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Santa Carla - WIP Based on Santa Cruz, CA *Newest updates on page 5, Sept. 13th*


  • Shanna1986Shanna1986 Posts: 121 New Member
    edited June 2013
    When I first started this world I had planned to have several lots up near the hills to be like the UCSC campus. Later I decided to just have one large library to represent the campus because the other lots wouldn't have any real function. Of course then University Life came out and it just now occurred to me, after I finished the library lot, that I could use UL rabbithole rugs to make it like the university. It would add to the realism but also to the number of lots in the town. What do you all think? Would you even want Uni buildings in the town? I think it could be fun but I'd like to finish what lots I already have first.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,578 Member
    edited June 2013
    Hi :D

    It's looking Fabulous :thumbup:

    I don't know anything about the UL rabbitholes but if it works and you like it~Sounds great! :D
  • Shanna1986Shanna1986 Posts: 121 New Member
    edited June 2013
    **Long post!**

    Thanks Rflong! On a side note, I don't think I ever commented but your Legacy Island 2 (I think it's two) is gorgeous! I downloaded it after I got Supernatural because EA worlds are too large for my laptop to deal with. In fact I'm shocked it can handle this project!

    I did a test save with added UL lots and I think I'm going to keep it. For the rugs to work as proper UL classes it requires the careers mod from Twallan, but even without that sims can still go to cooking classes and such.

    I decided to play around a bit tonight with decorating. I haven't done any detailed painting or placed plants or spawners but one residential area was finished and I wanted to spruce it up a bit. So here are some more lots and a first pass at adding foliage.






    The school because I don't think I ever posted it

    Still lots of work ahead!

    I finally added the last mannequins to the clothing store. I'm thinking of making this a seasonal lot in the future so it will rotate fashions during the year. This whole store wouldn't even exist without Sandy and Jean.


    Can't wait to patch up to 1.55 and try out the buildings over water. I've been dying to get those into this world! I'm just holding off a bit to make sure it goes okay and CAW gets updated.
  • Shanna1986Shanna1986 Posts: 121 New Member
    edited June 2013
    Love the new patch and CAW
    Trying to plan out some kind of approximation of the SC Wharf
  • ReachsimsReachsims Posts: 7,932 Member
    edited June 2013
    Love the new updates! The clothing store will be fantastic with a seasonal lot marker! :mrgreen: The hills are looking beautiful. It must be spring time there. Keep up the great work, Shanna! I also really like your simple little houses that leave some of the decorating to the players.
  • Shanna1986Shanna1986 Posts: 121 New Member
    edited June 2013
    Thanks Reachsims! Since I'm not requiring Seasons for this I figured I would make a separate Festival lot and maybe the clothing store too! Though I may just put the summer themed stuff down on the boardwalk lots.

    I post a lot of stuff over on Tumblr and the general feeling I've gotten from players there is they prefer empty shells or minimal decor so they can do it themselves. So I haven't hardly decorated anything! I think I might do a few though just for fun =)

    I only have 6 or 7 more residential lots to do and then it's just the community lots left!
  • LadyRoflwaffleLadyRoflwaffle Posts: 53
    edited June 2013
    This world is looking wonderful! My only concern is the amount of CC (particularly paid CC from TSR) you're using - I'm not adverse to it but many players are, are you going to do a CC-free version at all?
  • Shanna1986Shanna1986 Posts: 121 New Member
    edited June 2013
    Unfortunately there's no plan for a CC free version. However all CC is in package format, not Sims3Pack, so players could opt to not add those files to their game.

    I originally planned to use as little CC as possible but recreating a real place without CC is a tall order! Most of what's been pictured so far is the bulk of the CC, I don't anticipate needing much more for the remaining lots.
  • OpelSpeedsterOpelSpeedster Posts: 72 New Member
    edited June 2013
    Looks interesting, but it apparently requires Ambitions, an EP I don't have. :(
  • Shanna1986Shanna1986 Posts: 121 New Member
    edited June 2013
    Sorry Opel =/

    My understanding with custom worlds is any objects from an EP you don't have would be replaced with a base game object and EP lots would be reset to "no visitors allowed." So you could certainly try it when it's done and see if the world is okay with out it.

    At the moment the world requires most of the EPs but no stuff packs. Just Generations, Supernatural, and Seasons are NOT required. I'm not sure how much I may use from Island Paradise. I was thinking of making a resort lot as a separate download since the EP will still be fairly new when this is done. Of course since it's a beach town there may actually be a lot of content worth using. We'll see!

    Edit: Having looked at the content of Island Paradise, I think it's a must! There's soooooo much that is perfect for Santa Carla. And it took no time at all for people to sort out adding dive lots to other worlds. Of course I'm not sure it would work in Santa Carla anyway because the land goes almost to the edges of the map so isn't a whole lot of ocean! But anyway, I'm super excited to add IP stuff to the town. There's a new wall set that is almost exactly a wall set I was planning to make and now I don't have to!
    Post edited by Unknown User on
  • Shanna1986Shanna1986 Posts: 121 New Member
    edited June 2013
    Just been working on things here and there. I may not be working on this much for July and August because I have a big certification exam coming up!

    Most recent is the laundromat. The original building has a huge wrap-around painting so I did two wall murals, one is from EA (uni life) the other found online. Unfortunately after I took pictures I felt like they really looked weird so I may change one of them.

    (Also the interior is just full of stuff I may use and the exterior isn't really done either)



    Real life:



    In progress Pool


    It it only has 6 pieces of CC and the store set roof. I added some IP pieces too =]
  • Shanna1986Shanna1986 Posts: 121 New Member
    edited July 2013
    Had some time for CAW today, yay! I worked on the graveyard with on-site funeral home.




