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Sims4MagicalTales' Stories (The Moonwood Mystery)




I will share stories featuring Sims from my main save.

Casters in the City summary: Four spellcaster roommates navigate life in the city and romantic relationships. Meanwhile, darkness looms on the horizon. When their wicked enemies threaten to destroy the human race out of a desire to protect the supernatural community, the four roommates must rise up. Will the four friends save the day, or will their enemies succeed in eliminating every human?

Supernatural Girls Summary: A childhood of bullying has embittered Lydia's heart. Before she became a teenager, she was transferred to a school in Mount Komorebi. Meanwhile, Zelda has good friends and a kind soul. Lydia's jealousy creates a rift between the two cousins. Darkness is brewing in Lydia's heart... and lurking in the corners.

The Moonwood Mystery Summary: Lydia has moved to Moonwood Mill for a change of scenery. Zelda and Ayame have accompanied her. As they settle into their life in a small town and make new friends, strange things start happening.

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