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T.I.D.L [Patriarchy] --- Gen 5 Chap 8 Posted! --- 2/18/18

MrsOogieBoogieMrsOogieBoogie Posts: 836 Member
Hello all!

I've decided to take a stab at making a Legacy and I'm also going to try and turn all generations into one big story.

Genre: Romance, Drama, Horror, Thriller.

The Insane Dubois Legacy

I've made a few alterations to the rules from this thread and the rules I'm following for this story are listed below as well as on my WordPress blog, here, along with the family tree, here. I hope everyone enjoys this Legacy as it is my first attempt at one, so I'll try my best! Also, feedback and comments are very much appreciated and I will always answer them! Enjoy! :)

The Rules I Follow:
These 3 rules are optional but I have selected them all and am going to try my best to follow them.
Family Trait Rule - When creating your founder in CAS, choose one of the founder’s 5 traits to become the ‘family trait’ for your legacy family. There after, every sim born to the legacy family must possess this trait by the time they reach young adulthood. If they do not inherit it at birth, you must choose that trait the moment you are given the option to. The remaining traits still must be rolled for.

Matriarchy/Patriarchy Rule- Whatever gender your founder was, this must be the gender of every heir. Meaning if you started with a female founder, only female children may become the heir to bring in the next generation. Children of the other gender are still counted as part of the family bloodline and may still earn the family points, they simply may not bring in the next generation. A male dominant family is called a Patriarchy, a female dominant family is a Matriarchy.

Story Teller Rule - A popular practice is to write a story for your Legacy family and upload it in chapters. If you feel the creative energy, why not try uploading your own story? There is no in-game bonus for doing this, but the addition to the community is always welcome!

- Pinstar1161 on

* Permanent Family Trait - Insane
* Patriarchy (I want to try and keep the “Dubois” name throughout all generations; if the Dubois heir does not marry but has children, the children’s last names are Dubois by default)
* Story Legacy (I will write a story with in-depth personalities for the founder and every heir that follows using the permanent family trait, as well as the other four traits that are randomly rolled)

Generation One: Completed
Generation Two: Completed
Generation Three: Completed
Generation Four: Completed
Generation Five: In Progress
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