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Bladder and hungry motive decay while sleeping

I'm liking playing Sims 4 My problem, so far is that my young adults sim couple can't seem to have a complete night of sleep. They always have to get up to pee and/or eat, being very uncomfortable until those needs are satisfied, and take so much time doing it, that the spend almost (or really) the rest of the nigh, when they should be sleeping. Then they spend the day, sleepy and a bit lethargic. For the sake of my seems energy, I wish there was a mod or a patch that would slow down or even stop these motives decay while sleeping. Anybody feels the same?


  • SikukeSikuke Posts: 96 Member
    That's the reason I started up with achievements and aspirations to gain enough of points to take away bladder and have the gift pack for getting less hungry. Because I had the same before.
  • IngeJonesIngeJones Posts: 3,146 Member
    In real life, bladder filling slows down during deep sleep. And I believe that so does gastric movement other than one final push to dump the undigestible remains like insoluble fibre. So you could in theory get woken with a few strong peristalses.
  • AlierakieronAlierakieron Posts: 3 New Member
    Oh, my underachiever Sims are in trouble because I didn't thought about that :D Thank you for the sugestion. It seems they need some potty training
  • AlierakieronAlierakieron Posts: 3 New Member
    Inge you could indeed. But every night? I usually sleep all night and then wake up ready for going to the bathroom and breakfast afterwards. I just sleep first. Even Sims 1 did sleep almost until the car for work came to get them. They could hold them selves a bit better... when they didn't pee on the floor.
  • Srikandi715Srikandi715 Posts: 1,753 Member
    edited September 2014
    Irl, that's one thing that's very dependent on age :-P how old is the sim in question?

    I used to sleep through the night, but not any more :-P

    Ts4 does seem to take age into account in some new ways... my eldersim can no longer lift weights for more than a few minutes, for instance, which is a pain since he's an astronaut and had it as a job requirement.

    Anyway... can probably be tuned :-) think we should have a flood of tuning mods soon.
  • TammyGrantSimTammyGrantSim Posts: 32 Member
    What I do is send them to eat and use the restroom right before bed, it seems to help
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