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This Needs To Be Said Right Now!



  • MckinneyMiniMckinneyMini Posts: 456 Member
    I know!! Both of JohnConnors threads were removed and he didn't do anything wrong. This is complete abuse of the flagging system. It seems this forum is just as flawed as their games :-/.
  • Fiever7Fiever7 Posts: 884 Member
    AWhiteWolf wrote: »
    They need to get rid of this and just add a report feature.

    sadly... People will still abuse that even.
  • JeanBaby4JeanBaby4 Posts: 1,069 Member
    This might be a "noob" question but, what does flagging do? :x
  • IvinoraIvinora Posts: 1,165 Member
    JeanBaby4 wrote: »
    This might be a "noob" question but, what does flagging do? :x

    you mainly should use it if people are directly abusing you or if there are troll threads
    flagging will mean that the thread gets taken down or the person posting to be banned (temperarly or forever)
    at the moment alot of people just like to flag when they don't agree with people just because they can...
    It's not a smart system

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