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Long Curly Hair in the Sims 4 Please

Lots of people myself have been begging for this hairtype for females in the sims 3 and still don't have it. There shouldn't be a problem implementing it in the sims 4.


  • riathebestriathebest Posts: 30
    edited August 2013
    I would love to have a hair length slider and the longest hair is down tho the back of your knees and the shortest is bald then pick how you want your hair and it matches it to the length of your hair! For example if you had short hair a bun would be small but if you had long hair the bun would be big!
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 93,350 Member
    edited August 2013
    Anyone else?
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 8,093 Member
    edited August 2013
    It would be good. I liked the curly hair - I think it was loose ringlets - from Sims 2 that was for child upwards. I miss that.
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  • StefferCStefferC Posts: 102 New Member
    edited August 2013
    Better varieties of curly hair would be nice, the ones in the Sims 3 just don't look very...natural.
  • alexspoom13alexspoom13 Posts: 7,439 Member
    edited August 2013
    I'd like to see this too, though I do hope the hair texture is better than the one shown in the 'eye' teaser otherwise it may not look so great. :?
  • amcroceamcroce Posts: 39 Member
    edited August 2013
    Yesssssss! Also more black people hair types because honestly we don't have like any hair for dark skinned sims!
  • lolzbrlolzbr Posts: 989 Member
    edited August 2013
    I would love a slider for the length of your sims hair!! I'd love them to have all the same hairstyles for hair w/ accessories too.. in TS3 only some were actually included. But overall I'd want more customization to hair :?
  • GurlGamer05GurlGamer05 Posts: 336 Member
    edited August 2013
    I would love a slider for hair length as well as more curly hair types. Also, if the hair could move instead of being all plasticky. But the first two would definitely help the game.
  • SeanieRockz44SeanieRockz44 Posts: 852 New Member
    edited August 2013
    As long as it isn't this, yes please.

  • AnavastiaAnavastia Posts: 6,515 Member
    edited August 2013
    Yes please, i really want my sims to have curly hair for both guys and girls. Long or short. And little kids to have curly haired pony tails or pig tails.
  • hihi122122hihi122122 Posts: 1,259 Member
    edited August 2013
    That's why I did CC in TS2 was for hair...I don't like using CC and would prefer these to be in the game. I'm ok without sliders, so long as they give us good presets! Such as decent looking long hair (esp curly).
  • EuanSimEuanSim Posts: 2,345 Member
    edited August 2013
    Beehives too please.

    The more hair the better!
  • NarcissaNarcissa Posts: 811 Member
    edited August 2013
    I agree. Not everyone has perfectly straight hair.

    I hate having to rely on CC to create my family in the Sims. We have naturally curly hair. Yet so far all we have is a few WAVY hairstyles and some obnoxiously artificial curls.

    No, I don't want to settle for straight hair. I like my hair very much, thank you. But I wonder why EA likes to ignore all the different hair types. I'd love to see more variety in sims.
  • shadowcat85shadowcat85 Posts: 5,219 Member
    edited August 2013
    Yes please I would love curly and wavy hair in Sims 4 for all ages and both genders. :D

  • snurflessnurfles Posts: 3,640 Member
    edited August 2013
    Oh yes please! I agree! I don't mind whether or not we have sliders but PLEASE give us better hairstyles, more wavy and curly styles, and more variety. Maybe include some styles with wispy bangs instead of the chunky bangs in the Sims 3. But yes, long curly styles for both men and women would be awesome.
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  • hyperchild623hyperchild623 Posts: 103 New Member
    edited August 2013
    They should have it to where you can pick the texture of the hair so that way any hairstyle can be either straight or curly, or even wavy. But perhaps that would be too difficult
  • v12creatorv12creator Posts: 3,626 Member
    edited August 2013
    amcroce wrote:
    Yesssssss! Also more black people hair types because honestly we don't have like any hair for dark skinned sims!

    True. I wish i had more Dread,Curly and Afros for my Black Sims

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