  • LokendraLokendra Posts: 276 New Member
    edited July 2013
    the last one looks awsome! the color contrasts itself nicely!
    Loving the progress in this world cant wait to play
  • juncedajunceda Posts: 2,614 Member
    edited July 2013
    Great work, it is awesome, and the CC... well you use it in the best way.

    About the EPs the worlds usually crash if you don´t have the EPs that were installed whith the CAW version used by the creator, don´t mind if there are items used from these EPs, but this happens since Late Night, I don´t think it affects Ambitions or WA even without Seasons you can make the world work with the items replaced, so have a try Opel at least with worlds made without LN and further EPs

    I can play at last TS2 TS3 and TS4 So great that toddlers are here!!!
  • Shanna1986Shanna1986 Posts: 121 New Member
    edited July 2013
    Thanks Lokendra and junceda! I can't wait to play either, I want this to be done already! And in that spirit, the laundromat is now complete.






    When I have time I really want to do the Boardwalk areas. And if the new store set is truly restaurant themed I may use it on my mini version of the SC Wharf.
  • Shanna1986Shanna1986 Posts: 121 New Member
    edited July 2013
    Bet you can guess what I've been working on!


  • MartuniMartuni Posts: 702 Member
    edited July 2013
    Hi, Shanna - just stopping by to drool over your new builds. I love the wrap-around mural on the Laundromat. And the pool...and the funeral home. :)

    Oh, I do hope you do more on the Boardwalk. It is such a colorful, magical place IRL.

    Good luck with your exams!

    Cheers, Kathy
  • tmlizzytmlizzy Posts: 6 New Member
    edited July 2013
    This is looking phenomenal! What a lot of work you've put into this town!

    I can't wait to see the finished product, frankly. :D
    Keep up the great work.
  • Shanna1986Shanna1986 Posts: 121 New Member
    edited July 2013
    [picture heavy post]

    Thank you tmlizzy and Martuni! I hope I can do the Boardwalk justice when I get to it. I took like 70 screenshots using google maps streetview to make sure I was seeing everything. There's just no way to work everything in! But hopefully the right colors and fun games will be enough to give the impression of the real thing.

    Speaking of, I finished my version of Saturn Cafe! The inside at least. The outside it really boring still.

    Thanks to some good reference images I was able to bring two wall paintings into the build:


    Bathroom robot =)

    I knew I wouldn't be able to find ceiling lights like Saturn but thankfully I found these and CAST them to look like Jupiter:


    Now for the final product!
    The Jupiter Joint: Your one-stop-shop for veggie burgers, vegan milkshakes, and gender-neutral bathrooms.







    A few references:



    ...I just noticed I did the booth colors backwards around the pillar thing. Whoops!
    Edited a bunch of times because one screenshot didn't want to show up.
  • Shanna1986Shanna1986 Posts: 121 New Member
    edited July 2013
    Did a little test to add effects to the community pool. Unfortunately they can't be seen from above the water even with object hiding disabled.



  • Shanna1986Shanna1986 Posts: 121 New Member
    edited August 2013
    I realized if I or anyone else wanted to use some of the empty levels on buildings downtown, a lot of rearranging would be involved to add stairs. So I did a little bit of updating. Bob and Betty's Coffee now has some outside access to the top floor (and a little bonus wall sign):



    This might be my last post for this month, got a lot of real life to deal with!
  • MckenzieMemberMckenzieMember Posts: 1,231 Member
    edited August 2013
    What a beautiful and colourful world. You're really talented the buildings in the photos are practically the same in the Santa Carla. I'm rubbish at replicating real life buildings in the sims :(

    P.S I was also on your website "As the Pixel Turns" (cool name by the way) and I really enjoyed browsing through the pics you uploaded they were really colourful and your graphics in game look great :)
  • Shanna1986Shanna1986 Posts: 121 New Member
    edited August 2013
    Thank you! Trying to recreate the buildings takes patience more than anything else I would say =]
    That's funny you mention the graphics, I always think they look awful! There's some people with just down right amazing looking games so by comparison mine is just average.

    Aaaaanyway! I did do a tiny bit of terrain painting work. I kind of envisioned all this gorgeous, hand painted awesome terrain but I don't want to use 20 different textures and I just don't have that kind of skill. Here are some shots of work thus far, more editing to come whenever I add more plants.


    I tried to fill in more of the areas around the houses and such for more depth. It's subtle...

    Older images, I've since cleaned this area up a bit:


  • Shanna1986Shanna1986 Posts: 121 New Member
    edited September 2013
    Been a while! All my exam stuff is done so I should have a tad bit more free time now. I did a tiny bit more work in CAW a week or so ago but haven't been in a building mood lately. Hopefully that returns because I really want this project to be done!

    Started filling in some trees. There's definite room for improvement here as I sort out what to put where:


    I specifically was not going to include any farm land here even though there are several farms in the areas surrounding Santa Cruz. Buuuuut... now the store has cows and chickens. So there's a space for farmers to set up shop if you have those items.



    I finally did something with the 3 lots at the end of Pacific. City Hall and the Police Station have been fixed up. The bank lot, which has been nothing for like a year, was finally built! It's a super boring looking bank but that's kind of what I was going for.





    There is a "vault" but it's empty. I tried adding a bunch of items in live-mode and then copying the lot into CAW but the treasure items vanished. So you'll have to fill it yourself! I also thought I had a super awesome looking vault door and it ended up being a window, dang =/
  • mznenepreciousmzneneprecious Posts: 95 Member
    edited September 2013
    This is like mega CAW eye candy!!! I love how everything looks so realistic! I can't wait to see more of this world! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
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