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The Goth Family Tree Glitch

So, I'm playing as the Goth family and all seemed to be going smoothly, till I tried looking at Gunther's family tree, because I was just curious to see how far back his and Cordelia Goth's family tree goes back. Parents, grandparents, in laws, you know the fun stuff. Well, it wouldn't come up. Like as if it was broken or something. So, I tried Cordelia's, but her's wasn't popping up as well. So then I tried it with Mortimer. Thankfully, Mortimer's did pop up, but it shows only him. No one else. Not even Cordelia or Gunther shows up on his family tree. (No one died, by the way and I don't use mods so neither of those explain the problem.)
I go to Mortimer's list of a friends and family and hover my curser over Cordelia and right where it tells you the relationship your sim has with the other, it reads Best Friend instead of Mother. Same with Gunther. It's not registering them as being related ever.
So, I loaded into my very first save where I play as a family I created myself, and switched to the goth family on that one just to make sure. And on my first save it shows Mortimer being related to Cordelia and Gunther. But on the second save where I play as the goth family, they aren't related.

Any clues as to why this may be the case and how I might be able to fix it WITHOUT using mods?


  • puzzlezaddictpuzzlezaddict Posts: 1,877 Member
    There is unfortunately no way to fix a broken family tree without using mods. So your only option would be to revert to an older save where the sims' family trees are unaffected.
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