Selfmade world: Droomzicht

Hi guys, I've been working on my own world for serevals months now and it looks like I'm at the end of a long proces - it's time to start testing. It's my first world, actually it's my first experience with the CAW-tool and I'm very gratefull for SimLibby's help and website(NL).

I have no other experience with testing so I was wondering if someone's interested in helping me out, or even testing the world itself.

Here you'll find my orginal topic on the dutch forum, make sure you change the language to Nederlands.

Here are some screens, as you can see it's a remake of Sunset Valley. I was in need of a world with everything in it from every EP that has been released, so I did. The main goal was to keep it realistic and fucntional, I don't like huge worlds with lots of distance between places.


















  • TRachetTRachet Posts: 1,040 Member
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    This looks awesome! :D

    I'm bookmarking so I can download when I get home in a couple of weeks. :mrgreen:

    And about the child playing in sand everywhere.... I've never seen that before! :shock:
  • CinderellimouseCinderellimouse Posts: 19,380 Member
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    Looks great! :D
  • mamirimamiri Posts: 75 Member
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    Your world looks great. I would like to test it. Where can I find the World?
  • aminovasaminovas Posts: 1,523 Member
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    I love how realistic and normal this world looks! I mean normal as a compliment :) It looks like a real place, with how you have done the streets and the row houses.

    I am new to this CAW thing too in the last few months and working on my first world. I'm learning a lot from everyone here and would be happy to test out your world. It really helps to see the process of another world creator. I tried to access your link to the Dutch message board and it said I didn't have enough access privileges.

    As for the "Play in the sand" bug I've seen others reporting it but maybe it would go away if you cleared your caches?
  • ninaprutsninapruts Posts: 41 Member
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    Thanks! I'm trying to export it using this tutorial, but I keep getting the error: Exporting world failed. I tried to change the name, description, saved location,... Nothing seems to work :?:
  • ninaprutsninapruts Posts: 41 Member
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    It took some time but here he finally is:

    Some row houses are still unfurnished/finished and I'm currently building lots of houses to place in the world. I'm also waiting for some houses made by other Simmers so it might take a while before it's totally finished. But all of the community lots are placed so it would be a good idea to test it already - the world is in a stage where I can easily put some changes so any feedback is welcome!

    Hope you enjoy testing. :wink:

    Edit: In case you're wondering why the world doesn't come with the exchange, it's because the freakin' launcher isn't working propertly.
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  • aminovasaminovas Posts: 1,523 Member
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    Hi there, just wanted to let you know this is on my list of things to-do over the next few days, looking forward to playing your world!
  • ElvaerwynElvaerwyn Posts: 757
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    This looks awesome, good work hon, going to download it and test it, will get back to you with my findings, ty for your hard work XD.
  • ninaprutsninapruts Posts: 41 Member
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    ^^ & ^ thanks, looking forward to see how it works out! Everybody enjoying the new expansion? I think it's pretty cool except the long distance between islands and buildings. No way my sim is getting at work in time with the carpool still arriving an hour before :P So I definitely feel the urge the finish Droomzicht. With the release of IP my world needed and extra beach for resorts and stuff:


    I also immediately tried to place a diving location:

    Some simmers from the forum NL are helping me out by building houses for in my world. And these are already finished and added to the world:





    Any feedback or ideas are more then welcome.
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