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Whisker's tomb creation

I really need some testers , because I want to know if y tomb creations works in other people's computers. They were not super challenging to play since I am just a begginner but I hope they were entertaining enough to play.

Before downloading, please check the expansions and store stuff needed

Curious Community Theater
This tomb requires :
Lunar Lakes
World Adventures
Late Night


Xeracion Family (Generations Tomb)
Its a Residential Tomb that uses Sims 3 Generations. You have to visit the Family that lives on it. (They were all dressed in generations clothes and hair)I created a residential tomb because like the idea of stealing of visiting a neighbor and stealing their family treasures right on their front but they dont mind.... :mrgreen:

I dont know why the exchange lists a lot of required expansions when I only used generations ,Basegame and World Adventures on making this.

Floating Facility (an alien themed tomb)


I am also planning to make tombs that uses Base game only and world adventures only.


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