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May 27th - It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here!
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April 15th- Friday Highlights

Sul Sul Simmers!

Another Friday, another Friday Highlights. I hope you guys had a wonderful week and are excited to start your weekend with a list of great discussions waiting for your visit :tongue: Here we go!

🔸 On Wednesday a Sims Delivery Express has arrived 🙌 & at the root of this delivery is a new two-tone hairstyle & a scenario 🌱 Find out more here.

"Nothing like a beautiful day out"- Refreshing screenshot posted here by @GardeningSimmer.

  • How about we compare some existing game worlds to see what has been modified by other players, in this case most specifically, Oasis Springs? Please, join @JAL's discussion "Show me your Oasis Springs" so we can see what you've done with it :wink:
  • What if we take a little break from the game and try a completely off- topic conversation? I don't see why not, just for a change, since we never do that here, so I've found the perfect thread for that: "Something you don't like" game. This thread was started long time ago by @Arkane, but totally worth revisiting! Don't forget that's an A-Z (repeat) game, so make sure you chose the correct initials when replying.👍
  • Now, on to our builders! Are you looking for a starter house? Then I might have found one for you! @mrsr99tso invites you to check their lovely "Micro Home" and it looks really cute! So, join in and share your appreciation! :relaxed:

Hope you enjoyed exploring these, I'll be back next Friday with more! ;)

Happy Simming weekend!


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