May 20th - It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here!


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May 6th- Friday Highlights

Sul sul Simmers!

Remember when we were welcoming 2022? Well, not that I am super great at stating the obvious (lol) but can you believe that I'm writing the first Friday Highlight of May already? Isn't that mad? 🤪

🔸On Wednesday we have celebrated the biggest day of the year in galaxies near and far: "May the fourth be with you"! Please join our celebration thread here, by @mcrudd.

Yeah, clock is ticking but its time to relax now, so take a seat and have fun checking those great discussions I've got for you this week :blush:

🌜"Moon Island"🏝️

🔹Have you noticed I didn't say whose screenshot was that? It was so difficult for me to chose a screenshot for this week's Highlights. I've found many worth sharing and when I thought I had a winner, @sillyangel0906 left me in 'awe' with (not one but) two absolutely stunning pics. I had to pick one, and since they have no title, I am going to call this one above"Moon Island". You guys must go check the other image!💜

🔸Let's start by getting our brilliant minds together for helping one of our Simmers with the following dilemma: 'Over 200 sims!' Just think about this scenery: your family is multiplying and you suddenly realize you have many active Sims. Would you get rid of them? What if you got attached and like them all, the dilemma is even bigger, isn't it? We want to hear your thoughts, guys. Please join @VenusABatson's discussion and share how you would handle this! :wink:

🔹We should save some tips for @Brd709 as well! They'd like to know what you do with your Sim Ghosts and are asking for advice in 'Do you send your ghosts to the netherworld?'👻 Many of us have been there and many will be, let's see how it goes for you.

🔸Next, we should say hello to this very talented builder, @xGallifreyanGirlx, that is just back into Simming, and have spent this week creating the stunning 'Wakabamori': a Japanese style lot, peaceful and surrounded by nature! Welcome back and congrats on your creation! 🏯

🔹Now, have you ever been lucky enough to snap a picture of your Sim just as they were making an interesting expression? Even if you one of those (like myself) that always misses the best opportunities for these shots, you should check this thread stated by @DaniRose2143: "The many faces of The Sims". You did get lucky with Summer, but we can also assume they're photogenic. 📸

And with that- I'm out! Enjoy the read, have fun around and be nice with each other. Wait for me next week with more!
As usual, any feedback around Friday Highlights is welcomed below.

Stay safe, and happy Simming! <3 Love y'all!
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