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WCIF Asian / Pacific Islander CC

TammorsTammors Posts: 343 Member
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My daughter and I are making Sims for Asian/Pacific Island month, so I decided to ask for help finding cc for some of our characters.

I'm specifically looking for:

Traditional hmong clothing, especially for a male character.

90's era Afghani dress for female (the colorful type with the mirrored fabric).

Shirt or jacket that looks like the top of traditional Japanese or Indian outfits. (To be used with different bottoms.)

Male Chinese tops (I have female).

Traditional clothing for toddlers and children in any of the above.

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  • TammorsTammors Posts: 343 Member
    Feel free to posts your own request for different Asian cc.

  • TammorsTammors Posts: 343 Member


    I'm also looking for something like this, or at least a cape that does not use the "hat" space, so it could be used with the hijab in the game.

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