rock songs supposed to be the same??

    I have not listened to the rock songs in the other instruments to see if it's the same issue.

    Our fantastic audio team crafted music for each instrument that they thought best fit the instrument and popular genres.
  • SimGuruHydraSimGuruHydra Posts: 1,458 Member
    Hello Sim Guru Azure, nice to see you here
    Can you please consider the following suggestions:
    1- Add relationship progress percentage.
    2- Add family tab to relationship panel
    3- Ability to arrange the sims in relationship panel based on: A-Z, relationship etc


    There is a rel progress bar in the relationship panel but are you asking for a clearer indication of the percentage number?

    There is a household tab in the relationship panel that sorts for people living in your house only.

    I agree with you that sorting would be nice. ^_^ Not sure if that's possible but thanks for the suggestion.

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned these before, but I have a few weird quirks popping up in my game.<br />
    <br />
    1. My Sims really love to eat in the bedroom… They skip right past the seating in the kitchen, right next to the fridge, and plop down on the side of the bed to eat. Kind of weird. I do love eating breakfast in bed and watching TV on lazy mornings, but I don’t eat every meal in bed. I am rather puzzled by this. And all of my Sims do it!<br />
    2. My Sims are constantly waking up in the middle of the night to fulfill their “lesser” needs, whereas in The Sims 3 they would sleep through the night and take care of them in the morning. The biggest issue I have is with hygiene. They are always waking up in the dead of night when their hygiene bar gets low. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I can usually sleep through the night and shower in the morning when I am feeling dirty.<br />
    <br />
    These aren’t huge issues, but minor nuances that make me question the sanity of my Sims. I am thinking a visit from The Sims 2 shrink might be in order.<br />
    <br />
    I’ll end this with letting you know I love this game and I am truly excited to see where it will go in the future! It has so much potential and I can’t wait to get more content!

    If you want your Sims to eat somewhere specific I would recommend making the group meal and then dragging it over to the table that you want your Sims to eat at. After that, use "Grab Serving" or "Call to Meal". The Sims will grab the food and sit at the table until there are no seats left. If your Sim does choose a spot to eat that you don't like, or if you change your mind about where you want them to sit, click on the seating you prefer while your Sim is still eating. Your Sim will take their meal and sit where you've told them to. This is my favorite thing about multitasking!

    Sleeping does work differently in this game. Your Sims will get up to take a shower or use the bathroom if their need for that motive gets dire. If you want your Sim to sleep all the way through the night make sure their hunger, hygiene, and bladder are relatively ok before sending them to sleep.
    are there no regular phones and alarm clocks?

    There are no regular phones or alarm clocks but those are great suggestions. Especially the regular phone. Every Sim has a cell phone, but a landline would add some nice flavor.

    My sims are so tired by the time they finish work/school that they go straight to bed and its hard to get promotions, raises and better grades.
    also I would like to make a request to go straight in build mode on a new neighborhood when starting the game.. I would like to build but my two worlds are filled up.. :)

    My suggestion would be to have your Sims go to bed earlier. If your Sim goes to work with a near full (doesn't need to be completely full) energy bar they should be good until night. If your Sim had a late night you could have them take a little nap when they get home from school/work. Also, coffee in the morning or after they get home from work could also help.

    Are you asking for an option to go right into build mode from the neighborhood screen? I believe there is an option for that. If you'd like for the game to open into build mode automatically in the future this is trickier. Simmers play in a bunch of different ways. We'd probably have to keep this as an option.
    Why does my Sims (all of them) constantly drink even with full or average (green) hunger bars?

    Will they gain weight if I do not stop them from drinking all the time? Juice / Milk are what they are addicted to day and night.

    Sims will gain weight if they drink a lot without working out at least sometimes. Are your Sims gluttons or foodies? Both of these traits can make Sims want to drink more often, especially from the bar.
    First I want to say I absolutely love the Sims 4 over the SIms 3 (will only get better with EP'S.

    With that said one thing I think the game is missing is a progress bar when doing something (example, upgrading). I think we really need this back.

    And speaking of upgrades, the "instant Upgrade" seems to take forever! I don't see any instant with this (is this how it's supposed to be?).

    Thank you for spending your valuable time speaking with us.

    Hi Billysim, thanks for your feedback.

    Let me answer as I can.

    As far as the progress bar, there actually is a progress bar for anything that makes progress. In previous games the bar was over a Sim's head, but this often conflicted with the skill bar. So in Sims 4, we moved the progress bar to the interaction queue on the left. The little green bar surrounding each interaction is actually the progress the Sim is making on that interaction. This works for things like upgrades and many other interactions.

    As far as instant upgrades, they may slightly exaggerate their speed, but while not instant they are significantly faster to do than the non "instant" version of the upgrades. This is intended.
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