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How many screenshots do you have?



  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 14,994 Member
    Because the photography skill there are 5 copies for each photo.

    Globally I did much more than TS2 and TS3 together.
  • SimSpockSimSpock Posts: 273 Member
    Zero. I never take screenshots.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 8,252 Member
    edited August 2022
    SimSpock wrote: »
    Zero. I never take screenshots.

    A power move in its own way :smile:

    sometimes looking at my endless folders of screenshots I wish I didn't too
    life be much easier without need to organize my screenies :lol:

    but I just know I'd be so sad about missed opportunity to share that one moment when my sims ____
  • SimSpockSimSpock Posts: 273 Member
    Simmingal wrote: »
    SimSpock wrote: »
    Zero. I never take screenshots.

    A power move in its own way :smile:

    Not intentionally. I suspect that a lot of us with the default plumbob diamond for our forum avatars probably don't take many in-game photos. But I also don't take photos in real life, except occasionally photos of my dogs. Everybody wants to see photos of my dogs, even if they think they don't.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 4,810 Member
    More than I can keep up with. Enough material for several graphic novels.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,688 Member
    I have about 40,000 in my Flickr account but that's only the ones I have taken in the last few years. Prior to that I saved them to disc and I carried many such discs back to Australia with me when I returned home about 7 years ago. I don't know how many pics are on disc but I imagine that there are many more than what I have saved on Flickr as I have played the game since it came out.
  • KathykinsKathykins Posts: 1,875 Member
    TS4 screens on external drive, 410 MB (which I understand from previous posts, is not a lot :D ). I don't have many shots from TS1-3. I never took many in those earlier Sims (including a lot from TSO). Biggest bummer were the ones from TS2, unfortunately I can't locate any of them. I had so many of my legacy family etc there.
  • Ray_TraceRay_Trace Posts: 509 Member
    edited September 2022
    5,420, or 9.07 GB worth of them in the Sims 4. I also have a a dupe version of them that contains UI, also it's organized better too (it's a pain that the file names for the screenshots you save in the documents folder aren't dated properly so in terms of when you took them, they're all over the place as they're organized by month, and it takes my computer a moment to reorganize them by date).

    1,269 or 2.45 GB worth of them in the Sims 3.

    789 or 2.79 GB worth of them in the Sims 2.

    329 or 424 MB worth of them in the Sims Medieval.
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