Sims BR's tutorial how to place diving spots in other worlds translated to english ;)

Hi there, all I did was translate the tutorial all credit goes to the original people who posted this tutorial which can be found here

Step 1

Before you even enter your chosen world you must enter these three cheats.
testingcheatsenabled on
enablelotlocking on


Step 2

In Edit town place a 64 by 64 lot as deep as you can into the ocean


Step 3

Change the lot type to community lot


Step 4

Change the type of lot to diving area


Step 5

Click on build/buy mode


Step 6

In build mode use the flatten lot tool


Step 7

Go down to the ground level and place some seaweed, you will find it in buydebug mode it will be under underwater objects. Everything will appear to be a matt blue colour when placed, but don't worry it will soon all be normal again.


Step 8

Return to edit town and demolish the lot only once


Step 9

Now reselect the lot as a diving area


Step 10

return back into build/buy mode


Step 11

Now you can decorate your lot with beautiful buydebug items from the underwater section.


Step 12

Don't forget to place the buoy to select the capability of diving skill the sim must have to dive there. To set the danger level simply hold control and shift in and click on the buoy to select the levels.


Step 13

Go back into edit town and add a name to your lot, once done click on the lock to lock the lot again.


Step 14

Now your lot is ready


That concludes their tutorial, they also linked to a video on youtube showing their lot in action here

I hope this helps those of you who can't translate the page, remember I only did translating I take no credit for this tutorial


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