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Since you started playing the VERY FIRST Sims game, even the first Simcity, how long ago was it?



  • haisinhaisin Posts: 670 Member
    15 - 25 years
    It was in 2002. My sister and I started with The Sims Deluxe Edition and bought The Unleashed soon after that and I remember The Unleashed was very new back then and The Superstar hadn't released yet or even advertised, so it was in 2002. Almost 20 years ago... it feels like it wasn't that long ago and at the same time so much has happened in between.
  • cody6268cody6268 Posts: 510 Member
    edited June 4
    10 to 15 years
    I was in my early teens when I found Sim City 4 at a local store. Officially, it was the first "Sims" franchise game I played, and that was around 2008-9 or so.
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 9,205 Member
    10 to 15 years
    sims 2 castaway on ds was mine
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  • bandit5bandit5 Posts: 636 Member
    30 years till Simcity 1, dude!
    I played sims city in 1987 on my old commodore 64.
  • SweetieWright_84SweetieWright_84 Posts: 2,990 Member
    5 to 10 years
    As I've said in multiple threads, I started playing around a year before TS3: Supernatural was released, so 2011-12-ish. That was the first pack I ever bought for the game. I eventually bought every EP after that.

    Coincidentally, I'm just now starting a save in TS3: Midnight Hollow (store world) where my sim is a vampire. He's supposed to be Vlad's (TS4) father. I guess you could say I'm going back to my sims roots. :)
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  • LarrikatevenLarrikateven Posts: 17 Member
    15 - 25 years
    I know I played one of the SimCity games when I was really young, but I don't know if I really "played" it or just sort of pushed buttons until things caught on fire...

    I spent a lot of time in Sims 2, but I don't think I got into it right away. Google says it was released in 2004, so I probably started playing that around 2005 or 2006. By the end, I had quite a few expansion packs. And then I moved up to Sims 3 and eventually Sims 4.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 5,583 Member
    10 to 15 years
    While my daughter & I were looking for some new PC games, she discovered PC Sims 3 games at EB GameStop store back in 2011. We never even heard about any Sims games before that & we defently didn't even know what a Base game does. So, we look around at the different packs that were in the store & as usual I price checked to see which ones had the best price. So, I bought Sims 3 Diesel Stuff Pack without the Base. :/ When I brought it home, I tried many times to install it & couldn't understand why it didn't work. :'( So, my daughter & I went back to the store & told the clerk what had happened. The clerk asked if we had the Base game & we said, what's a Base game. :o I bought the Base game & installed it as well as Diesel. It was a funny learning experience. :D Now, my daughter & I have our own Sims 4 games. And even thought Sims 3 will always have a warm feeling, I so don't miss the freezing up glitch bug. :s That was my one reason to go straight to Sims 4 in September 2014. ;)
  • SheepilingSheepiling Posts: 431 Member
    10 to 15 years
    I started with Sims 2 and also renting the console spin-offs from Blockbuster in 2006 :D
  • BluegayleBluegayle Posts: 3,655 Member
    25 years to 30 years
    It may have been 30 as I played Sim City but cant remember if i got it when it first came out or not.
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  • MissNOFXMissNOFX Posts: 30 Member
    15 - 25 years
    I started in 2002 with the SIMS1.. I've owned every expansion pack for SIMS 1 through SIMS4! Both of my kiddos have grown up playing SIMS and I'm pretty proud of that lol <3 :)
  • MissNOFXMissNOFX Posts: 30 Member
    15 - 25 years
    > @mightysprite said:
    > I didn't play it very much, but I did play this on a Commodore 64 as a kid.
    > After that I didn't play any other Sim games until 2020.

    My husband has a commodore plus 4! he owns a museum sized collection of old school gaming stuff...we need a bigger house lmao
  • enskijenskij Posts: 31 Member
    5 to 10 years
    I probably started playing TS3 when I was... 12? 13? I honestly can't remember, but I didn't play it for very long until I switched to TS4 (which most likely happened around 2017)
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  • SimSpockSimSpock Posts: 213 Member
    30 years till Simcity 1, dude!
    Started with the original Sim City.
  • SimSpockSimSpock Posts: 213 Member
    30 years till Simcity 1, dude!
    I didn't play it very much, but I did play this on a Commodore 64 as a kid.

    After that I didn't play any other Sim games until 2020.

    The Commodore 64 ! Now that brings back memories. What a great system for its time.
  • ignominiusrexignominiusrex Posts: 1,876 Member
    30 years till Simcity 1, dude!
    I couldn't recall the year but I know it had to be before 1998 that I played Sim city. At least a few years before. Then the first sims game was a big huge deal and everyone was playing it (not just girls/women as some say, at least not among people I knew). I found it as addicting as everyone else.

    Life got more complex by the time Sims2 rolled out even though I really was excited about it, I never plumbed its depths then, and even less with Sims3 so never knew how great it or Sims2 were til recently.
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  • MsDSweetsMsDSweets Posts: 76 Member
    15 - 25 years
    from 2000 - Today: The Sims, Sims 2 (all Time Fav), My Sims -on Wii (fun, Fun, Fun), Sims Mobile (didn't Like it), Sims 3 (didn't Like it), Sims 4 (Living My SimsLife), - I also have Sims City and Sims City 4 .... Just Keep Simmin, Simmin, Simmin!!! <3<3
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